''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Are you flexible or rigid, gifted or ordinary, lucky, special, advanced?  Really. .  .  what's your proof?  If you chose to be gifted or special, you probably spent years refining your abilities to join advanced creators such as yourself.  OR, maybe you're still unaware you even had a choice?  It's not too late to wake up, especially since others  blazed a path for you.  Join us.


Are you happy and excited about your life?  The degree you love your journey influences the amount of success, abundance aka health, wealth and happiness you experience.  Advanced creators love every moment just like it was exactly what they wanted, insuring the future will be exactly what they wanted!  Don't reserve your aliveness/presence for only good things, instead express it in every breath you take because you know wonderful things are on the way.  Love life and it will love you right back.


You may have noticed a lot of websites about "the secret" lately, all good, but the real secret is advanced creators  honor their own Divine Source within with praise and gratitude for the beautiful world of form they've created - including socalled negative ones.  The war in the Middle East, peak oil, cheating spouses, financial loss, climate change, betrayal etc all belong to us!    The key to "the secret" is to own it - embrace it all for the beautiful art it is and above all praise the creator. .  .  it's you! When you're brought to your knees in tears of gratefulness for Divinity you are, you've discovered the real secret. Now, join advanced others creating A New Earth of peace, joy and abundance for all.


Now that you've achieved most of your goals in life, what would you like to do next?   Some choose to rest on their laurels,  while others advance in partnership  with Nature Intelligence, the White Brotherhood, Star Beings and more.  The former tend to follow convention while the later choose to raise vibrations  expressing unlimited Source.


Renaissance man

“The imagination is a dream factory of which realities are a by-product.” ~ Richard Wilkins


While some people appear to be lucky, reality is merely mirroring what they are.  The person with the Midas touch does so because they think, speak and act as a rich person.  The independent woman behaves as such, foregoing the clinging, needy victim personality.  The confident man forges ahead on his own steam, creating his world as he desires it to be.  The socalled lucky types, are fearless to go it alone if need be, relying on inner strength rather than outer egoic mind response.  Born lucky?  Not really - they walked the path of awakening until real.


Have you tried Cosmic Ordering.?  If you like to create your reality then try it. I love to play so placed my orders immediately and have had two hits.  Both were successful but one not as I intended.  My house is for sale so I asked for a cash buyer and got one but they didn't buy!  I should have ordered a cash buyer who bought my house!  The other order was for a loved one and was fulfilled to a T!   Try it and have fun.


What's your inspiration?   Nature, art, great literature, music?  The fact is, whatever we love,  loves us right back. . .who decides that? Advanced creators tune in when needed or let the  software run.  Works for me.


When are you the most creative?  I love the wee hours of the morning to write or decorate.  Many years ago I made the habit of rising at 4am to journal and watch the sunrise a la Tel El Amarna Sun Court days. . .somewhere in time.  This evolved as raise to praise and became routine.


Are you among those that understand how beliefs affect/filter reality?  Advanced creators know that 'reality software' takes them at their word and choose carefully what they present it.  They know their 'belief' needn't even be true so rehearse and pretend, fake  it 'til  they make it!  They love to play and possess wonderful imaginations, have a hilarious sense of humor, forgive easily and love life.  Join us.


In case you've noticed the energy beginning to move forward a bit, Mercury goes stationary direct May 22.  Although the Action Planet may appear to slow down, this retrograde phrase activated change ahead in my world . . .  . Spirit moving!


What's your passion?  The answer is obvious - what is your attention on the most?  Some will say that although concerns about health or money issues dominate, their passion is spiritual growth etc.  If that sounds familiar then here's a reminder --- to The Universe the former is your passion!   You've forgotten or perhaps never knew that the reality you're experiencing is determined by Creative Attention - what you think, do and speak filtered by the position you're holding.  Edit what you're being and express your passion!


 From the days of light-The SunCourt
*Far Memory - Somewhere in time

Hear the words of prudence, give
heed unto her counsels, and
store them in thine heart; her
maxims are universal, and all the
virtues lean upon her; she is
the guide and the mistress
of human life. ~ Akhenaton

*Far Memories Regression sessions -


It's a rainy morning here at The Cottage so a good time for a Tarot reading, Skype a friend or maybe bake bread?  Join me in something fun and creative, radiating your essence sharing your gifts.


What's blocking your goals? You might consider that whatever it is may be a blessing?  Seriously.  What's in your way may actually be the quickest way to success.  Consider that your burden/issue may hold the greatest gifts and embrace it until it releases you aka Jacob wrestled the Angel


Are you Intuitive?  It may be true that actually everyone is but have closed that pathway because it can reveal more than they wanted to know, exposing partners and loved ones as  liars//users/cheaters/grifters etc. Some may resist knowing the truth and go 'unconscious' to hide it from themselves.  Others 'gut feelings' is ignored until they may develop stomach pains/issues from blocking that chakra.      Rising  above  mass consciousness is best achieved by surrounding yourself with likeminded equals. 


Can you imagine  A New Earth  because it deeply resonates within you? You sense the magnetic attraction and since you've got skills, your vibratory level will shift you into that frequency where your likeminded equals, already there, await you and your gifts.  


Read about the 2016 May 6 New Moon in Taurus here.  For those of us that still have energy on the stars impelling, this astrologer interpretation is hopeful.  Use your tools as well, and above all remember to appreciate your creation!  Own it for it's beauty as a work of art/manifestation, so clever  we can emphatically deny we had anything to do with it?  When it happens to us, we are not amused.


Are you among the advanced that  understand your desires are inspired by inner Source to benefit your life?  Divine Supply ever increases health, contentment, love, money, all wonderful things, reminding us that the more we use the more we have.  If your experiencing lack in any way, it's domestication from old programs of control and limitations.  Please graciously accept and embrace the infinite, lavish abundance The Universe offers expressing  A New Earth appearing now.  


Advanced creators exhibit certain characteristics in common, such as gratefulness, forgiving, self confident, fun, optimism, inspiration, concentration  and more.  They are secure that should situations or circumstance arise, they have the ability to create solutions.  In case you think they were born privileged or lucky, think again!  Many suffered poverty, abuse, betrayal and other forms of domestication, on a long journey of self-discovery that led to becoming advanced


Working with/coaching others, I've noticed how complicated we make things.  Some are poor and wish wealth, others long for a mate, or good health etc.  Both often imagine complex scenarios to achieve their goal, such as winning the lottery,  losing weight, relocating, going to gym or spa etc, totally confusing The Universe/Divine Supply.   Why not simplify by creating "I have everything I need".


"Everything happens for your highest good. The universe works in perfect ways." SanayaRoman