''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Like a lot of us, I don't know where 2018 went - seems like it flew by!  I can't wait to see what The Universe brings in 2019, the possibilities are endless.  Raise a glass, flic your Bic, light a candle, dance and celebrate.


In 2018 I integrated something new into my behind the scenes healing repertoire, a native American medicine man, that came via the eclipse.  Thank you.


I'm sensing changes on the way, maybe it's the symbology of the "New Year" or The Universe saying stretch/challenge/raise vibrations?  Although 2018 brought a lot of action, much of it seemed like 'going round in circles' so I'm setting new intentions for 2019, in alignment with the best I can imagine. Join me.


Can we escape the computer simulated reality?  I dunno, but we diehards keep trying!  If there's anything to the former, then there should be software to override it?  Most of us have lots of experience with Attention creates realty so if we can maintain tunnel vision focus on escape  --- but  there's the problem.  We don't hold our vision long enough for the computer to recognize it/activate new intention, we start trying to figure it out, earn/create how to do it, excuse because of self worth blame/game issues etc.  We've been spoon fed the illusion all our life, so who do we think we are, trying to 'escape'?   Those of us brave enough to try, have experienced shattered lives, bitter betrayals, poverty, health issues and more, but in spite of all that, the human spirit never gives up!  Join me.


I was guest at  wonderful Christmas dinner  hosted by  niece at her Mother's home, so fun. There's nothing like the love and acceptance of close family. . . DNA rules.


Whether you are a host or guest today, have a wonderful time and join me as we create peace and joy for all.  HAPPY HOLIDAY!
PS   Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow Phase is over so light a candle, flic your Bic,  raise a glass - Celebrate!


Along with a Yule Tree, gift exchange, carol singing, Christmas dinner etc all tweaking my English/German and  French Catholic DNA/heritage, one of the Christmas traditions I love, is going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.  Although more spiritual than religious, like many others,  I practice a blend of both, and recognize the importance of rituals, especially Easter and Christmas pageantry.     Happy holidays to all.


The Solstice/Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase tail end,  exhibits crossed planets to the extreme.  Remember "The Stars impel not compel"  so use your mojo and make things right again.  Join us.


When the earth is barren, the light is reborn. When the animals sleep, the light is reborn. When the leaves have all fallen, the light is reborn. When the rivers are frozen, the light is reborn. When the shadows grow long, the light is reborn. When warmth has fled, the light is reborn. In the darkest night, the light is reborn.


I've been too busy to do much here at The Cottage, fine with me since might as well  wait until Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase is over Christmas Eve.   The slow motion  post shadow phase was a time to  review, integrate and release stalled Attention, activating upgrades, raising vibrations.  When you know your ready to move forward but don't know how or where, bless and praise your present conditions with all the grateful thankful appreciation you have, and see what happens.  Try it. 


Three years ago today my beloved crossed the Rainbow Bridge, RIP. Wish you were here. In the meantime, I've experienced all the stages of grief and agree that, you never get over it, you just learn to live with it


One thing I've noticed in myself and others, is we are happy to the degree we're doing what we love.  Many reserve their favorite activity/hobby for moments here and there, so don't reap the benefits, not to mention those that haven't found what they love yet?  As a born Anglophile,  combined with my absolute love of English cottage/manor house design and decor, I happily dive in for all I'm worth, playing with my wee version I adore,  of all the above. Part of this due to  my ancestral DNA, English and Scotch-Irish, and more  to Primary Archetype, back in Florida for the winter?


Now that I'm ready for Christmas, I'm sensing changes on the way, it's time  to move forward. Contrary to my gypsy spirit, I've become stuck, rigid, a creature of habit etc so will be signaling The Universe I'm ready to upgrade by clearing out The Cottage.  At the very least, that creates a void The Universe rushes in to fill, so let's see where it leads.


Did you know that we can change negatives into positives?  Just as the great Master changed water into wine, we too have the power to affect reality - at the very least we can change our mind about it! When something happens, look for the hidden rainbow and see what's positive, even in chronic issues.  Focus on what's good about it, you might be surprised, and when  you're ready to join the advanced,   then embrace this Eckhart Tolle gem, "This is my secret," he said. "I don't mind what happens".


I'm sure you're aware The Universe will mirror back to us our grateful attitude, so while you're at it, bless everything! Just as we are so grateful and thankful for our loved ones, including  fur babies, remember there's no such thing as inanimate objects!  Have you told your car, house, TV, fridge that you love it?  Seriously, thank and praise everything you have, including the body you live in, and don't forget the abstract things like the Creative Force, The Universe, talent, inspiration, ingenuity - all your gifts, and watch Spirit respond  Here's a mantra from Orin-Daben "Thank you Self, Thank you Universe, for my ________________". 


Yesterday's marathon of activity indicated the Action Planet is beginning to move forward.  So beginning very early AM today, I'm correcting the booboos, tailenders associated with New Projects and more vis a vis the stars rule..........sigh. Edgar Cayce said the stars impel not compel (somehow I missed the memo). 


The Action Planet is slow to move due to Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase, so it was a slo-mo lazy weekend.  Although I retired years ago, the habitual conditioning of the work week vs weekend, is still operating, even though I always had to work weekends!  Per this  example of subconscious programing, we can only wonder what other domestication software is running?


retroshade: it ain't over 'til it's overDuring the “shadow period,” Mercury’s influence will inevitably make itself known. Mercury’s shadow will linger until December 24, 2018. During this cycle, we should all take the necessary Mercury retrograde precautions, moving ahead at a gentle clip and not rushing into anything binding. Back up all data to password-protected (or firewall-protected) cloud storage, changing overused login codes and making sure that all important bills are being paid in a timely fashion.


I awoke sensing the change as Mercury Retrograde goes stationary direct tomorrow, December 6, 2018 - and about time!  I should have rode this one out hiding under the bed, but instead,  I challenged the stars by plunging ahead when I knew better. . . sigh. The 'new project' has tailenders to process during the  post retrograde phase,  as the Action Planet regains it's momentum.


Did I say Mercury is still retrograde re my New Project?  I knew better but had installed dot coms via host server in the past,  but that was then. This time it's like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you'll get.  Ennyway. . . . I'll keep tweaking.  Stay tuned.