''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Did you see the New Moon?  For some reason I could sense the stars/New Moon shift, or maybe it's 2017 on the way in less than 48 hours?  I'm ready to raise the bar on artistic creativity, new horizons, creating better. .  . . . join me.


I had an interesting experience couple of nights ago.  My channeling partner and I  were sitting  at the table in the great room talking when I noticed the clock said 12:24am and a moment later it was 4:34!  Whoa! We both had experienced missing time before but never four hours and  while  having a conversation!  We believe we know what happened and I may share at another time but for now I'll just say it was technology!  More later.


I was fortunate to discover the Seth books  in my twenties, when The Seth Material was first published, so in the spirit of the season, here's a gift for those of you that may have missed it.  While the advanced are familiar, indeed old friends, with Seth's words, for the others, give a look. Maybe the magic aka electromagnetic frequency embedded in Seth's words will activate you to higher levels.  .  . it's technology.


Now that you've completed all your Christmas shopping, what about sending freedom, love and abundance, gifts that keep on giving?  There are several formulas to use or just  decide, and send forth your Awakened Will to change reality.  Change your mind and send healed visions, whether local or global.  Want to heal the planet or war in the Middle East --- then change your mind!  Want to make relationship issues right? Then change your mind.  Want to heal illness, poverty and addiction, loneliness and unhappiness?  Then change your mind!  While you're at it, change your mind about yourself as well!


The stars have a lot going on as Mercury goes retrograde today, it's a Full SuperMoon and the Winter Solstice in a couple of days.  As always, remember that the stars impel not compel, and that said, try to avoid complications with the Action Planet perceived slowdown and enjoy the holiday season. 


Cold temps this morning and a teensy dusting of snow/sleet enhances the holiday mood.  Yesterday I joined the crowds and completed my shopping so plan on staying home today doing some baking,  enjoying the fireplace with a cuppa, counting blessings.  .  .  join me.


Some suspect reality is a computer simulation while others don't. The concept we are  generated by a machine is too scary to consider and frankly, most don't get it anyway.  Sheeples and sheeplets, vis a vis the herd, may only be zombie/robots, merely recordings ie  extras in the background.  Programmed by religion, tradition and/or  hypnotized by spells telepathically beamed, sprayed or sent electronically,  they remain  under the influence until their software is deactivated, wears out/turns off/fades to black.  Should you be among the former, you had a moment when you realized you were dreaming slash what today is labeled a simulation likely computer generated technology aka science.  This explains socalled free will, faith healing, world events, miracles, opposites attract and anything/everything you can think of. 


Image result for eckhart tolle reality illusion

Computer simulated reality?  Try it.


With Mercury in the preshadow period you may already be feeling the slowdown although todays Full Supermoon cancels some of that out (or not).  Re Mercury's influence,  try to get everything done before it goes retrograde, aligning with the energy instead of resisting.  When nothing helps, just go to ground, hide out/hide under the bed until the planets move!


The Full Moon on the way may explain boo-boos and glitches, situations and circumstances?  I used to think astrology was mumbo jumbo until I had a lightbulb moment a la Edgar Cayce's comment "The stars impel not compel".  I realized yes the stars do influence us so although they don't compel isn't the influence enough?  Isn't astrology just another software program in a computer simulated reality?  What do you think?


With some Attention on the 'blocking' issue, this morning when I 'tuned in', I saw  there had been an update concerning a future relocation, returning full circle to the *original destination.  Although I certainly took the guidance seriously at the time, I was moved to Florida, California and Alaska ( and several places along the way) before being sent back to home base where it all began. This is an example of working with Nature Intelligence, you have to remain flexible because following their own agenda, they can quickly change the plan and reason alone why most aren't suited for this work, but if you love to travel and are fearless then throw your hat in the ring - we need people like you.
*destination:  Is Asheville area in my future?..........stay tuned.


Recently  experiencing what could only be blocked energy, along with a sista networker, she intuited that it was because we weren't following the direction our individual teams/source wanted us to go.  I   had to agree that made sense and immediately thought of areas it could be. . . . I'll keep you updated how this goes.


For those that suspect we're living in a computer simulation, here's some suggestions to try:  Eckhart Tolle's Practicing Presence "A New Earth", Dr. Hew Len's HoOponopono, Don Miguel Ruiz Toltec Teachings and others I've mentioned in previous posts. . . and just in case of the worst case scenario, lets create an escape hatch! 


