''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Connecting With Your Soul Group 

Do you feel that there is a group of souls on the planet, that you are supposed to meet as part of your greater destiny?
The group could be you, and one other person, or several people, who are all on your frequency. You sense each other's presence. They may be other aspects of your soul wanting to come together.
The Internet has been instrumental in bringing soul groups together.


Should things go south during this SuperMoon, here's a worthy repeat of wisdom from  Gary R Renard:
True forgiveness releases people because they haven’t really done anything, because you’re the one who made them up in the first place. What you’re seeing is your projection of a universe of time and space. You’ve taken responsibility for making it up, not in a bad way but in a powerful way. Now you’re coming from cause and not effect. 


There's a SuperMoon on the way, casting strong lunar vibrations inspiring some of us to redecorate, travel or begin/complete projects while others may suddenly decide  to explore new directions they hadn't considered, or just change their minds, opening pathways of expansion.  Make it a good one!


Nothing other people do is because of you.  It is because of themselves.  


Should you find goals are delayed, kick back and relax - The Universe will supply in it's own good time so don't insist/push.  How many times have you dived in hastily only to regret in leisure?  Cease searching  for the way and focus on the end goal, eliminating deadends and detours.  Remember Infinite Intelligence activates what's Right For You when you are ready. 


Image result for hot springs arHot Springs, Arkansas - Spa City, also known as "Valley of the Vapors", an ancient gathering place of North, Central and South American tribes. Home of over 47 natural hot springs, and located on the largest vein of crystal quartz in North America, spanning 30–40 miles wide extending a distance of about 170 miles southwest from Little Rock, Arkansas to eastern Oklahoma. Metaphysical epicenter with multiple vortices throughout the region, with large community of alternative healers, massage therapists, vibrational medicine, energy and light workers practicing both native American and new age healing arts.


“Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”


True forgiveness releases people because they haven’t really done anything, because you’re the one who made them up in the first place. What you’re seeing is your projection of a universe of time and space. You’ve taken responsibility for making it up, not in a bad way but in a powerful way. Now you’re coming from cause and not effect. - Gary R Renard.


Many  years ago a co-worker shared her elegant technique to remove and release something back to The Universe.  Coming from gratefulness in graceful non-resistance, she blessed it and passed it on.  As she mentally  'released' she made a flinging gesture, tossing it back into energy.  Thank you Diana.


What's your MO? Do you originate creativity or copy others? The visionaries of the world love to imagine beauty, art, love and wonderful things. Declining to preach or teach, they choose to radiate their essence, allowing the energy to awaken others when they're ready.


What would you like to do next?  Whatever the answer is, remember that success is limited by your beliefs-  change your belief and change your life.  Advanced creators chose foundational core beliefs that accentuate ease of creating reality, overriding indoctrinated mass consciousness programming.  These may include creating is easy, it's my movie and more.  Many use HoOponopono, Neville, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz Toltec Wisdom or a bit of each, to create, edit, correct and refine their reality.  Join us.


Our ability to create reality is governed by our understanding and control of the subconscious mind that some  refer to as The Universe while others label it guides, helpers etc.  The former know it as an automatic program that creates reality according to what they themselves give it while the latter prefer it to be a benevolent (or Not) entity  bestowing scenarios of experience.  Both may  have some bit of truth, because ultimately they're both programs whether chosen or indoctrination that may have similar operational qualities.  Intensify your vision as awake, aware, conscious creators deliberately managing our life allowing the unconscious programs to fall away. 


Although I consider myself a 'sun person', when it rains I can usually be found holed up in my sunporch/study.  It's the Home Temple, sanctuary and designated space that's mine alone, where I retreat, write, reground and regroup, inspired with the view of the Angel Pond out the windows. Prayerful and praiseful,  I thank my lucky stars for this blessing.


If you ever wanted to do something - take it from me and dive in!  Maybe it's the stars?  Listen to your intuition for Right For You guidance now.  Is it serendipity, synchronicity or even something else? Can you see how your actions today relate to your major purpose? A chance conversation opens the doorway to financial freedom,  new pathways for  perfect Self-Expression, even your Twin Flame and more.  Just do it!


Here's a reminder to self - or anyone trying to create something new:  Focus on it until it manifests!  Once Advanced creators wisely choose/decide the goal, they use their refined skill  to manage Attention, keeping their mind on what they want now and nip doubt, negativity and all the why-nots in the bud.  Whether it's deciding to be happy, get married, a new job/car/house or moving to new location, they use the same process.  How's your concentration?  It determines your power to create what you want.


Are you creative or reactive?  The former design their days while the latter just respond to what happens.  If your reality reflects something besides your intention,  Return To Source and reclaim your Attention.  Remember, the present is the point of power, so intensify your choices. 


Those of you who've completed your projects may want to review goals and Bucket Lists.   Take a Time Out to edit and release what no longer serves and reclaim creative energy.  If there's a difference between your list and your actual reality, cease daydreaming, get present  and get real.


The 7 fundamental principles of Huna are:
  1. IKE – The world is what you think it is
  2. KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible
  3. MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes
  4. MANAWA – Now is the moment of power
  5. ALOHA – To love is to be happy with
  6. MANA – All power comes from within
  7. PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth


A piece of good advice from don Miguel Ruiz book "The Four Agreements", is "Don't take it personally", the ego reaction triggering grief and misery for most of us.  The least thing can be a reminder reopening  wounds so be alert and avoid replaying painful emotions. It's not about you.


It's a lovely morning here at the cottage - sunny, quiet and peaceful.  Wherever you are, join me in grateful appreciation  for all our many blessings of past and present.  


Does your everyday reality reflect your goals?  If not then that may explain why they remain elusive. Focus on your desire and tap the  embedded creative energy to attract it.  Don't bother with idle day dreams because they don't have the power to manifest anyway.  What are you doing right now, today?  How do you spend your time?   Energize and aliven  your heart's desire to live your dream.