''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Image result for all seeing eyeThis morning I was reminded of an interesting place I lived for a few months back in my twenties, a cute Goldilocks house, just right for my son and I.  I've never forgotten a couple of things that happened while living there, way over my head at the time.  One day I closed my eyes in meditation I instantly saw  the all seeing eye do a fly-by! It caught me by surprise, especially because the eye was alive and looked right at me before flying on outa view.  I recognized it as some kind of extreme high technology mental surveillance device checking me out and it scared the heck out of me.   A few weeks later, as I began meditation, I instantly clicked into some kind of visionary numbers frequency with the embedded message its a mathmatical universe, again way over my twenty something head. I moved soon after but never forgot about my 'meditation' experiences. As my comprehension grew about earth energies, I think the house was built  on  a power-spot, that had some kind of etheric  technological device activated. Makes me wonder?

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