With 2017 on the horizon, some are considering changes implementing new paths, business, habits or even locations.  Others are rededicating or intensifying spiritual disciplines, expressing their gifts, raising personal and planetary vibrations.  Many will do both, continuing to use or refine skills, because they know their intent has power, that decision and movement opens portals and pathways to what is otherwise unattainable. Please join us.


The New Madrid earthquake fault has awakened recently, with 15 quakes in the last month.  The largest was a 3.5 with no damage -  here's to creating it remains that way!  Join me.


What do you love to do?  Some paint, cook, quilt, garden, write, channel and more.  I enjoy lots of different things but  as my readers know, my most favorite is decorating.  For me, it's an instant cure for whatever happens - it quickly dissolves negativity but is also a way to celebrate, expressing art, beauty and creativity. Whatever  you like to do, get up and do it!  The Universe loves you for it.


If you're researching 'simulated reality', here's another tip that may be helpful:  Reviewing 'memories' through the lens of time may reveal them as illusions, since  looking at it not in it changes the perspective and emotional detachment helps  break  the electromagnetic bond. Make it a point to remember it's technology -- the Matrix prison is a virtual one!  If you've ever experienced a reality shift, deja vu  or a 'wavy' moment, you don't need convincing that reality  is a recording/movie and we're in it!


If you agree/suspect you're living in a simulated reality, how do you escape? One suggestion is to let go of the idea you have free will, and begin monitoring your reality constantly for confirmation/proof it's all a setup.  Practicing the former will help to clarify the latter. but remember, the mind will always give us an answer so when that happens it doesn't really mean it's true.    Our belief, true or only professed,  filters what we perceive as real - it's all relative so cease resistance.  If it's true we're only animated characters in someones video game/imagination  there is no escape, but awakening ups the game. .  . or does it?  


With rain on the way, I think I'll stay home with a good book.  Some things never change such as a fire in the fireplace and a cuppa Yorkshire or Earl Grey.  Imagine my surprise to learn Aldi is the Brits favorite tea - who knew!  With the British eye for quality I'm glad to learn my favorite store sells their most popular tea.  .  .  gotta love it!


Today we greet the New Moon, a good time to align with the stars and begin new projects,  and remember to set Abundance Bucks requests!  Before beginning  higher frequency situations and conditions you might need to make room for the new by closing old creations/beliefs/paradigms so be bold, be brave and cut the ties to what no longer serves but use caution, it may be harsh while the old fades away so be prepared to deal with Black Magic, sword thrusts and even health flareups.


It's a misty rainy morning here at The Cottage, a good time to enjoy a cuppa by the fireplace while tuning in and turning on the creative frequency. It's time to refresh and reboot, expanding my repertoire. .  join me. 


We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day at  get-together, a great reminder how fun my family is and how we need to do this more often.  I'm counting my blessings, join me!


Did you know OzarkAngels most popular posts are those about Arkansas?  Arkansas depends on tourism so the web has lots of sites about it's scenic beauty and history but Arkansas crystals and it's metaphysical/spiritual vibration must account for the world wide interest on my site. On my recent visit to Hot Springs last weekend, I was surprised to discover my connection/attunement to that frequency turned off but doesn't explain how or why or who flipped the switch/turned the dial?  Stay tuned.


For those who consider we're in a simulated reality--  Jen Freer's interesting concept--click here for entire article.

When one thinks about all the bizarre things we’re seeing and experiencing with respect to the Mandela Effect, two suns, heavenly bodies in the wrong place, etc. it’s not such a stretch to consider that we live in a holographic world.
This message, however, takes it a little further. Okay, a lot further—and it’s so synchronicitous to find it right after I published the message from Kryon about creating our new world by abandoning the apocalypse prophecies and focusing on what we DO want by expecting the best.
Anything’s possible, I’ve said. I just never expected to hear this. It’s quite the rabbit hole. Or holodeck. Or perhaps just a very punchy lesson.
You decide. 


It's a busy week ahead here in the US as many will be preparing for Thanksgiving Day.  Even though concerned for the future, we still can count our blessings in so many ways.  Join us.


