''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Back in December 2011 I published this post, "Victory Garden", sharing the message from Divinity to 'get off the beaten path and grow food'.  Because of  family ties and responsibilities this remained on the back burner but sense the timeline shifting forward now.  Let's see where it goes.


TGIF!  It's funny that I still think that way after being retired for years,  revealing habitual thinking even when life moved on.  Time to review and release stuck attention, needed today.


Going beyond the five physical senses: the bridge to universal consciousness

Your seventh sense is your doorway to the Universal Self via Unity Consciousness. Bypassing physicality, it is direct access to all information contained within the entire Universe — relative to your physical world. No intermediary or channeling is involved. It has been called the Akashic records by some, or the Hall of Records. Another term coined by this author is The Universal Library.How do you know you are accessing your seventh sense? Every human being intermittently uses his or her seventh sense, but most do so unconsciously. All you have to do is tap into your seventh sense and inquire.
This happens by sitting quietly in contemplation — or remaining in a state of open wonderment. The wonder of a child is still contained within you, as you, and is a gateway to greater knowledge. In reality, all of life is a gateway to higher consciousness or enlightenment—Self-Knowledge.
Want to know how the Universe works? Or mankind’s true history? Ask! The information will flow to you at a level you can understand,


Speaking of change, it's time I made some changes, in attitude and mindset.  Acknowledging this and more, reveals self-imposed limitations, mainly due to domestication/brainwashing to be careful/play it safe.  It's always the right time to stretch/challenge ourself, and chase that dream we have on the back burner. .  .  join me.


As we all know, change is a fact of life and happens whether we like it or not.  Sometimes though, even seemingly negative change turns out to be good in the long run.  People get fired, get dumped, betrayed etc and forced to move on, discover better.  That said, when change we don't like pops up, try viewing it as a blessing and see what happens. 


In case things are going south, remember Mars goes Retrograde June 26.  Some networkers report things awry via the pre-retrograde phase and taking counter measures.  Here at The Cottage, I'm still in a holding pattern, with no clear direction yet. Per team's suggestion, I've refreshed the Home Temple/study but so far nothing appeals to me so maybe that's it  -- just lay low and stop trying to figure it out.    


Many of us like to read our horoscope, but how many realize the powerful influence of the stars in our lives?   I never paid much attention to astrology other than asking "What's your sign" back in day, until a few years ago I met a networker that shared Sissy's birth-time.  I was amazed at how much alike they were, impressing me that astrology's for real, programming us and our lives. Another example was when reuniting with old chums that share my birthday, after no contact for 20 years,  to find our lives were very carbon copy/similar including same vocations and naming our sons the same name. We love to feel like we're unique, self determined with choices so it's really a reality shifter to realize there's more to it.  So just a reminder life will go smoother if we align with/act when the stars are friendly.


Of the I Ching, a Chinese method of divination which Jung regarded as the clearest expression of the synchronicity principle, he wrote:
    "The Chinese mind, as I see it at work in the I Ching, seems to be exclusively preoccupied with the chance aspect of events. What we call coincidence seems to be the chief concern of this peculiar mind, and what we worship as causality passes almost unnoticed...While the Western mind carefully sifts, weighs, selects, classifies, isolates, the Chinese picture of the moment encompasses everything down to the minutes nonsensical detail, because all of the ingredients make up the observed moment."
Jung discovered the synchronicity within the I Ching also extended to astrology. In a letter to Freud dated June 12, 1911, he wrote:
    "My evenings are taken up largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you...I dare say that we shall one day discover in astrology a good deal of knowledge that has been intuitively projected into the heavens."


Are you ready for the Summer Solstice,  June 21, 2018, 5:07 a.m. CDT?  Whether you celebrate the first day of summer or just light a candle/flic your Bic, many like to align with the energy to empower new projects, perhaps their garden, flower essences, making wine, redecorating, moving, vacation  or even a June wedding?  Remember to lighten up, play and have fun since The Universe mirrors back to us what we impress it with. 


