''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


As the Age of Aquarius births we herald the Return of the Divine Feminine, bidding adios to the patriarchal reign.   For all genders, we embrace the return of the matriarchal  aspect into our lives.  Many view it as the goddess with her gifts of birth, aliveness,  nurturing and more embracing a warm sensual earthy input into their lives. Should  you desire input and interaction, please remember it's technology, neither spiritual nor religious,  but a wavelength frequency to access by focusing (focused  Attention on the subject will open the software).


In the past I've written about The Return of the Divine Feminine and shared some of my own Great Mother experiences.  If you've had your own then no matter what you call her, you know what I mean.  Catholic friends prefer The Madonna or Mother Mary, pagans prefer "The Goddess" and I like it  too, along with "The Great Mother", because it fits in with Sitchen Genetics concept  of an Anunnaki goddess/scientist with advanced technology, science not religious.  If you need healing why not open a dialogue with The Goddess/your version  and see what happens.


I think most of us that understand the premise of "A New Earth" may wonder what kind of world  it will be.  If you're like me you caught the spirit of it and aren't too concerned about details.  My sense of it is a peaceful reality of abundance for all where we live the experience expressing  our highest potential in harmony with Nature.  So now that we have chosen (or been chosen, depending on your perception) how will we get there?  Will we morph into A New Earth or will a Starship pick us up or whatever your version might be?  My favorite is from an Eckhart Tolle comment that A New Earth is here now and some people are already living in  it but that's invisible to those who haven't raised their vibrations.  My perception is that as we raise our vibrations our reality SHIFTS to  A New Earth, via our personal Stargate, reflecting that vibrational state.  I think this vibration awakens the LightBody one must have to exist in that frequency. Maybe some of us  may experience both Stargate and Starship..... I believe the key is Practicing Presence, turning off Ego and living in Spirit, in the moment in harmlessness and quiet awareness.


When  Eckhart Tolle was writing "A New Earth", I read words to the effect that there are already people living it,  implying it's here but on a different frequency, (my interpretation),  for example  just as those on poverty level are aware of those living affluent abundance it isn't their reality. The point is, if you aspire to A New Earth then raise your vibrations/awaken your Lightbody until A New Earth is real. Let's play.


I read that there's more UFO sightings in 2017 than ever -  so are our space brothers here to prevent thermonuclear war or are they on standby to quarantine Earth afterwards?  The jury's still out on that one.  What do you think?


With the current sabre rattling duo going on, I'm wondering what our best selling new age leaders are saying?  Meanwhile, among the masses, some await The Rapture, some are preppers  while earthkeepers  follow evacuation agenda. Stay Present.
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It's a rainy, misty day here at The Cottage so think I'll do review and release clearing.  With rain on the windowpanes, my cozy sunporch study reflects it's sacred space vibrations that elevate and inspire. You can create your  Home Temple, and activate raising vibrations.  Sanctify your space and it will energize back in spades. 


Guidance received by Eileen Caddy
Never Be Satisfied With Anything Second Best
I tell you never to be satisfied with anything second best. Simply know and accept that all the very best is yours and hold this in your consciousness and see it come about in every department of your life. I know all your needs from the very smallest to the biggest and I tell you every one is being met at the right time.