I hope you enjoy the Full Moon and also had a good Veteran's Day holiday.  My daily posts disappeared  while on a road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Dunno what happened but one of those technology snafu's that occasionally occurs.  Otherwise, we had a lovely fun trip to one of my fave places but should you go, be aware that the crystal bed frequency/energy has seriously changed to the point that even hard core aficionado's like myself,  will have a hard time picking it up.  Maybe it's the mix brought up by the return of casino's and onslaught of tourists or something else, perhaps a new dynamic from last weeks election?  Long time readers know my history with the area, activation's and downloads, certainly important stair-steps in my awakening, but that was then.  Now, the electromagnetic attraction is severed so stay tuned while I explore this new development.


In a perfect world we won't need a  military force but we aren't there yet so let's don't forget our Veterans today.  Thank you from a proud Ranger Mom.


Here's a 'Hello' today to all and a special one to all my international readers round the world!   As an anonymous recluse it's great feedback to know my 2 cents worth generates interest so thank you, I am very flattered.  On a personal note,  election day I voted Green, to be counted with others expressing our concern for the environment.    I love this beautiful blue jewel we call home and join other likeminded equals healing our planet, our world. We create our own reality, so allow no one, no thing to touch or hinder your domain.  Come play with me, using our power as sovereign beings raising vibrations to A New Earth.  
Earth from Apollo www.NASA.gov
Image result for earth from apollo


“Because of your belief in external things you think power into them by transferring the power that you are to the external thing. Realize you yourself are the power you have mistakenly given to outer conditions.”
Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune


Are you ready for change?  Some relocate, redecorate, start a new business, write a new book etc while others explore belief systems, risking change on an inner level.  Whatever your inspiration, dive in with enthusiasm and play it for real!


 How Blessed You Are
Start the day off on the right foot. If you feel there is nothing particularly good ahead this day, then why not be grateful for a good nights sleep, for a comfortable bed, for warmth, for just being alive, for the start of another day, a day which is perfect in every detail depending on how you live it. Realize how blessed you are, that you know what you can do about this day. That you can live a full and glorious life right now. You do not have to wait until another day, you do not have to wait until circumstances or conditions change. You can start right now, in this moment of time counting your many, many blessings and giving thanks for them.
4 November 2016


When the energy stops moving it's a reminder for me to look for opportunities.  Usually it means I'm stuck in a rut, too much going on, detracted or maybe even spellbound again by socalled reality.  It's easy to get caught up in situations and concerns, egoic mind transparent brainwashing or if you might be a conspiracy theorist, victimized by mind control technology from somewhere.  Advanced creators consider the possibilities a la  "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me" and take appropriate counter-measures.


If you've suspected reality is an illusion, want to escape and are willing to pay the price, join us.  I can't promise complete freedom but it's better to fight than do nothing. . . or not!  Are you willing to go it alone and lose the comfort the illusions offered?  Maybe not.  Don't burn your bridges all at once but rather let change happen organically as your higher frequency detaches from the  lower vibrations.  Remember, it's technology!


I've mentioned several times how much I love Ozark autumns but it's November 1 with temps in summery  80's, a reminder of global warming?  In the past I thought the warmups were all result of man-made pollution and depletion of the rain forest and still do but as other situations and conditions became more bizarre it's made me wonder.  With technological advancements there's concern about Harp/weather control/wars, the coming election being rigged, government corruption/scandals, ET denial and coverups etc as we go down the rabbit hole.  Let's use our mojo to counteract, shield and block these negative influences and create A New Earth.


30 October 2016 The Black Moon Of Scorpio On Hallows Eve – Allow Its Energy to Guide You

new moon 30 october 2016
The new moon on Sunday 30 October 2016 is at 7 degrees Scorpio. The new moon October 2016 astrology is dreamy and optimistic. This comes as most welcome relief following the heavy going nature, to say the least, of recent eclipses and major planetary aspects.
New moon October 2016 aligns with Mercury to make communication a major theme. A trine to Neptune brings spiritual communication, hopefulness and charity. This is certainly the best moon phase I can remember for some time, and hopefully just a taste of better times ahead.

“The energy of the October New Moon is going to guide us away from the material and external world and into a deeper, more intuitive realm. Here we will be able to receive new ideas, new inspirations and new creative visions


A lovely tribute to all  that took back their power in a patriarchal society to  align with the return of the  Divine Feminine, especially  the  creative, authentic, healers and pathfinders who've suffered the wounds of  gossip and  jealousy. You aren't alone, there are more of us out here............


