''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Does your reality reflect what you want or what you settled for?  If your like most of us, it's somewhere in-between.  Maybe you'd like to travel or move  but claim finances or responsibilities?  If so, then dust off your dream and use your awesome power to remove  limitations and recognize you can have it all!  You can have the goal in addition to --- or you may realize your goal is only a pipe dream draining your creative energy.  Edit your Attention, creating Right For You now.


If you're feeling extra energy , it may be the Full Moon almost here.   Take advantage of it to complete projects, clear your schedule, amplify your intention or more specifically, intensify Awakened WillVenus is retrograde so should this affect you, take care.  As always, remember "The stars impel not compel"


Regarding Earthchanges, since beliefs create reality, some say if you buy into it  you're creating them.  But those here  to assist during the changes,  volunteered or were chosen by their vibratory frequency level, science-technology not religious, spiritual, philosophical, metaphysical etc. 


Are you called to participate as the Earth undergoes climate change? If so, tune in to your own intuition for guidance and follow your path as best you can.  Continue to raise vibrations, your ticket through the Stargate or the Starship.


What's your reality mirror reflecting?  It reveals the truth so while many profess one thing  their reality mirror reflects something else entirely.  If yours conflicts then be honest and claim it - then you can change.   Stop blaming others and take responsibility as the administrator,  the open sesame to deal with it and then create what you desire.


Join the other Realityshifters out there and create something wonderful today!  Imagination is the gateway.


Many of us have learned how to improve and increase harmony by ignoring or choosing No Response to others antics, comments or behavior.  We can take that up a notch by applying same to our own thoughts/memories, situations and conditions.  Who says we have to respond?  Cease indoctrination and escape hypnotic conditioning/programming created sometime somewhere. . . it's your movie.


As a child, we often went to Oklahoma to visit relatives and sometimes we'd go through Mena, Arkansas with a detour to what's now Queen Wilhelmina State Park.  Back then I knew nothing about ley lines, earth/Indian Mound energy but I did sense something  there on Rich Mountain and for some reason recall a specific location - just after you cross into Oklahoma - 
dunno what that was?  Now the area is recognized as the Crown Chakra of the Crystal Vortex, which explains a lot to me.  If you've Been there done that please share.


The phrase "Take No Prisoners" is usually used to denote being merciless but is it?  It can describe tunnel vision on goals as well.
"Aggressive or decisive action is not always negative, however. A person who relentlessly pursues a goal and is not distracted by difficulties along the way may be quite successful. A student who combats health issues or lack of money and is able to get a degree may have done so in an aggressive way, but with positive results. Sometimes an objective requires unilateral focus in order to be achieved"
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An aspect of the  New Moon in Cancer, is unexpected news/communication -  Praemonitus praemunitus, forewarned is forearmed.   Of course, it could be good news but  be alert and use HoOponopono or other tech tools to clean and make right negative replays/intrusions.


The New Moon in Cancer may activate upgrades in relationships, career, health, vision/awareness.  For those raising vibrations to higher octaves, illusions disappear and old constructs dissolve.  Should any of this apply, remember as designer of your movie, you laid the foundation for your experiences now being reflected in the reality mirror.  Light a candle, take notice-give yourself credit and embrace the expansion of consciousness.


According to networkers, there's earthchanges on the way soon.  Some become  Preppers, others await The Rapture and then there's the dreamers welcoming a spiritual evolution in consciousness aka spiritual not religious.  Beyond these are the experiencer, abductees/contactees with a different perspective, usually low key to avoid  nutty space cadet labeling.  Whether climate change, pole shift, Nibiru, nukes or a combination of these,  get clear now. . . the former intend to  Go to Ground,  Ascend or something in-between,  while the latter await the Starship, perhaps already here.


There's a New Moon on the way so time to focus on new projects and Abundance Bucks.  Take some action - dance, sing, play, SHOUT/claim/ordain  your design into reality!  You're the boss!


"Reality goes where Attention flows" says it all.  Those dedicated to spiritual growth/mission give it full attention and intention as the main priority, reserving interaction to likeminded others.  Often working behind the scenes, with other awakened equals of the same frequency round the planet, invoking A New Earth.  Join us.


Most are aware that Attention creates reality, expressing  beliefs, whether positive or negative.   The good thing is that the X factor that does the actual manifestation operates much like a computer (or is?) so should we wish to amend or change we can focus on what we prefer.  The X factor doesn't know if it's true or not, it merely supplies what we gave it.  Change the filter, pretend your desire until it's real.


Coincidental to the  Summer Solstice, some experienced an activation that deepened their commitment to their path while others fell asleep once more, to be awakened at another time. . . . someday.  Each to their own.  


Are you ready to expand your contribution, raising the bar on what's possible?  Advanced practitioners  are always ready to meet new challenges, extending their radiance to  lead point as pathfinders for those that follow. Often in seclusion working alone  they dare to  inspire, guide/mentor from behind the scenes, using HoOponopono, MAP teams, EFT or other technology  to bless and heal others and the planet.  Expand your awareness.....there's A New Earth waiting.


Who knew!  I wasn't aware the ancients also stored Lemurian crystals in Arkansas - explains a lot.
Law of One Crystals
In your initial awakening to the metaphysical and spiritual attributes and  energy of quartz crystals, many decades ago, the term 'LeMurian Seed Crystals' was assigned to certain crystals of Brazil and Arkansas, crystals bearing certain 'etchings'.


  You must become aware that you are dreaming all the time....If you have the awareness that the whole drama of your life is the result of what you believe, and what you believe is not real, then you can begin to change it. 


How do you begin your day?  Some like to journal, pull a tarot card, send or receive a Morning Message, bless pray, commune with Nature, or refresh their Home Temple.  The former is shared by many while the latter applies to the few.  Should you have a consecrated space aka Home Temple, try beginning your day recharging the energy so it reflects the  highest vibrational expectations inspiring all the best for you and your work/contribution.


Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance

Guidance for 5 July

Your thoughts towards abundance determine whether all your needs are met or not. When you think lack or poverty, and when you allow fear, worry, inferiority, greed, selfishness and anxiety into your consciousness, and when you dwell on these negative states, you draw the worst to you. When you think as a pauper, you are a pauper, for you deprive yourself of all the good things in life which are yours when you readjust your thinking and attitude towards them. Start right now thinking prosperity. See yourself with all your needs being wonderfully met. Refuse to see yourself short of anything, for if you are short of something, the shortage is in your own consciousness. Why stop the flow of My abundant, limitless supply by your limited, constrictive consciousness? When you begin to understand and to accept where everything comes from, and when you can give thanks for everything freely and joyously to Me, the giver of every good and perfect gift, you will lack nothing, absolutely nothing.
Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance is from her book Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press.


What inspires you?  Nature, music, art inspire many while others  such as warriors, priests/priestess and explorers follow their  inner guidance.  Are you on a path of discovery or await others to light the path?  Dive in, tune up, let your own light shine and raise the bar on creativity and self-expression.