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Catherine Ponder's book  "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" was life changing for me--Kay

How To Make A Vision Board


I was reading Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity”, (amazon.com) today, specifically the  chapter on creating a “Dream Board”. Back in 1964 when Catherine’s book was first published a “Vision Board” was referred to as a “Wheel Of Fortune”. The idea is that nothing is impossible for the imagination to accomplish but that we need to train the imagination to believe this. The Vision Board is a practical method to train the imagination (and subconscious) to believe your biggest dreams are achievable. Your Dreams and Goals are represented by images on a large sheet of card (the “Vision Board”) which you place in a prominent place on a wall or somewhere where you will be always reminded of them each day.

I have read the chapter (“How to make a wheel of fortune”) many times but never actually created a Vision Board for myself. It got me thinking that this would be a great way to teach our children to set goals and reach them and it was up to me to lead by example and make my own. I find that the current generations are too much into instant gratification and railroaded into specific outcomes (e.g. video games and movies have set outcomes and don’t promote creativity). Creativity and Imagination are alien concepts for children these days.
Maggie and I went out and purchased 4 large boards for the dream boards, one for us and one each for the girls. We got some nice color ones (Red, Blue and Green) to make it more interesting and colorful. You need to make sure it can fit 4 x A4 or 4 x legal size pages.

How To Create A Vision Board

The idea is to divide the board into 4 equal parts representing 4 different aspects of life. You can choose your own aspects but we stuck with what the book recommended.
  1. Business or School/University
    For your business, money or success goals.
  2. Social & Leisure
    Places you want to visit and things you want to do in your spare time.
  3. Family
    Family goals such as a New House (or Palace or Castle). THINK BIG.
  4. Spiritual
    Anything related to your spiritual search.
I produced a template you can use to print out the panels for your dream board. You can pin or staple these 4 pages onto your dream board.   Download the Excited By Life Vision Board Template.  Below is a picture of my dream board with the printed panels pinned on
Next go and and find pictures that would make you feel that you had already reached each of these 4 goal areas. I found old copies of the “The Rob Report” and “Fortune Magazine” and just cut out some pictures from those. You could also look in google images and print pictures out from here.
Here is the finished result.
Each morning when you get up the idea is to look at each panel on your “dream board” and read aloud the affirmation included at the top of each panel. Next you literally jump into each picture and imagine yourself in the picture and the feelings you experience inside each picture as you “walk around”. Then think of some steps or things to do that day that will get you one step closer to those goals and then do them. To quote a recent article from Psychology Today
“..grit may turn out to be at least as good a gauge of future success as talent itself. In a series of provocative new studies at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers find that the gritty are more likely to achieve success in school, work and other pursuits—perhaps because their passion and commitment help them endure the inevitable setbacks that occur in any long-term undertaking.”

Virtual Dream Boards

Virtual Vision Board Software
Virtual Vision Board Software
You can purchase virtual vision boards online if you want but I think that the physical dream board is much more fun for children to create. After having done one for myself the girls are now very keen to produce their own. We will let you know the results over time.
So get the kids involved and start making your own Vision Board this weekend and get excited about life.
Danny & Maggie
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