''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Are you feeling the  approaching SuperBlueMoon Total Lunar Eclipse energy? It's giving  a boost, escalating/firing neutrons,  raising vibrations.  Here at The Cottage, I'm intensifying intention on HoOponopono forgiveness tech......... thank you Dr. Hew Len. 


How susceptible are we to mind control?  I mean covert mind control from outside sources that control the masses.  We have TV, newspapers, internet etc subtle brainwashing but there's more, broadcast on frequencies most are unaware of, that are received by aligned brainwave frequencies.  Those who don't understand/believe this might educate themselves with many websites available and yes, they're pretty scary but not as scary as being controlled?  You decide.


The trouble with  goals is often we are just wishing and wanting unless the path to it is shown or it literally manifests.  My take on it is, let your intuition be your guide.  Intuition, the gut chakra/solar plexus, is the bridge to Higher I, and always true/accurate -  ie if your gut message is to move to Hawaii then why did we move to Florida? We go against our intuition then struggle when our choice doesn't work out?  No wonder.


Just a thought about goals - do you have some on the back burner?  I do, and realize they're leaking creative energy, even more so because they're unaligned and cancel each other out, so take my advice and create goals supportive of  each other.   Review, release, and choose what's right for you now, then intensify intention with tunnel vision focus until it's real. 


Just an interesting aside per computer simulated reality:  I just had  a one week software insert archive.  It began with a death in the family and ended/archived yesterday with return to normal here at The Cottage after the service and all the company.  Since in the past these have provided opportunity for airing family grievances, I sought to avert that from the start by creating peace/harmony for all concerned - and there was!  I'd like to take credit for it but suspect that too was just more software a la let her think she created that?  If you don't believe in  computer simulated reality theory, pay close attention and mind the edges anyway. 


Is it the New Moon?  I'm getting creative vibe to make some changes?  Neville said "Signs follow, they do not precede"  ..... wonderful things comes to mind so let's see where this inspiration goes.


I'm blaming all the upheavals, shifts, changes this week on the stars?  Here's to creating harmony again.......join me.


It's been said we live in an electric Universe; scientists theorize about plasma, electromagnetic fields, sun and even the human aura. That's way over my layman's head but from ages old Temple training I understand the concept of the electromagnetic Force popularized in Star Wars that forms reality. This electromagnetic frequency field connects and powers everything.


Reviewing OzarkAngel stats says posts about Arkansas are still #1! The Atlantean crystals, ley lines and  mounds embedded technology/stargate energy attracted many to participate, remotely or in person to the upgrade/frequency shift.  Are you one?  Click Comments and please share.


It's a snowy day here at The Cottage, a good time to review and release to make room for new.  If you're trying to change something, take a look at what you have now and update/upgrade and in faith, bless everyone and everything for highest good aka count your blessings.


I know you already know this, but  the only way one can find their way is to first be lost. To make it big, start out small. To fall in love, first feel none. Yet, when these adventures begin and the dreamers suddenly find themselves lost, small, and alone, you should hear the "expletives"!
 So, look at it like this: Any such feelings are simply a sign that you've made a really, really big and daring "wish," and its manifestation has already begun.
Foxy, clever, wry -
  The Universe


I've noticed that past creations may have a lot of attractive energy even when I've already been there done that.  Should this sound familiar, use your tech tools to delete the original creation, then return to Source.  .  . you know the drill.


Last night  I watched a show about the Black Knight aka Eye of Horus satellite.  I'd never heard of this before but reminded me of my own 'Eye of Horus' experience years ago - so yes it's a surveillance satellite but why did  it flash-me/check out a nobody/unknown divorcee struggling to make a living? I would have thought it was just a glitch if not for the Mathematical universe reminder/revelation?  Back then I didn't allow any attention on aliens/UFO's because all that was terrifying to me and was unaware of any alien technology.   I had a couple drone surveillance experiences last Fall that I attributed to  technology glitch but now that I'm aware of the Black Knight it makes me wonder?  Stay tuned.


Do you know why you behave the way you do? Getting down to the core of what motivates your perspective, thoughts, feelings, and actions is key when you want to rewire who you are or how you live. While the nature vs. nurture debate rages on, archetypes—your energy guides—offer a simple way to envision your identity, plus how and what to change.


In alignment with the 'New' Year, it's a good time to edit/change/amend your mind, opinion, relationship, ideas and beliefs.  Most are aware of what needs work but we like to hang on to the comfortable and familiar, even when it's not so comfortable.  Remember. don't expect successful results while still thinking the same old way.  The Universe doesn't accept fleeting/idle requests so when creating change say it and mean it!  When nothing budges back up and look at it from another perspective.


For those that see the symbolism of the 'New Year', you might need to end/erase some old creations that still hold energy and may block what you intend today.  Cut all the old ties, including relationships, and don't forget those imagined (creation software can't tell the difference since really it was All Imagined) ---  your 'dream lover' appropriate back when, will not be right for you now, aka jobs, houses etc.  The former may hold energy/charged particles on perpetual create? Ditto for old grudges, betrayals, black magic gossip (yours or theirs) ex's, Me too's etc. all draining your Creative Energy.


With the holidays mostly over, I'm back to routine, samo samo.   I'm not complaining - I lead a quiet life by choice and love it! I'm happy to explore doing what I love aka stillness.  Join me.