There's some good Prepper articles online these days about how not to draw attention to yourself, useful in the days ahead.  They advise to dress down, speak low, avoid eye contact, avoid crowds/go to ground, familiarize yourself with how to avoid infrared detection and the list goes on.  .  . all valuable.  Most of us can think of lots of other ways as well but while these are all practical do you know how to shut down/turn off your mental electronic signature?


“Busy your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace, and good will, and wonders will happen in your life.”
Joseph Murphy,
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind -

BREAKING NEWS: Iraqi Government admits Nibiru and Anunnaki are REAL!!


It's a beautiful autumn weekend, great weather to go for a drive in the woods  and admire Mother Nature's artwork on the gorgeous colored foliage.   If you haven't already, it's also a good time to begin a dialogue with Nature Intelligence, good to know in the changes ahead. .  .  take care.


Here's a tip to those that wish to relocate but can't - move your furniture!  This equates to The Universe our desire because rearranging furniture is doing much the same as we'd do if we had actually relocated.  This is a reminder that beginning from the end is all the same to The Universe aka if you'd smile if you were happy then smile until you're happy!  Time is a man-made construct for convenience so go directly to the End if you wish to win.  By the way, you're also shaking/stirring up stale energy a la Feng Shui so get up and get moving emphatically notifying The Universe your intention.  
PS: Wanna move to the beach, Santa Fe, London or Sedona etc?  Then stop what you're doing and spend every available minute online exploring and researching those places!  Print out a picture of your goal location and tape to you computer, go to sleep to sound machine on ocean waves crashing on the shore, eat fish and chips, salsa and chili/wear Arizona turquoise,  eat French bread and wine you get the drift --  it's a way of dialing in to that frequency wavelength and The Universe will get the message and oblige!


Guidance from Eileen Caddy
Learn To Live Fully In The Ever Present Glorious Now
Time and distance are as nothing in My sight. It is you who create limitations by allowing time and distance to control you, instead of being in control of them. When you can learn to live fully in the ever present glorious Now, you will at last be in complete control, and time and distance will become as nothing to you and you will know the true meaning of the freedom of the Spirit for you will be living in Spirit and truth in the Now, with no concern for the past or for the future but giving of you very best Now.
21 October 2016


What inspires you?  Most of us are inspired by art, beauty, prose and poetry etc.  How many times has great art left you speechless?  Silent, awe struck appreciation is the greatest accolade we have for the few who left their legacy for those who followed, now and through the centuries. .  .   praise indeed.


Just a  reminder that we can amend and adjust reality with our Imagination - we do it all the time anyway!  Whatever we're presently experiencing is the reality screen/mirror reflecting our beliefs, known or unknown via the power of imagination.  Successful creators possess excellent control of their  ability to focus creating  the reality they choose.  Don't waste energy figuring out how, instead dedicate to the goal until it's real.  Remember it's technology!  Dreams come true for those with tunnel vision on what they want.


I hope you enjoying the  gorgeous Full Moon, another supermoon!  Some of us  had quite a ride on the way while others report the major effects were reserved until the it was exact!  Some  felt the Mars influence the last week while others experienced runaway emotions and most all saw lots of activity, even those reclusive types such as myself.  As much as I would like to discount the stars, the Full Moon still manages to get my attention!  I know that "the stars impel not compel" but that only works when we're proactive so intend to stay more up on the astrological forecasts in future. .  .   join me.


Those who've experienced UFO sightings or abductions (taken/kidnapped testings etc) sooner or later question whether we've been invaded and are at war?  We certainly can attest to their advanced technology which also explains why there isn't full disclosure.  Pursuing that line of thought, leads us to suspect that the conspiracy theorist may be right -- the masses are sacrificial lambs on the altar of silent invasion, unilateral agreements by those in charge in exchange for money and power.  If you knew we were at war, you would take all defensive means you could, especially maintaining barriers, shields and  alert awareness at all times using your sovereign dominion - Hey maybe those guys in the foil beanies aren't so crazy after all!


