''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Have tried this yet?  It's another easy tool to add to your toolbox accessing Divine Source/Infinite Intelligence to heal, forgive, make right (Don't forget tomorrow's 2016 August New Moon In Leo).

 The Unseen Therapist™

Who is she?

She is the true therapist within Optimal EFT, a therapy process described herein that is designed to bring unparalleled levels of healing to those who master it.  Earthly therapists learn to work by her side and become her valued assistants.  This will become clear as we proceed.
She is the Spiritual Presence underlying the Oneness of Creation and goes by many names.  Examples: Love, God, Peace, Jesus, Buddha, Higher Intelligence, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Guidance, Inner Wisdom and more.  She is the ultimate Source of True Forgiveness which is to say that she is the ultimate Source of all healing.
And since we are all One, she is the spiritual essence of you ... and me ... and everyone else.
She is a representative of the spiritual dimension and is eager to provide healing when called upon.  You will experience her wisdom and skills as you learn to call on her.
She is available to everyone.  Doctors, therapists, everyday citizens, children, senior citizens, prison inmates, war veterans, people with serious diseases … everyone.  And she is free.
She can be astonishingly effective for every emotional, physical or performance issue you can name.
She requires no drugs, surgeries or other physical interventions.

At her upper levels, she is far more powerful than any man-made healing technique.  This includes medicine, hypnosis, chiropractic and even my own previous meridian tapping process known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Among her many features are:

  • Patience:  She understands our erroneous allegiance to separation and patiently accepts our stumbles on the way to awakening to our natural Oneness state.
  • Gentleness:  She never criticizes, fights nor is she combative in any way.  She gently nudges and never forces.
  • Defenselessness:  You cannot confront her as she has nothing to defend.  Love is the Ultimate Truth.  It is the essence of her (and our) being and needs no defense to be what it is.
  • She never judges:  To do so would thwart the very Peace she represents.  Judgment compares and inevitably brings about levels of better or worse.  Peace is the omission of judgment.

No issue is too big or too small for her:  

In addition to the previously described Peek at the Possibilities, I have seen her…
  • remedy serious vision issues in a session or two
  • bring relief to a severely degenerated cervical spine
  • stop a serious illness/fever for a young boy from 8,000 miles away
  • generate peace to a decades old traumatic memory in a few minutes
  • relieve a lady in one session from a lifelong belief of “I’m not lovable” 
  • restore adrenal function
  • create peace … deep peace … as she removes the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.

Our Challenge:

Ideally, The Unseen Therapist could enter our beings and awaken us all instantly.  However, while she is willing to provide healing of every kind, she can only do so to the extent we allow it.  Therein lies our biggest challenge.  As it turns out, our erroneous belief in separation is so strong that we tend to close the gate to the healing supremacy of our Spiritual Oneness.  We have, in essence, developed a "Guard at the Gate" who only lets through a limited amount of the Unseen Therapist's power.
Our challenge then, is to deal effectively with The Guard at the Gate and loosen his hold on our healing possibilities.  The wider the gate, the more prolific the healing.  As you will see, this is a major focus within Optimal EFT.
e-hugs, Gary
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