''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Most reading this know beliefs filter Attention that creates reality AND are way past thinking 'they/others' believe blah blah because they know it's their own beliefs - not the extras in their movie.  I know I may be 'preaching to the choir' so just a reminder if we wish to improve our life then take a look at reality.  It's a no-brainer. . .there's your problem.


It was a lovely weekend except for tech problems - computer glitches and phone issues.   A reminder to revive  my soilless garden teams that  I've used in the past to keep cars and computers etc running perfectly,  as well as my health with my MAP team


If you're spiritual, religious or whatever your persuasion, join likeminded equals today, Palm Sunday 2015, connecting with the Divine Presence within. . . in honor of the King.  


Should you be experiencing a lull or void, stop and mark your progress. A candid assessment will reveal issues to manage and release, freeing up creative energy to radiate your Divine Essence. . . the gift  that keeps on giving.


Years ago I  received a message to move to the Smokies.  Later while living near Mt. Shasta my guide,  Justine, advised me to relocate,  with  my small tribe, within 50 miles of Asheville and dig in for the earth changes.   Other priorities put that on the back burner but it's back on my mind again recently, maybe as a result of interaction with the Star Beings.   


The Vernal Equinox/New Moon  inspired/activated new paths and beginnings.  Some redecorated, published new book, new haircolor/style, new job, new house/relocation etc.  Others rededicated to  deepened aliveness/awareness, awakening Will, joining likeminded equals  as Source.  If you feel a surge of power in your gut chakra, remember "Signs follow, they do not proceed" (Neville) and celebrate living authentically. 


Here's to makin' mojo doing your favorite things!  To rev up your energy/add some passion  to your repertoire, stir up the mix sending a message to the universe - wear red, burn a red candle, watch the colorful sunrise/sunset, dance/listen to Ike and Tina and if you're really serious try Linda Goodman's Red Light treatment from her book "Star Signs".  Beware though, I only recommend this if you're on a dedicated ascension path because in my own experience it was a Kundalini activation/initiation. . . not for the faint of heart.  Use *Comments to reply.
*Comments:  Per online security, Comments come to my email and aren't published unless you wish to share. 


Wherever you are today, take a moment and mark the Vernal Equinox/New Moon  by lighting a candle, match or just flic your Bic -- a symbolic nod to the return of the sun/light.  Welcome!


Tomorrow the first day of spring arrives with lots of fanfare from astrologers.  Apply  what speaks to you, take advantage of opportunities and create something wonderful in your movie of Life. . . you're the star. 


Along with the Equinox March 20th 2015, there's a New Moon, so plan accordingly.  You might align with the stunning planetary aspects and intensify intention on what you wish to begin, enable or complete.  Some will choose to increase aliveness  while others prefer to remain in their comfort zone.  The advanced may continue raising vibrations and according to their degree of awakened consciousness, radiating their essence as artists doing what they love, living the life they were meant to live. . .lovely.


If you're reading this you know the value of embracing the present.  What we resist persists but what we claim and experience releases.   Practicing Presence is  so amazing it might seem  magical  but it's actually science.  Fixed attention in the present releases  raising  your vibrations to higher frequencies  escaping the matrix programming. 


With the Equinox on the way marking the change in season, it's a good time to mark your progress.  Review, release and reaffirm, intensifying Attention on  the life you wish to live. . . the path to it is found only in the present. 


As the Spring season arrives,  some of us are experiencing changes, whether new job, new blog, relocation, relationships, projects and more.  Many express acceleration and expansion while others remain stuck replaying old themes going nowhere.  If the latter sounds familiar,  align with the light via the Vernal Equinox welcoming the new and releasing the old.


Daylight Savings Time began today so reset your clocks. . . or not!  Please ignore if you live in Arizona or Hawaii, our states that  don't observe DST....lucky you!


Life starts to return  to normal here as warmer temperatures  melt snow, roads clear and routines resume. We're all ready for spring. . . coming soon!


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After spending Mercury Retrograde redecorating the cottage, I couldn't be happier or so I thought, funny how that works - embracing the present may reveal changes on the horizon.  Emptying storage, rescuing, retrieving stuff on an energetic level completed the circle creating a paradox. . . choosing to stay where I am activated  the idea to relocate!  Just when I thought I was done I was inspired by my friend, Rev. Rebecca J's, divinely appealing colorful Southwestern-style ranch decor,  to entertain  painting the greatroom Opera Rose or maybe a gold?  As I toyed with the idea, I realized there was more to the  inspiration/message than  Southwestern colors -  it was an invitation to relocate to the Southwest, Santa Fe or Sedona.  Those of you on The Mission understand all this - your team aligns with your vision doing what you love.