''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


“You attract and manifest whatever corresponds to your inner state.”
Eckhart Tolle


A Garden as Defined by Nature*
from Machaelle Wright
One of the important things I learned early on is that how nature defines the reality in which you and I live and function is not the same as how we've been taught to perceive that same reality. For example, according to the dictionary, a garden is a plot of ground where plants are cultivated. And this is pretty much what we normally think of when we use the word "garden." I suspected that this didn't quite capture the reality of a garden. So one day I asked nature for its definition, and here's what it said:
From nature's perspective, a garden is any environment that is
  • initiated by humans
  • given its purpose and direction by humans and
  • maintained with the help of humans
For nature to consider something to be a garden, we must see humans actively involved in all three of these areas. It is the human who calls for a garden to exist. Once the call is made, nature responds accordingly to support that defined call because a garden exists through the use of form.


Although Mercury went direct two days ago, keep in mind there's still the post retrograde shadow period  until it's back to full speed.  Use the next couple of weeks to complete projects and review what you'd  like to accomplish next and remember, time is an illusion so claim that you always have plenty of time and you will - regardless of the stars.
2016 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 2016, January, February. Copyright, 2011, 2012, 2014 Roman Oleh Yaworsky Asrology Horoscope Readings


Per the symbolism of  the Action Planet moving forward again, I'm focusing Attention on the next chapter in my life story.  2016  began with a clean slate both literally and figuratively, revealing many paths, many choices to express my artistic creative vision.  Stay tuned. 


Mercury Retrograde goes stationary direct today, and begin to move forward with ease again.  We may  finish, freshen, start new projects, change our minds, decide to relocate or reality shift in other ways, aligned with the planetary energy wind beneath our wings. .  .  . expressing Right For Us in every way.


by Louisa Dyer
Nature holds the blueprint for all things in form, therefore, working directly with Nature Intelligence brings clarity, ease, and balance into all our projects, relationships, and creative endeavors.
From Nature’s perspective, anything that is created and maintained by humans can be considered a garden –by co-creating with Nature – the intelligence which holds the blueprint for every form, whether the garden is in soil or is soil-less. Again, Perelandra offers wonderful writings that teach this co-creative way of living. 


Do you sometimes get an intuitive message or realtime wakeup call you ignore until it's a big deal?  Hindsight reveals it would have been much easier to manage  in the beginning and we wish we had. Whether it's a draining relationship, career issue or love affair gone south, take my advice, handle it quickly and rededicate to your life.


Is Mercury Retrograde delaying things in your world?  Plus there's a Full Moon in Leo on the way so the planetary energy may push forward then slide back, go sideways, cancel each other out and more.   Remember, Awakened Will rules all. . . . and the stars impel not compel.  


“When you realize it’s not personal, there is no longer a compulsion to react as if it were.”


“Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to reinfect yourself. “Let the dead bury the dead” [Matthew 8:22; Luke 9:60]. Turn from appearances and assume the feeling that would be yours were you already the one you wish to be.”
Neville Goddard, Feeling is the Secret


Once lived, the past has very little value.  And yet we carry its lifeless body into all future moments, allowing it to crush us with its weight, to identify us, and to speak for us.


Due to the holidays and other concerns, Mercury Retrograde crept up on me!  That explains some of the slowdowns in the last few days.  Re chart  below with pre-shadow and post-shadow periods, I think I'll relax for awhile. . .
2016 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 2016, January, February. Copyright, 2011, 2012, 2014 Roman Oleh Yaworsky Asrology Horoscope Readings