''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


You may have guessed but we're already in the Mercury Retrograde PreShadow phase so here's the lowdown:
Mercury Retrograde 2018
The three phases of Mercury retrograde 2018:
  1. 1st Shadow Period, October 28 to November 16
  2. Mercury Retrograde, November 16 to December 6
  3. 2nd Shadow Period, December 6 to 24

Mercury Enters Retrograde Zone 28 October 2018 at 27°16′ Scorpio

From now until Mercury stationary retrograde is the first shadow period. During this time you will get an idea of the thinking, communication or transport issues that will arise during the retrograde phase.

Mercury Stationary Retrograde 16 November 2018 at 13°29′ Sagittarius

The most important influence on Mercury retrograde November 2018 is Mercury square Neptune. The chart below shows this challenging aspect is very tight with an orb of only 0°13′. It stays within 1° orb from November 13 to 20. Mercury square Neptune distorts your thinking which can confuse and complicate discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you must deal with any important business, government or legal matters, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend.
When dealing with family and friends, try to stick to the basics of communication. Your imagination and potential for deception can lead to sticky situations. This would only increase the level of confusion and insecurity Mercury retrograde already brings, regardless of any planetary aspects. You really must avoid treachery and scandal. Even little white lies could lead to major embarrassment or the need for more convoluted cover ups.
You may also be more susceptible to believing conspiracy theories or strange and extreme spiritual and religious views during Mercury retrograde November 2018. You need to protect yourself against loan sharks or pushy sales people. Psychic vampires may find holes in your aura so stick to more suitable activities for this transit, like music, dance, poetry or creative writing. Drugs and alcohol are a big no-no during Mercury retrograde 2018.

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