''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


I awoke to a light snow, so think I'll stay home by the  fireplace today  and read my newest acquisition, "The 38 Bach Flower Essences".  As a longtime user of flower essences, I highly recommend you try any available but choose Dr. Bach when you can. . . always amazing.


What's your passion - what really turns you on and  raises your vibrations?  (STOP if you don't know and return when you do) If you do know, you should be investing most of your time experiencing  whatever makes your heart sing.  Some people absolutely love to quilt, for others it's crafts, painting, writing, decorating, traveling/history, old houses, Tarot, cooking  or another  contribution to beauty and the arts.  Often their passion surfaced as children and has been an ongoing lifelong creative artistic expression.  Advanced practitioners only associate with likeminded others exponentially expanding their awareness as they share and interact for mutual benefit.


Those advanced along the path know a thing or two about creating reality  but  still be working on certain areas.  If this sounds familiar, then join me  getting real about what you want.  If you desire financial  independence then request financial independence rather than lifestyle or goodies that you think represent financial independence.  Stop wasting your creative energy conniving how to get a luxury car, house etc and focus on financial independence. The infinite intelligence you call God/god, The Father/The Universe etc,  gives you exactly what you ask for so return to Source, make your request/speak your word exactly, distinctly, clearly & plainly.


The New Moon energy symbolizes opportunity  for new projects, lifestyles, beginnings or maybe just a change of heart.  Some sense pathways to their dreams while others remain stuck in old paradigms. Dance, play, praise and bless activating your aliveness to new levels of Being, shifting into your paradise. . .  for real


I had intended to write about something else this morning but was inspired to share more about  the vibrational Universe, with  clarification  from Edgar Cayce.   While playing with the energy recently, I focused briefly on the words "Wonderful things" and within hours The Universe responded, pouring forth things, situations, conditions and solutions!   I've had similar experiences in the past, with phrases such as  "Peace harmony",  "Blessings", "Joy Abundance" and many others.  Try it.


Sometimes I'd like to intensify attention on goals, projects etc or just raise vibrations so if that sounds good to you, try feng shui.  If you're artistic  and love to play, the art of energy placement/feng shui, can complete your repertoire.  The moment you activate your love/money corner,  you can sense the energy slip/ground into place opening  Right For You portals and pathways.  While I refer to this as an art, it's really a science and the 'art' is our degree of refining our understanding and use of the process.  Tune up, dive in and raise the bar managing energy. . . and have lot of fun while you're at it!


Are you seeking inspiration?  One way to find it is go ahead and dive into your hobby, project, design or desire!  As you intensify your focus, portals open and inspiration will flow.  Another way to look at it is that your focus is lighting the fire of spirit/aliveness attracting magnetically more of like kind.  As you reverse the flow and tune into the creative frequency, you may discover that you are the source of inspiration! 


If you're like most of us, you're sensitive to Full Moon lunar energy.  After all it moves the tides, and who knows what else, so why not work with it to accomplish your projects?  According to those into that, the oncoming Full Moon in Leo has some friendly vibes so check it out/put some wind in your sails. 

Editors note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!


Should Mercury Retrograde affect you, why not assert your authority that it doesn't!  As this retrograde motion approached I found signs/proof the pre-shadow phase had set in and hurried to finish projects before full retrograde hit. Fortunately Marina's wise words gave me pause, reminding me of  the Edgar Cayce reading saying in essence, that "The stars impel, they do not compel", and sensed the energy shift to normal again. . .try it.