''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


275-39 (Q) Will I develop any psychic power by looking into a crystal ball? (A) If there is ever held that only that which is of the Christ-making may be presented there. The crystal offers rather the concentration of the physical powers, and thus offers many channels for the entering in of many an influence; yet if it is held only in His name, in His right [rite?], MUCH may be received there.


Vibrations of Matter~Life~Energy

- (Everything vibrates) life is vibration. So is mind. So is matter.
- Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God.
- All forces vibration, as all comes from one central vibration - taking different form
-1299-1 And as the electrical vibrations are given, know that Life itself, to be sure, is the Creative Force or God, yet its manifestations in man are electrical or vibratory.
- Electricity is God in Action! Seeing this, feeling this, knowing this, ye will find that not only does the body become revivified, but by the creating in every atom of its being the knowledge of the activity of this Creative Force or Principle as related to spirit, mind, body, all three are renewed.


Are you looking for Right For You mate?  Here's what Edgar Cayce said:

When asked about finding the right marriage partner, Cayce often replied as he did to this woman.  “…We might find twenty-five or thirty such, if you choose to make it so!  It is what you make it!”
Cayce believed we had a number of soul mates, i.e., people with whom we had incarnated before and with whom we could create a positive relationship. He discussed the characteristics by which we could identify those people.  They were people who would assist us in our soul development.


When goals don't manifest, they may be wrong for us or we might consider that we're waiting on permission - from higher powers, be that what it may.  Most of us are ruled by a subservient mentality, kowtowing to our betters, religious personages/mystical beings, authority etc. We honor family blood ties that are our worst enemies, pray for forgiveness, love, basic human rights and more.  Should you be among the advanced, you have or are awakening the Lightbody, the ticket to A New Earth.  Keep  your eye on the goal and don't look back


Are you wondering why your goals are not happening?  Me too!  So of course my Morning Message spoke about that.  First was "All in good time", then an hour or so later came the reminder that  "Attention creates reality" therefore focusing on lack, feeling stuck, identifying with negativity etc attracts more of the same.  Subconscious mind, god, The Universe, whatever you name it, gives us what we focus on - it's The Law.  Play, pretend, imagine, concentrate until you feel a shift -- that's the energy clearing the blockages.  Create the magic you're waiting on.


My Morning Message today was a reminder to use all the help available to me and get back on track.  It's so easy to revert back to old conditioning and miss the magic available to us.  Really, it's technology, but the results are so miraculous they appear magical.   Traditional programming aka brainwashing, blinds us to what's  possible.   Join me and others, awakening to A New Earth.


Most know about the total solar eclipse headed our way this summer.  The Cottage is 75 miles from the direct path so maybe close enough?  Or might be fun  go over to Cape Girardeau for the occasion - or not?  Some astrologers say it's arriving with lots of change, so let's see where that goes. 


Mercury Retrograde post shadow period ends today so here's hoping you received whatever benefit the Action Planet slowdown sent your way. Fast paced Mercury rules in my world, so the perceived slow as molasses energy did reveal areas otherwise unnoticed or overlooked in the everyday rush.  I'm always grateful for revelations and insights that improve productivity and creativity but that said, I welcome return to normal speed.


The dawning Age of Aquarius and The Return of The Divine Feminine opened a pathway  for those with eye to see aka intuitively aware.  Regardless of gender, some refused to follow the patriarchal paradigm, instead embracing nurturing healing  qualities of the emerging matriarchal dynamic.  Often referred to as goddess energy, it's actually within, but such a higher octave it's mistaken for 'religious' rather than technology.  Explore for yourself, raising vibrations/expanding consciousness.


Mercury is beginning to regain it's normal fast spin as the  Retrograde post shadow phase ends day after tomorrow.  If the Action Planet rules in your world then you have been feeling it pick up the pace for a week or more, reviving and restoring activity and vitality as  Winged Mercury returns to normal.