What's your modus operandi? Some  in tune with the Earth, revived communication skills with Nature Intelligence, perhaps born to it or inspired by Findhorn, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm, Perlandria etc. More than how to grow food, Nature Intelligence paradigm shift is the guide to manage anything created.  Join us.


Spiritual not religious? Many identify with that, confident they escaped that old tyme religion, perhaps unaware of the similarities.  My own exploration revealed they're both belief systems, created by others somewhere in time for control?  Been there done that.  Beyond both, do we need the limitations and rules, whether inserted by advanced civilizations or ancient kings?  Do we have a choice or is that just domestication software where we think we chose?


The Summer Solstice  on the way reminds me  of hot dogs and hayrides, suntans and swimming in Black River, simple pleasures in a less complicated time before today's serious issues


Advanced creators know Attention creates reality, FILTERED BY BELIEFS!  So, if we choose to change we need to change our belief(s).    Exploring beliefs will reveal many supporting beliefs, often transparent, to release.  We will discover programing, domestication, hypnotic mind control etc we didn't know about, so prepare to be overwhelmed when you begin your journey to awaken.  Many will try to create over the beliefs, using affirmations such as "I'm rich" when they're poor etc, creating more complications such as false identity/facade, always subject to exposure and fools no one. They live a lie, feeding the insatiable ego, often losing their soul in the bargain.  Beware, your attention only enables them so don't think it's helping  - altruism is just more belief software feeding your own egoic mind entangling you.   The mask they wear conceals countless energetic thoughtforms so run quick and save yourself! Separate  from the masses, honor your own authentic wild spirit, like minded equals await.


If you're wondering what's going on, Mars is in pre-retrograde motion!  Mars symbolizes the god of war, so now you know.  Networkers report negative uproars out of the blue, legal/romance/relationship challenges, health issues and more, but hang on, the worst is yet to come - the summit with North  Korea is June 12.   Then  Mars goes stationary retrograde June 26 to August 27, followed by the post retrograde motion. Pray for peace.


Speaking of essence, are you aware your essence radiates out adding  to the collective whole?  This explains why decorating, quilting, writing, anything artistic is a  spiritual energy contribution.  Some have the ability/advanced skill of meditation/contemplation running in the background and many multitaskers chat on the phone while writing poems, music or design a new centerpiece etc.  These artistic types remain tuned in to their creative frequency effortlessly radiating their essence.


My definition of magic/magick is it's technology we don't yet understand.  That said, I'm reminded that our denial/ignorance limits it working in our lives.  We hang on to our 'reality' even when it's negative, live with disease, wars, poverty, even die when we don't have to.  If we really understood 'magic' is a scientific technology, we'd make it a priority learning how to use it!  Just imagine virtual computer software/downloads others are  already using to shift reality.  Advanced creators think they're imagining life and/or they're living in a computer generated reality so it's no stretch to imagine new upgraded tech aka magic creating the world we prefer. Join us.


Have you ever experienced 'magic' happening?  Maybe you did something, misspoke in anger/stupidity  (or you don't even know where it came from) then voilĂ  -  The Universe erased/deleted the booboo like it  never happened!  I've experienced it a few times and wondered how/what/why?  Was it that in my panic I gave up defensive shield/beliefs which deleted that vignette/software? Magic?  Sure seems like it but magic is just technology we  don't understand.


Would you rather know what's true or, in your mind anyway,  be right?  The former clarifies/validates/authentic original while the latter  is egoic mind chatter seeking attention.   Stop feeding it.


I've done lots of posts about beliefs but Spirit just reminded me to clarify beliefs about dependence on a job for money.  Most of us never questioned it until becoming conscious enough to notice lots of financially independent people doing what they love.   Some create businesses, some travel, some create beauty whether fashion, art, design, charities etc while others access the frequency  that is beyond money altogether, using energy instead. Do your beliefs about money/abundance align with your vision for your world?