Revise reality a la Neville!  Even advanced creators fall under the spell of socalled reality and believe it to be true.   Whether personal, friends/family or the evening news we accept what the reality mirror reflects unless we monitor our thoughts, conditions and situations vigilantly.   Take care, watch carefully and  *use the pruning shears of revision when needed.  Stay awake and beware since anything less is feeding egoic mind!  Accept nothing less than the best for you and yours living A New Earth now.
Neville says:  Now this is how we do it. At the end of my day, I review the day; I don't judge it, I simply review it. I look over the entire day, all the episodes, all the events, all the conversations, all the meetings, and then as I see it clearly in my mind's eye, I rewrite it.


It has been an interesting New Moon!   One networker said she went out and looked at the moon to make sure it wasn't a Full Moon  (not yet but beware, one is on the way October 16)!  I felt the same way, as dead issues revived and absurd conditions popped up momentarily disturbing the sanctuary here at The Cottage.  Aware that the stars impel not compel doesn't count when you're already blindsided!  Handle appropriately and move on.


If Mercury Retrograde post shadow period ended with a smack, look for the message it carried.  For most of us, it was just a stronger more emphatic version we ignored until the pinprick became a sword-thrust!  In my experience these are always corrective and ultimately for my  higher good, whether I want to see it or not.  REMINDER TO SELF:  Next time I'll listen and save myself the complications!


Another reminder to  follow the path of least resistance with this mantra from Eckhart Tolle "I don't mind what happens".   Advanced creators know it's software therefore  this neutralizes and cancels out emotional data  magnetically attracting.  Don't forget, it's technology!  Manage the programs by speaking your word with intent (vibration)! 
PS Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase ends today!


Advanced creators realize that their Attention focus aka belief filters determines what they experience  and at the same time, pardon the pun, correct the past  while others replay past negative experiences,  self righteously assigning  blame  over and over in an endless loop.  The former realize this raises the dead and refrain, while the latter justify their misery, attracting more of the same.   The good news is we can change our mind and rewrite the past using our power to create what we prefer to experience. Just imagine. 


If you'd like to shift reality and you love to play then reconsider the idea of parallel realities.  Most don't believe it's possible besides fear losing love, status etc.  But what if there was a near perfect you!  One that chose wisely and fared well, with even more love and success?  Some have glimpses of their alternate "I" while others can easily tune in by shifting Attention.  If it's time for a change, explore and have fun. 


Another way to release blocking energy  is by discovering what it provides for us.  Chronic issues can be protecting, controlling etc, built-in governors that run on automatic replaying over and over.  The problem is, when what was created as a solution no longer is positive and we wish to move on.  If so then decide to take over the function consciously and to the degree we do, allow it to fade, dissolve, cease and as it does, reveal the gift of our True Self it had hidden. 


Today's New Moon in Libra, may provide the inspiration to start a new project, tangible or mental.  Some may cease egoic mind negativity, *blessing everyone and everything while others stuck in personal pity parties may say Yes to something new and wonderful.  Get up and dance, sing, play or otherwise Awaken Will with the reminder there is no 'out there' -  our life is entirely our creation reflecting on the reality mirror.
 *bless: ordain, approval, best. positive


Are you a people person or solitaire?  The former seek/need others while the latter depend on the law, whereby  the electromagnetic frequency attracts vibrational likeminds - or not.  "Birds of a feather" applies.


