''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Image result for earth from apolloFor new readers, FYI, those wondering whazup with elves anyway?  Over the years I've written about a lot of things but The Mission has always been the priority.  Although Sissy's  original message said 'help restore the Earth', in the meantime those 'glass half full types' like me, dedicated to keeping the Earth green/aka save the planet. How many times have you been moved to tears viewing Earth from Apollo or viewing your garden bursting forth like magic or reading Eckhart "Earth, 114 million years ago, one morning just after sunrise: the first flower ever to appear on the planet opens up to receive the rays of the sun"?  Can you sense the aliveness of our beautiful blue jewel/Earth Mother/Gaia the goddess?  If so, then maybe Elves are a interactive software?

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