Our Genesis Revisited: The Sitchin Paradigm

For a more complete and detailed  synopsis of the Sitchin thesis, the context and historical background needed to understand it, the proofs of its validity and scientific objections regarding it answered, see Appendix A

Zecharia Sitchin, one of two hundred Sumerian scholars on the planet who can read a cuneiform clay tablet like youand I can read a newspaper, has demonstrated  that the Anunnaki/Nefilim (Sumerian/Hebrew: those who came down [from the heavens] )  , the transcultural “gods” known to all the ancient civilizations from the tenth planet in our solar system, Nibiru, colonized Earth 432,000 years ago and created the human species 200,000 years ago, by genetically crossing their genes with Homo Erectus.


While you're waiting on Mercury Retrograde post shadow to move on out,  have you tried I Ching? Over the years I gave the coins a toss but didn't  understand or over my head?  Then  Neil Freer's article reminded me about it and discovered this great free online reading that response to  queries feels authentic  so thought I'd pass it on.  You decide if it's Right For You.


Part One:
Do you have a chronic issue? Whether health/weight, relationships, career, financial etc,  yesterday I decided to cease struggling and just live with it! Imagine my surprise this morning  when mine spoke to me:  a sweet loving energy insight/message, that it was a protective device for my benefit, providing the space for refining and reviving skills, intuition, faith and trust needed for these times.
Part Two:
Later I was reminded that when we consciously assume the  management that the issue provides, it will disappear because it's service isn't needed - then the message continued to unfold - that although the previous statement is true, sometimes the device prevails as 'insurance' - another shield/layer of protection Higher I will remove when it's ready per agenda.  I remembered many times in the past when the issue magically disappeared, life changing, only to resurface when reality shifted -  more proof to me that it's software- technology aka reality is a computer simulation.   


In case you've noticed posts missing,  I write then post later, or not, reserving some 'til Spirit moves me, but if you're an early bird, you may have caught a couple that are now reverted to draft because timing is off, too personal etc.  Updates usually follow so stay tuned.


I think it's strange that many socalled lightworkers view crystals as pagan airy-fairy etc.  Maybe my awareness of crystals is because I was lucky enough to live in the Arkansas Crystal Vortex for a few years, an interesting time that I've written about (view Hot Springs posts).  Those unaware of the power of crystals, might like to educate themselves about Arkansas quartz crystals, sown in Atlantean times and awakening now. These powerful  crystals oscillate, amplify  and radiate embedded energy raising vibrations and activating frequencies, to those called/volunteered/chosen, as the case may be.  To response to longtime readers, no I haven't found my Atlantean Seed Crystal yet and yes/no/maybe I'll move back to  Hot Springs when my house sells (acquiescing to Nature Intelligence team's choice). 


Miracles and magic(k). .  .  do you believe?  Growing up on fairytales, ghost stories, movies and books, with psychic 'blood' aka DNA,  and encouraged to be intuitive, creative and imaginative by smart, artistic parents that never told me "No", was a fertile background for my pathway in life. Accepting miracles and magick as possible, opened the  doorway to memories, realms and realities, that now I know  are technology - both art AND science.


Are you stuck and wonder why?  Often The Universe freezes activity to prevent rash moves/mistakes and we're where we are until we get it - the full download.  See it as class/graduate school  - no dropouts allowed! Remember 'what we resist persists' and embrace it fully.


In the beginning I saw ascension as a mystical experience to a higher frequency aka 'heaven', although even then I suspected that was beliefs?  As my comprehension expanded I realized it was technology/software, not spiritual OR religious, definitely shattering such limiting but comforting concepts.  Embracing it's science is not for the faint of heart -  as you begin to vibrate to higher octaves and without speaking a word,  old attachments will fall by the wayside,  so remember  'you can't take it with you' -- (no excess baggage can enter the Stargate).
If you're up for it, type Ascension in  search box on top left for all my past articles on the subject.


I've been reviewing messages from way back when, that do explain a lot.  If you're like I am you've experienced upsets and detours along the way and  find yourself alone again.  It may be uncomfortable but don't forget now you have the space for everything Right For You to appear.  How wonderful to find your soul group and even your perfect mate?  It's not too late.