''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Do you consider yourself spiritual or are you trying to be? Don't take my word for it but you might want to explore Ascension as a Stargate, not religious OR spiritual.  It's a real bummer when you consider the gods were ancient astronauts and the miracles/magic is technology, not religious. Free yourself from the yoke of illusion and domestication joining likeminded equals.


 "The Four Agreements" by don miguel ruiz. While it looks easy, most agree it's the hardest thing they've ever done. . . try it:
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. ”


Many energy practitioners have Ho'Oponopono, the Hawaiian  Forgiveness Ritual in their repertoire.  Some  process data when a negative situation arises while others process good and bad both, knowing either can pull their strings.  They may solarize their water, use M&M's etc Dr. Hew Len recommended or reserve it for business or health unaware to apply it to inanimate objects --  car, home, computer, furniture etc.    They know that the positive is as entrapping as the negative (ask anyone ever bitten by the Luv Bug/stuck in family dynamics etc). Advanced creators process everything!  Join us.


I thought I'd share this - yesterday's Summer Blahs  spoke to me when I willing embraced the feeling.  Using my favorite tool, HoOponopono forgiveness ritual, revealed inadequate processing.  I was focusing on my resistance instead of the whole issue and not following through on the entire process.  So here's a tip, include all data, people,  situations and things in your processing and don't forget inanimate objects.  The 'message' reminded me to process everyone and everything for success.  


I think I've got the summer blahs!  It's been too hot and I've run out of fun  things to do here at The Cottage.  I have noticed a more  normal rhythm again, that  I attribute to Mars Retrograde fading away, although according to astrologers, the post shadow period continues to emit energy until August 22.  Time to review goals, update Bucket List,  raise vibrations. . . join me.


If you're like most, there's areas you'd like to improve, global and local.  FYI most would like (global) peace in the world and even more (local) would like the perfect mate, money etc.  Then there's the advanced, taking  responsibility of all you see or seem, managing reality as Awakened Will.  The former, self described  people-persons, clump together electromagnetically in mass consciousness wishing while the latter are doing, running  point as loners managing reality, often alone behind the scenes or small tribe/group because in that rarefied air, likeminds are few and far between.  Leave the crowd behind and make a difference.


“I improve every condition in my life by blessing it!”

Catherine Ponder


Here's hoping you are able to view the Full Moon .. .... it's lovely as always.  Some may  choose to align with the lunar energy for completing projects, increased clarity, focus power and more while other artistic right-brain visionaries express intensified intuition and creativity activated by the lunar light vibrations.  Enjoy.


The 2016 July Full Moon in Capricorn feels like a good one!  Along with Mars Retrograde post shadow period waning, the planets radiate usable energy for those so inclined.  Some felt Awakened Will magnify, clarifying purpose with intensified focus while others own and release excess baggage no longer viable.  For both, faith increases aliveness so that our light shines more brightly raising vibrations for all.


Longtime readers know I love Arkansas crystals!  Years ago I was privileged to live in the *Hot Springs crystal vortex area, fulfilling a lifetime goal (I was moved on but went back for a definitive life experience later).  As a child I sensed the energy and although didn't know anything about crystals, ley lines, earth chakras etc, I never forgot it.  Of course, diamonds are a girls best friend, and Arkansas is only place in the United States that has them, but  Bisbee, Arizona turquoise a la Edgar Cayce is my favorite and what I wear.    Imagine my surprise a few years ago to discover that there was also Arkansas turquoise, the Mona Lisa mine right there! It was serendipity, because I found one of the last pieces around to complete the  Bisbee turquoise energy frequency circuit on my altar.  
*Hot Springs:
Use the search box on top left to read my various posts on all my Arkansas experiences.


2016 July Full Moon is on the way, so align with it or remember to apply "The stars impel  not compel".  Always easier seen  in others, you've probably noticed the 'loonies' getting more active as the lunar energy escalates so beware of any unwanted  lunar influences.  Sit in the sun, dance, sing and do happy things, good advice anytime.


Do you believe in past lives?  Some do and others don't but doing past life processing can be beneficial, releasing blocks, flattening charged energy particles that replay when triggered, clearing mindsets and even dissolving ailments and addictions.  Whether reincarnation is true or not, the processing works!  It's a way to address  issues opening a pathway of forgiveness and understanding.  The past lives vignettes are gems you discover experientially yourself,  to empower aliveness activating authenticity of the past and present.


Do you love your home?  Some of us revere home more than anything, even if it's not our dream house.  For others, it's just a place to hang their hat and they're happy anywhere.  If you're the former, remember you can create "Home" wherever and whenever you choose.  If you're the latter, then owner, renter, boarder or you just crash somewhere, the nuances of home escape you. . . perhaps in another time?
Edgar Cayce reading 1286-1
  For, as has been indicated from the innate experience as well as from the longings within, a home - HOME - with all its deeper, inner meanings, is a portion of the entity's desire; to know, to experience, to have the "feel" of, to have the surroundings of that implied by the word HOME! Is it any wonder then that in all of thy meditation, Ohm - O-h-m-mmmmm has ever been, is ever a portion of that which raises self to the highest influence and the highest vibrations throughout its whole being that may be experienced by the entity?


When things get weird I launch correction mode but sometimes that's ineffective because I  didn't get the big picture/full message to start with so  transparent  beliefs  can filter our understanding and block our abilities.  If this happens, return to Source, review and renew. . .you're the creator.


Are you waiting on goals to manifest?  If so then review your list. The Universe may be blessing us when  our requests are ignored because they're all wrong or inappropriate.  Try loving where you're at because Somewhere In Time you created it so remove the resistance and move on.


I'm noticing lots of changes with networkers lately -  some are relocating, opening or closing businesses, marrying or divorcing,  while others would like to make changes but can't at the present time.  Both present opportunities to make a contribution  with their unique essence,  sharing their gifts raising vibrations. .  .   . all good.


What's on your Bucket List?  Some on mine include travel, especially the sacred sites Pilgrimage from England to  Italy and Israel,   Hawaii's Huna/shrines/power spots and  spend dedicated time   exploring  Las Vegas holy ground,  and follow the Edgar Cayce gem trail to Bisbee, Sedona and  Canyon de Chelly, raising vibrations. What's on your list?


Image result for church novena candlesMost home altars  have a candle and many prefer Novena prayer candles.  Some reserve them for  ritual prayer while others light daily as a symbolic gesture re earth air fire and water. Visiting church with Catholic friend as a teen, I loved the Novenas burning and the priest chanting Latin mass -- or maybe was my DNA because visiting Notre Dom in Paris, my Protestant  Mother walked straight to the Novenas and lit a candle, ditto Saint Marks in Venice where she also purchased a beautiful rosary (wonder who has that now?).   Cathedrals built  on historic power spots might awaken *Far Memories timelines or perhaps get your pagan on from ancient times as cathedrals were erected over the old pagan sites.
*Far Memories --   past life regression sessions.


"Skeptics and Naysayers dismiss what they have not risen to the level to see. Armchair investigators cast opinions from afar, condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
Albert Einstein


If you don't practice Ho'Oponopono, give yourself a treat and start now.  You don't need to do a workshop, spend money, find a teacher/class, just click here and begin healing reality.  Join us.


With the New Moon on the way, some are assigning Abundance Bucks while others are aligning new projects with the symbolic astrological  aspects - or are they merely symbolic?   I see them as symbolic but on an energy level I see them as real.  Of course, it's true the stars impel not compel but should we be unaware of all the various unseen/unknown planetary influences and programs, then we may  remain influenced by them.  Beware.