''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Recent events/shutdown, exposed how vulnerable we are, government workers today, the rest of us  tomorrow.  I just realized that for some this may be an opportunity, to raise the bar of possibilities and go higher.  I recall reading in the past when companies downsized and many got kicked to the curb, some  switched to  doing what they love, from the treacherous maze of big daddy/big business to expressing their passion ie move outback and grow food etc.  This insight shifted my focus from negative resistance to positive inspiration aka seize the day.  Join me.


Although I profess it's a computer simulated reality,  it's still belief driven  software that expresses into reality.   In general we really don't have any Free Will but in particular we may have some choices -- or the computer gods activate another bit of software where we think we do!  Those who think they have Free Will and scoff at the very idea reality is a computer simulation probably are running a software program that doesn't believe blah blah.  If this makes sense to you and you suspect there's no way out, try turning the tables and 'believe' you discover an escape hatch!  To pretend, play and have fun may open Stargates, Portals and Pathways to Oz.  Put on your wizard hat and join me.


Florence Scovel Shinn


Re yesterday's post you might be dreaming, many KNOW  they are!  I used the term dreaming because many will find 'computer simulation reality' hard to accept so choose your poison - I see no difference. Either way,  if you're aware enough to catch on to what's happening then your escalated awareness is your ticket to freedom that will guide you out of the maze of illusion.


When things go off-track/wacky, don't make sense, health issues etc could it be a Wakeup Call? We're all familiar with the term and most have used it many times, but how many take it literally?  Has it ever occurred to you that you might be dreaming?  The other night I dreamed that I'd been asleep and awakened but then (in the dream) I actually woke up!  It was startling enough to really wake me up - or did it?  How's your reality looking?  The catch-phase for current events is "I don't believe it" -- could that be a clue? Whether you call it a dream or computer simulation  reality software playing, see if you can wake up. I began my awakening back years ago after reading the  Edgar Allan Poe quote "All I see or seem is but a dream within a dream" that sharply jolted me right in the gut aka Solar Plexus chakra, the intuitive bridge to Higher I!  Try HoOponopono and restore peace, harmony, blessings to all.


When NASA published true planet list that updated me to Taurus, it revealed  a lot because  I always knew the old Sun Sign was wrong.  Aligning with actual Sun Sign removed blocks, opened doors I'd skipped or ignored and explained more than  a few relationships that never worked.  How's it going for you?


We had large snow storm yesterday at The Cottage, so missed seeing  the  Eclipse but felt the vibrations.  My interpretation is it's the end of the past/a new beginning. The stars are favorable and I welcome the incoming phase wholeheartedly.  The best is yet to come.


Full Moon Eclipse in Leo: Pure Gold

The Full Moon Lunar eclipse (Jan 20th 9:15 pm PST/Jan 21st 12:15 am EST) occurs at 0 deg Leo. It makes no major aspects to any planets or asteroids, so its energy is quite pure. We have intensified Leo themes – pride, glory, creativity, performance, attention. 0 degrees also has a sense of purity about it – there’s a fresh, golden start here (even though the Full Moon is a culmination).


Tomorrow's Full Moon in Leo Full Lunar Eclipse  arrives with 'swordthrust' (metaphor for conditions that began as pin pricks and weren't handled so they escalated to swordthrusts).  Remember when I said better to interact with those on your level?  The Full Moon Eclipse lunar rays  is illuminating tailenders to manage/handle, lingering energy still on create.  Just do it.  


Do you have a Vision Board?  I made one back years ago after  reading  Catherine Ponder.  She inspired a poor divorcee raising her son alone with no one that there was unseen help and making a vision board was first step.  If you do, make sure to keep in private!  All  my goals were achieved, from the love of my life, European trips, published author, financial security etc.  Don't worry about how, The Universe will take care of that and don't be afraid to raise the bar, all limits are self imposed.


Are you seeking money, love, success?  If so then think about it -  isn't what you actually want is how you would feel is you had the former?  If your answer is yes, then imagine/play/pretend to feel that way now, and you will attract the former (money, love, success).  It's called the Law of Attraction - try it!


