''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Maybe it's the Full Moon July 1st,  but lot of energy moving. Whether it's the  lunar vibrations or something else, unite with likeminded others creating harmony and world peace.


We've seen the last of Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase just in time for the Full Moon July 1 beginning that "once in a blue moon" - first time in three years.  Stay on your toes - looks interesting.


The extreme energy vortex at Hot Springs, Arkansas is shared by other places -  Sedona, Arizona, Hollister, Missouri (Branson) and Las Vegas, Nevada among others.  Most are familiar with the former, never heard of Hollister and surprised at Las Vegas  - Sin City is  a sacred vortex - who knew?  There's many articles online FYI where you'll discover Vegas is more than casinos, it's also a leading retirement area and Lightworker destination/location for thousands because of the sacred vortex.  If you're put off by the mob history there, remember Hot Springs had casinos until 1967.  Most of those reading this will have visited Las Vegas (the #1 tourist destination in the world) and sensed the vortex energy from about fifty  miles out.  Some says it's a people created vortex but not so - driving into to major cities etc you can feel the psychic energy generated by people excellent for many things but sacred vortex energies raise vibrations, uplift and energize spiritually - you feel the difference.


Re Arkansas calling,  it's gotten my attention again lately so I have a trip to Hot Springs planned this fall.  Some called to participate in the vortex stargate activation have already moved while others plan to relocate there soon.   If you can't move, at least visit and experience the high frequency the crystal beds emit. . . don't miss it.


In the early 1990s  I went to a workshop in Arkansas near Mt. Ida and Lake Ouachita.  The lovely couple who gave the class, recommended I stay at Denby Point Lodge on the lake, pointing out it was on  the throat chakra of the Crystal Vortex.   The lake had incredible vibes I attributed to the crystals and only just discovered that underneath the water lie many ancient Indian Mounds.  Who knew!   Go Hwy 270 west from Hot Springs, which was old Hwy 6, where from the mountainous terrain you recognize the road follows an Indian trail/stagecoach road and ley line.  Visit for awhile and soak up the old Atlantean vibrations from the crystal beds beneath your feet.  
Update 2015-- Denby Point Lodge is now Lake Ouachita Shores Resort


As Mercury moves out of the post shadow period, I'm reminded to   recover Attention/Creating energy.  Focus on an  issue and follow the thread back to  the origination to discover limitations, blocks and barriers created,  that seemed like  good idea at the time.  On a personal note, as I wrote this, re finances, the memory floated in when I was young and  struggling, intending to someday achieve the financial level my parents had - not realizing then I was creating it! I always remembered it and have shared it many times to show how easy creating is but only just now did I see  the transparent embedded limitation -- when 'someday' came my parents status, although comfortable,  is  blocking the financial level Right For Me now.   Another example how that which manifests, takes us literally.


Maybe it's the recent  planetary aspects, but per Earthchanges I'm reminded that it's time to wake up, stop daydreaming and get practical - or not - according to your dedicated purpose. 


Mercury Retrograde post shadow phase is almost over and assisted by  the Summer Solstice beneficial energy things are beginning to normalize.  I know "The Stars impel not compel" so when the vibrations affect reality it's a reminder I have transparent beliefs about it - don't you just hate it when that happens? 


Take advantage of the Summer Solstice  useful energy to clarify situations, secure foundational concepts and raise vibrations elevating self-expression in the arts, sciences, or whatever your field of choice. If you work with Nature Intelligence you may wish to intensify connections, expanding intuitive information clearing the path ahead on point for those that follow.


Join others  celebrating the arrival today of the 2015 Summer Solstice,  signaling growth and productivity.  Those aligning with the stars may sense activation/initiations and advancement raising the bar of possibilities.  Some choose to express their creativity through art, writing or interacting with a likeminded group while others remain on the sidelines.  Why not live large?  Play, dance, make a splash!


Tomorrow we welcome the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2015 1138 CDT.  Many years ago Machaelle's body of work called/inspired me to work with Nature Intelligence,  a privilege and a responsibility, activating a deeper comprehension of the  relationship to life and this beautiful planet. If you're spiritual/religious (or neither)  aka Lightworkers, gardeners, farmers, green or dirt, sun/moon, preacher teacher or just 'one of the choir' -- join others making a difference.


Whatever the level of participation, many chose to contribute in some way during this time of change.  Some are holding the frequency behind the scenes, while others play more active roles with websites, books, to Preppers.  Then there's those on The Mission - many are called, but few are chosen.  


Mercury Retrograde shadow effect fading now is not without a last upset from the action planet - perhaps  revealing the proverbial  door closing (or slammed in your face)!  If this happened to you just remember this:
 “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”Eckhart Tolle


It's a lovely morning here at the cottage, reminding me to rededicate Attention  on living deliberately, intensifying intention on blessings, roses and rainbows!  Join me.


Catherine Ponder's book  "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" was life changing for me--Kay

How To Make A Vision Board


I was reading Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity”, (amazon.com) today, specifically the  chapter on creating a “Dream Board”. Back in 1964 when Catherine’s book was first published a “Vision Board” was referred to as a “Wheel Of Fortune”. The idea is that nothing is impossible for the imagination to accomplish but that we need to train the imagination to believe this. The Vision Board is a practical method to train the imagination (and subconscious) to believe your biggest dreams are achievable. Your Dreams and Goals are represented by images on a large sheet of card (the “Vision Board”) which you place in a prominent place on a wall or somewhere where you will be always reminded of them each day.


Thanks to the action planet going Stationary Direct, the energy is moving again.  Problems clear,  solutions appear  and situations resolve as the perceived Mercury slowdown fades away.  


Is it the lingering  Mercury Retrograde slowdown  focus on illusions?  Have you noticed reality bytes continuing in the post shadow period revealing more than  you wanted to know?  Me too.  It's a reminder to weed out the chafe, reserving your Attention on likeminded equals that share the Mission.


Years ago Sissy's channel warned us of Earthchanges, saying that one of the causes would be deforestation - cutting the trees with  all the dire consequences which we are now experiencing.  No one wants to hear this but it's not too late to prepare/be a prepper - *"Get off the beaten path and grow food" -
* Star Beings message couple of years ago.


Mercury Retrograde goes Direct June 11 and not a moment too soon!  The perceived slowdown along with the Full Moon revealed issues to be managed, transparent beliefs and unexpected surprises! It reminds me of the Eckhart Tolle advice about negativity. . . thank you.


By now, most realize that life gives us what we expect - what we claim.  Should you be experiencing lack in any area, then change your walk, your talk and your thinking.  We live in the eternal Now and only this moment is real.  Cease allowing an imagined past to dictate today - get present and bless your life, bless your world.


I asked the Star Beings what to write about today and they said "The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartmann.   If you're spiritual, religious, a Lightworker, Prepper etc and haven't yet read this book then your information is incomplete.  Join others dedicated to life and this beautiful blue jewel as we transition through the earthchanges ahead.


There's one more week of Mercury Retrograde slowdown (then the post shadow) but right now we have the Full Moon energy to speed things back up for those of us  that Mercury Rules. All in all, it's been productive - and then some.  I'll credit the Full Moon vibrations revealed to refocus completely totally expanding the vision of A New Earth. . . join us.


Anyone out there have a channeling tag-team partner?  One mentions a psychic vision/experience and the other tunes in 'seeing' the same thing, and toss it back and forth, until complete. During a recent visit of a close family member it was 'deja vu all over again' - same chapter new verse of an ability we discovered back in the 'flower child' era.  Is it the DNA family WiseWoman tradition expressing, auto-shifting to same frequency?  Please share if  you have a tag-team partner.