''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Did you know that the first step in creation is when you decide?  Most  breeze along daydreaming/wishing clueless why  their desires aren't granted, while others know that their emphatic decision   spoken  out loud turns on  the technology/vibratory sound wave magnetic attraction software,  best accomplished speaking in present tense ie "I am _____".  The  word is creative, drawing to us what  we say  so guard carefully what you speak lest it manifests.  Understand it's technology and takes you literally and is always personal, so never speak ill of another because the software sees all as requests and will oblige.  


Attention, what we focus on,  creates reality but our beliefs act as filters, regulating where we put that attention.  Beliefs are more easily recognized in others and may behave as spells, transparent to those under their influence so they  don't even know it. It is/operates as technology/software, a bot that hears every word and  when impressed sufficiently, will give it to you as reality.  Change reality by focusing on what you desire.


Do you have a past life hangover aka residual energy replaying?  This morning I lit incense on small altar in my study and added another Mother Mary candle. .  .  and had to laugh at myself since I profess I'm 'spiritual not religious'.  I have amended that as well, aware  there's little difference between the two and have intention on going beyond socalled 'spiritual' yet really do like my Mother Mary candles, Kwan Yin goddesses etc.  I attribute all of it to past life recordings from Catholic/Cathar/Templar/medicine woman,  etc Far Memory recalls.  Often tragic, sometimes fun and always interesting, these are woven into the fabric of this present life.  .  .  . worth exploring to release the resisted experiences. 


I shared my Total Solar Eclipse experience a la Blazing Star.  When the star flashed I received the words Blazing Star, a good description, and thought no more about it.  Then last week starting a MAP team session I noticed a young Indian brave  staring at the night sky who was waiting permission to join the healers circle. He said to call him Blazing Star, that he was Chief Joseph in his youth.  I'd had contact with one of the Chief Joseph channelers earlier, but only just now associated any of this with the eclipse that apparently activated this addition to my healer's circle.  Stay tuned.


Another way to address adverse conditions is look for what it serves - what's good about it.  Focus attention  until it speaks to you aka relays it's message.  Financial limitations/poor self-image prevents so many things. .  .  you get the point.  Often our past history will reveal the source --  allow it to unravel, revealing the gifts it contains.  


Recently I decided I would drop my Goal List and see what happens.  I realized that The Universe/Creative Force  could have something way better for me than I imagine and my 'goals' could be the blocking energy.  Stay tuned.


From my desk in my study here in the Ozarks, join me as we welcome the autumn Equinox.
Druids and Pagans often gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the spiritual event
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Let's welcome the New Moon in Virgo today by requesting Abundance Bucks and starting that new project.  Keep in mind the old adage: "The stars impel not compel" and make your own rules.  Listen to your heart chakra, forgive often, talk less and be present with yourself because you are the only one living your life.


Are you aware how powerful you are?  If you're know you create your reality, what about the 'others' in your drama?  Change your opinions about them and watch miracles happen.  Refuse to accept bad news, it's merely revealing your own opinions.  Dance, laugh, sing and let your love for life bubble over attracting  wonderful things for all. 


Autumn's on the way,  a reminder/attunement  to Earth/goddess energy.  The interactive connection with Nature Intelligence raises vibrations to support and sustain us, much appreciated in these times. I publish these words to awaken those who requested it - in case you forgot.  Join us.


Re superstorms/earthquakes/tsunamis/volcanoes:
"Since human life and human consciousness are intrinsically one with the life of the planet, as the old consciousness dissolves, there are bound to be synchronistic geographic and climatic natural upheavals in many parts of the planet, some of which we are already witnessing now." 
A New Earth" pg 23


Are you trying to save the world?  Are you an over-achiever?  Are you driven to excel, achieve, produce etc?  If so, what do you think would happen if you stop?  Would the Earth stop spinning/pole shift, WW3, get divorced or worse?  What if you had nothing to prove, weren't in competition, are perfect just as you are?  Escape/crash the computer simulation reality software running the show and live free.


My favorite post (08/21/12)


It's a beautiful  morning here in my patch of the Ozarks.  The cool temps are a reminder that Fall is on the way and revives old memories of other times  living close to the Earth.  Whether alone in a hut or Lady of the manor with family and servants, she laid in provisions to last until spring. . . this tapped a Far Memory as chatelaine with husband gone to the Crusades.  With pilgrims at the gate to feed and rumors of *the sickness (the plague?), she worries if there will be enough food  and  hearing there are bandits nearby she stations more guards (albeit they're old men and boys) and  Wards the boundaries, with a special emphasis to the Holy Ground of the chapel as refuge for those old, sick and the young if needed.  As for herself, *she will fight next to her son, the young Prince - warrior Mother warrior Son.  With roof-thatch to mend, food to dry, seeds to store, medicinal herbs to gather and firewood to be cut,  she oversees her small tribe of children, staff and villagers she's responsible for, never stopping until bells ring for Vespers.  Behind all that is the constant refrain with every beat of her heart, "Is he safe -is he well - when will he return to us"? 
*the sickness -- I think it was the plague-
* "she will fight next to her son, the young Prince, warrior Mother warrior son" came with a rush of  deep wrenching emotion, part of the vision. He's about 12yrs old, wearing a tunic with a  Cross insignia like his Fathers, and he is my son now as well.


My favorite thing! 

READ AND REMEMBER posted 9/22/15

FYI:  If you were born decorating, did you know this perfect form of self-expression is also spiritual? According to Edgar Cayce, those trained at the Temple Beautiful in decorative arts healed and raised vibrations equal to music, dance etc. If this inspires remembrance,  check out Edgar Cayce readings on the Temple Beautiful. . . who knew?  Read and remember:
Decor and Visual Arts

3348-1 11/4/43
The entity ...was active in preparing the interior decorations for the halls [in the Temple Beautiful]. Those were applied in such manners as to lend to the activities a contributing factor to the intents of the individuals as they prepared themselves for varied offices, both in political and social, both economic and religious, and all the forms of activity.

428-4 2/20/31
...among those who decorated the walls, the altars, the seats of those who ruled, the seats of those who ministered to the spiritual needs, the mental welfare of the peoples in the land [and] brought to many an understanding of how those things of the eye...influence and affect the bodies of those who look upon those things that influence the lives ...in the decorative arts.


It's the last summer holiday weekend ahead and  I sense the shift/ somewhere in time, when harvest moons and cooler temperatures reminded past "I's" to prepare for Fall and Winter ahead. Is it DNA,  software or the stars?  It might be a good idea to revive the old ways, stock the larder, chop wood, clean your kerosene lamps etc  and activate all the Prepper know-how from the 60's?