MAP Healing Sessions
(Medical Assistance Program=MAP)
Last month we investigated the world of our “guides” and ways to open pathways of communication with your own personal team of guides. We continue to another level of exploring the members of the “Spiritual Hierarchy” that are contracted to help heal humanity in its shift to the Ascension. One of those members is The Great White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program Teams are also referred to simply as “MAP Team”. This is a particular “arm” of evolutionary forces that is comprised of several different levels of beings and energies working in synergy for the highest capacity of healing for human beings and the planet. Please note that the “Great White Brotherhood” is not of any indicator of creed, race or color. It has nothing to do with any construable of misguided human shadow interpretation. It is an energetic signature name given to a collective of “Masters of the Light” working to serve in part as the evolutionary forces guiding this planet to greater light and increased consciousness. They are here to support our purpose and provide direction. They are available to any and all of us desiring assistance in our personal evolution and healing transition. The Map Team is an immense support and can be called on for just about any healing issue you could imagine, nothing too great or too small. If you are comfortable and resonate with this material, I encourage you to utilize this amazing healing tool. At the end of the newsletter is a sample healing session called a “Coning”. Your “Map team” relationship will take cultivation and consistency to become uniquely aligned for your personal growth and healing. If you invest a genuine interest you will yield an amazing return on your investment of time, energy and love. Truly it is an amazing experience to feel so loved and supported by these magnificent beings. Let’s briefly discuss the various beings included as a part of the Map team healing process.
Great White Brotherhood
The Great White Brotherhood is a very large group of Ascended Beings and Spiritual Masters and is composed of highly evolved men, woman and beings beyond gender from multiple universes. They exist on various inner dimensional planes and work as a collective consciousness in a singular yet varied purpose. Their purpose historically has been to assist us and the planet through the evolutionary processes. They have been the group instilling universal principals and law throughout creation. They have also assisted humanity in developing social, moral, and societal frameworks that are in accordance with the current age as well as assisting us in moving from one Age to another. They assist, support and influence Planetary Leadership during evolutionary cycles such as we are transiting now.


Edgar Cayce reading 1616-1
26. Before this we find the entity was in the land now known as the Mexican and Yucatan land, during those periods when there were the voices of the peoples in the land proclaiming that there had come a new REVELATION to those that had been strangers in a portion of the land. 
27. The entity was among the priestesses of the MAYAn experience. It was just before that period when those as from the east had come, and there were the beginnings of the unfoldments of the understanding that there were other portions of the same land, or those that were visiting from other worlds or planets.
 [GD's note: Psychic experiences of prehistory? Space Ships, flying saucers?]


If you love crystals, give them lots of attention and they'll return the favor!  Keep them charged with *sun or moon light and don't forget you can recharge them with *earth as well.  On your next trip to the Arkansas crystal mine area, bring home a shoebox full of dirt (but leave the plants alone because that's usually illegal) or just bury them with intention in dirt from your own yard. Should your crystals need cleansing  use a sea salt bath and smudging is another easy way to remove any negative vibes. If you love to play, advanced practitioners also might initiate a dialogue with their stones for cleansing, healing, working with their frequency, remote viewing and more.
*sun:  alternatively use Full Spectrum Light Bulbs.
*earth: in a pinch buy a bag of sand at Walmart or Big Lots & bless before use.


As much as I love Florida, I'm taking another look at Hawaii Arizona because they don't do Daylight Savings Time (except the Navajo Res).   Those of us that align with the sun dislike the Spring and Fall time change.  I've tried ignoring  clock-time but this is problematic with appointments and schedules, reservations etc and doesn't work.  .  . maybe someday.  


It's  the Autumnal Equinox  so light a candle, align/acknowledge the seasonal shift and remember Mercury Retrograde goes stationary direct today.  The former heralds the advent of Fall here in these ancient Ozark Mountains while the latter Action Planet  forward motion is welcome if you work with vibrational movement.  I hear Florida calling  snowbirds back for the winter, especially appealing to those of us who thrive on the Eastern Seaboard Atlantean energy.


Mercury Direct and Autumnal Equinox tomorrow get things moving!  I know little about astrology and depend on  the experts who know what they're talking about.  Mercury goes stationary direct but we still have the post shadow phase going on until October 6 and the Equinox may be great for some but not for others so beware of possible collateral damage from both these planetary aspects. .  .  just sayin'.


Have you been pranked, spoofed, stalked, hacked or just glitched lately? Any online presence today makes us vulnerable to internet 'bots' technology/unknown invasive agenda.  After a lifetime working in the public eye, the gods favored me with seclusion, extremely cherished by this shy natural recluse where I write anonymously to avoid ego based attention.   I no longer reply to  Comments or personal requests but most questions or  interests are probably addressed on a past or future post so stay tuned and thanks for visiting. 


The shorter days are a reminder that Mercury goes Direct and the Fall Equinox is almost here and my favorite Ozark season.  Already the leaves on the trees behind the Angel Pond are faintly tinged with gold and red, marking Autumn's return.  Living in the south and out west, I missed the gorgeous Ozark autumns most of all, and as one of the New Madrid Vortex native born, I confess to missing the Atlantean vibes embedded in our numerous Temple Mounds, emitting their powerful energy, both motivating and challenging even to the brave warriors well tempered from somewhere in time.