''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Did you see the New Moon?  For some reason I could sense the stars/New Moon shift, or maybe it's 2017 on the way in less than 48 hours?  I'm ready to raise the bar on artistic creativity, new horizons, creating better. .  . . . join me.


I had an interesting experience couple of nights ago.  My channeling partner and I  were sitting  at the table in the great room talking when I noticed the clock said 12:24am and a moment later it was 4:34!  Whoa! We both had experienced missing time before but never four hours and  while  having a conversation!  We believe we know what happened and I may share at another time but for now I'll just say it was technology!  More later.


I was fortunate to discover the Seth books  in my twenties, when The Seth Material was first published, so in the spirit of the season, here's a gift for those of you that may have missed it.  While the advanced are familiar, indeed old friends, with Seth's words, for the others, give a look. Maybe the magic aka electromagnetic frequency embedded in Seth's words will activate you to higher levels.  .  . it's technology.


Now that you've completed all your Christmas shopping, what about sending freedom, love and abundance, gifts that keep on giving?  There are several formulas to use or just  decide, and send forth your Awakened Will to change reality.  Change your mind and send healed visions, whether local or global.  Want to heal the planet or war in the Middle East --- then change your mind!  Want to make relationship issues right? Then change your mind.  Want to heal illness, poverty and addiction, loneliness and unhappiness?  Then change your mind!  While you're at it, change your mind about yourself as well!


The stars have a lot going on as Mercury goes retrograde today, it's a Full SuperMoon and the Winter Solstice in a couple of days.  As always, remember that the stars impel not compel, and that said, try to avoid complications with the Action Planet perceived slowdown and enjoy the holiday season. 


Cold temps this morning and a teensy dusting of snow/sleet enhances the holiday mood.  Yesterday I joined the crowds and completed my shopping so plan on staying home today doing some baking,  enjoying the fireplace with a cuppa, counting blessings.  .  .  join me.


Some suspect reality is a computer simulation while others don't. The concept we are  generated by a machine is too scary to consider and frankly, most don't get it anyway.  Sheeples and sheeplets, vis a vis the herd, may only be zombie/robots, merely recordings ie  extras in the background.  Programmed by religion, tradition and/or  hypnotized by spells telepathically beamed, sprayed or sent electronically,  they remain  under the influence until their software is deactivated, wears out/turns off/fades to black.  Should you be among the former, you had a moment when you realized you were dreaming slash what today is labeled a simulation likely computer generated technology aka science.  This explains socalled free will, faith healing, world events, miracles, opposites attract and anything/everything you can think of. 


Image result for eckhart tolle reality illusion

Computer simulated reality?  Try it.


With Mercury in the preshadow period you may already be feeling the slowdown although todays Full Supermoon cancels some of that out (or not).  Re Mercury's influence,  try to get everything done before it goes retrograde, aligning with the energy instead of resisting.  When nothing helps, just go to ground, hide out/hide under the bed until the planets move!


The Full Moon on the way may explain boo-boos and glitches, situations and circumstances?  I used to think astrology was mumbo jumbo until I had a lightbulb moment a la Edgar Cayce's comment "The stars impel not compel".  I realized yes the stars do influence us so although they don't compel isn't the influence enough?  Isn't astrology just another software program in a computer simulated reality?  What do you think?


With some Attention on the 'blocking' issue, this morning when I 'tuned in', I saw  there had been an update concerning a future relocation, returning full circle to the *original destination.  Although I certainly took the guidance seriously at the time, I was moved to Florida, California and Alaska ( and several places along the way) before being sent back to home base where it all began. This is an example of working with Nature Intelligence, you have to remain flexible because following their own agenda, they can quickly change the plan and reason alone why most aren't suited for this work, but if you love to travel and are fearless then throw your hat in the ring - we need people like you.
*destination:  Is Asheville area in my future?..........stay tuned.


Recently  experiencing what could only be blocked energy, along with a sista networker, she intuited that it was because we weren't following the direction our individual teams/source wanted us to go.  I   had to agree that made sense and immediately thought of areas it could be. . . . I'll keep you updated how this goes.


For those that suspect we're living in a computer simulation, here's some suggestions to try:  Eckhart Tolle's Practicing Presence "A New Earth", Dr. Hew Len's HoOponopono, Don Miguel Ruiz Toltec Teachings and others I've mentioned in previous posts. . . and just in case of the worst case scenario, lets create an escape hatch! 


With 2017 on the horizon, some are considering changes implementing new paths, business, habits or even locations.  Others are rededicating or intensifying spiritual disciplines, expressing their gifts, raising personal and planetary vibrations.  Many will do both, continuing to use or refine skills, because they know their intent has power, that decision and movement opens portals and pathways to what is otherwise unattainable. Please join us.


The New Madrid earthquake fault has awakened recently, with 15 quakes in the last month.  The largest was a 3.5 with no damage -  here's to creating it remains that way!  Join me.


What do you love to do?  Some paint, cook, quilt, garden, write, channel and more.  I enjoy lots of different things but  as my readers know, my most favorite is decorating.  For me, it's an instant cure for whatever happens - it quickly dissolves negativity but is also a way to celebrate, expressing art, beauty and creativity. Whatever  you like to do, get up and do it!  The Universe loves you for it.


If you're researching 'simulated reality', here's another tip that may be helpful:  Reviewing 'memories' through the lens of time may reveal them as illusions, since  looking at it not in it changes the perspective and emotional detachment helps  break  the electromagnetic bond. Make it a point to remember it's technology -- the Matrix prison is a virtual one!  If you've ever experienced a reality shift, deja vu  or a 'wavy' moment, you don't need convincing that reality  is a recording/movie and we're in it!


If you agree/suspect you're living in a simulated reality, how do you escape? One suggestion is to let go of the idea you have free will, and begin monitoring your reality constantly for confirmation/proof it's all a setup.  Practicing the former will help to clarify the latter. but remember, the mind will always give us an answer so when that happens it doesn't really mean it's true.    Our belief, true or only professed,  filters what we perceive as real - it's all relative so cease resistance.  If it's true we're only animated characters in someones video game/imagination  there is no escape, but awakening ups the game. .  . or does it?  


With rain on the way, I think I'll stay home with a good book.  Some things never change such as a fire in the fireplace and a cuppa Yorkshire or Earl Grey.  Imagine my surprise to learn Aldi is the Brits favorite tea - who knew!  With the British eye for quality I'm glad to learn my favorite store sells their most popular tea.  .  .  gotta love it!