FYI The Elf Queen will continue as always but I'm happy to report my 'new project' is taking shape after lots of detours and dead ends but true to my Taurus sun sign, my stubborn streak won't let me give up! I'll share more after refining/tweaking  birthing pangs.  More to come, but for now, it's devoted to my other passion, decorating, the moving meditation I've mentioned many times.  After 10 years sharing this aspect of my spiritual journey, just a reminder that decorating or other creative expressions are just as spiritual.  Those that experience the zen/creative frequency know what I mean.


Did you know we attract what we are?  So if you want money/wealth for security or so you can do anything you want try feeling how that would feel  until you attract it.  Ditto, if you'd like your perfect mate so you will feel loved, for fun, cherished, then try feeling what that would feel like until you attract it.  Be your own best friend, honor/cherish yourself, change your negative attitude/self-talk to approving/glowing  praise, etc and The Universe/reality mirror will respond by making it real.


When NASA published our horoscopes are wrong, turns out I'm a Taurus which fits me perfectly.  On the (socalled ?) downside, I'm stubborn, bull headed, tough, uncompromising but on the plus side I'm a realist, true blue loyal, one love, meet challenges head on, never give up etc.  Re others, updated sun sign fits them too!  This really explains a lot . . . . thank you NASA!
PS - The above doesn't contradict Edgar Cayce reading re Will because one needs Awakened Will to override astrological program you came in with. Most dance domesticated and  have no idea they even have any 'will' or if they do, how to change it.


Here's the only thing you need to know:
 “Yet no influence of any nature—astrologically, hereditary or environmental—surpasses the will of the entity, the birthright of each and every soul.”  Edgar Cayce 
Use your Awakened Will,  enliven it with your intention/Attention. Choose a goal, make a decision, say it and mean it, stand by it, and make it real.


For those seeking to raise their vibrations, do what you love until it shifts! We're successful according to the  intensity of our focus/concentration power (think of it as software that activates when a certain level of intensity  is reached).  Try it. 


Most of us on a spiritual path, realize the benefits of interacting with likeminded others, but it's not always possible other than limited internet contact.  It would be great to find your group and relocate, but that isn't always possible, for a variety of factors, usually finances, family ties, jobs etc.  If this sounds familiar, backup and refocus tunnel vision on your goal, which will reveal what's blocking you, then deal with it.


According to Eckhart Tolle and other wise ones , whatever we are experiencing right now is what we need. If  this doesn't suit remember what we resist persist and  pretend/play like it's just what you want and it will shift/move on.  Try it.


Many are  aligning with the New Moon Eclipse energy to activate change of mind/attitude, new beginnings, starting over, new projects, while others reverse the order and put the cart before the horse.  Whatever we seek to achieve by success, the new job/project, new friends,  relocating etc, can be ours right now.  Remember, you move the world, the world does not move you


What The New Moon In Capricorn And Solar Eclipse Means For Your Zodiac Sign It's all going down January 5th and 6th. By Korin Miller Jan 3, 2019
If you thought life was about to go back to normal post-holidays, buckle your seat belt, because the craziness isn't over yet: There are a few major astrological events going down in January 2019. The new moon in Capricorn on January 5, followed by a partial solar eclipse on January 6


Most are grateful in general, but don't forget specifics aka "god is in the details". Daily I practice presence a la Eckhart Tolle and HoOponopono tech from Dr. Hew Len, brilliant dedicated masters who share so generously  ways to liberate self and others,  as well as gut chakra Higher I Intuitive knowing/direct pathway aka spirit speaks (just ask). . . . . Thank you.


Which is better, memorizing or intuition?  Most refine the former but may not understand the benefits of intuition unless they're intuitive.  While memorizing facts (set forth by others) is traditionally considered valuable,  intuitive mind is infinite and always right.


The New Year arrived with new dynamics, relations shift etc, with the impression of leaner, more streamlined versions.  Some via pin pricks others swordthrusts, both reminders that it's wiser to interact with  likeminded others to avoid resentment.  Spirit says it's OK if they are superior aka inspirational/visionary but if not watch out, it won't end well.