''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


My mind, body and affairs are now molded according to the Divine Pattern within.
Florence Scovel Shinn 


What Is Your Hair Part Saying About You? The Effects of Hair Parting on Social Appraisal and Personal Development
By John Walter and Catherine Walter
Twenty years ago, John Walter changed his hair part from the right side to the left side and saw his world of interpersonal relationships change drastically for the better. Curious about this phenomenon, Mr. Walter and his sister Catherine Walter have spent many years observing men and women’s hair part choices and associated personality traits. They are now ready to share The Hair Part Theory with the general public so that people can be aware of the subconscious signals that they are projecting with the way they part their hair. Mr. Walter is a computer expert with his training in nuclear physics and mathematics (BA, SUNY Oswego), and Ms. Walter is trained in cultural anthropology (BA, SUNY Geneseo). Mr. Walter is also the designer and producer of the True Mirror®, the only mirror that doesn’t reverse your image, and which therefore shows you how you look to others, allowing you to gain an accurate sense of your true self.  Hair in itself, the abundance or lack of, and the quality of it, is a highly prominent source of self and social evaluation, in both present day and historic world cultures. It can be a source of pride or shame and billions of dollars a year are spent today on hair care. While hair qualities of length, color and style have been consistently noted in the past, the surprisingly strong effect of hair part choices on immediate social appraisal has been completely unexplored until now.


Are you enjoying the 'grace' of your life. . . being you?  Some wait to be happy until they win the lottery or for that great guy or gal to choose them or they lose weight etc.  Should this sound familiar, remember that being happy now could attract Right For You goals  ie "Health, Wealth and Happiness" since The Universe gives you what you choose.


Are you a people person or solitaire?  The former seek/need others while the latter depend on the law, whereby  the electromagnetic frequency attracts vibrational likeminds - or not.  "Birds of a feather" applies.


Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon on the way provides some interesting vibes to manage.  Shields up, Ninja mode or go to ground all come to mind?  Should  life metaphorically smack you - get back up, dust yourself off  intensifying intentions on your unique vision for your life. Reground and remain present, always the cure. 


Have you noticed when you raise your vibrations things popup to drag you back down?  Maybe our resistance to 'what was' keeps replaying?  Should it happen one more time , embrace and allow it to move on.  Laugh, dance, sing and play expressing and sharing your essence  - the world is grateful for your gifts.  


Does the idea of wonderful things sound appealing?  If so, try focusing on the words "Wonderful things", embracing the essence it represents and open to receive! It's a way to attract more than you dared hope for, allowing The Universe to bestow  Right For You things, situations and conditions. Try it. . . you may be surprised!


There's a New Moon tomorrow so consider aligning with the lunar energy to launch new projects, freshen ongoing ones or the opportunity to shift/change our attitude.  The mindset we embrace sets the bar of limitations on our success, happiness and accomplishments and remember. . . Awakened Will rules all. 


Most know the Universal Law of Attraction -- reality goes where Attention flows.  We attract what we focus on so keep your thoughts and actions on what you wish to experience. Manifesting is a fine art and the degree of concentration we have determines our skill/ability to create what we desire.  Raise your vibrations and tune in/dial up to the frequency of having/being to impress the Universe your intention.  Detail it, live it, dream it OR say it and mean it


Should you be one of those tired of relationship issues, it may be the incompatibility is the stars . . . who knew?   The tricky egoic mind lures us into romance or familial dynamics of constant conflict playing and replaying negative emotional themes that's the  stars/astrological programming.   Indoctrination, brainwashing excuses mistreatment when we should run for our life!  When I was blindsided recently  I had a light bulb moment/revelation it was  due to astrological programming AND  a transparent belief about spiritual growth through pain? Next time I'll pass.


It's snowing here at the cottage, so instead of doing errands, I'll be working here in the study, enjoying the fire in the fireplace while admiring the view of the snow covered Angel pond. . . simple pleasures, counting blessings.


The lingering Alberta Clipper provided a good excuse to stay home by the fireplace with a cuppa.  Some are completing  projects - writing, sewing, painting, decorating and more, while others challenge themselves raising  vibrations outside their comfort level.  Join your equals tapping in to the frequency of wonderful things, expressing/radiating  your creative best that makes your heart sing, uplifting both near and far.


Do you own or are you searching for that place of your own?  Either way I trust you're in tune with the land you have or seek.  If and when you have property, be sure you bond with it.  Your intention can create a communication bridge to interact with Nature Intelligence and  the Earth goddess Gaia, Pan, Angels, the presiding Deva, elves or other friendly embedded Earth energies.  This expansion of consciousness provides a format for  stewardship of the land to open the pathway that may be useful in the days to come.  Assistance with the growing and storing of food, protection and security are just some of the  benefits  of aligning with these energies as well as a way of raising your vibrations Awakening the Light Body.  All the above can work in reverse as well - your dedicated stewardship of your land, gardening, nurturing and caring, could spontaneously open the communication bridge with Nature Intelligence Earth energies, raise your vibrations and Awaken the Light Body.  Sounds like a plan. . .


Have situations and conditions 'gone south' lately?  Are you stuck replaying old wornout emotional-body themes? Have you given up on your dreams for lack of Creative energy ?  If so, then here's a reminder posted in October 2012  to  restore your  creative power. . . your inner child loves to play! 


Where's your comfort zone?  Are you experiencing the Goldilocks principle  - that's  just right?   If you have  things  going extreme, maybe it's time to back up and regroup.  Dump the conditions, situations, people and create the  space for what's  Right For You. You're here to express your Divine Essence, the frequency of love, beauty, harmony and perfect self-expression. . . aka good vibrations.


Aligned with the 2015 New Year, some are starting new projects, such as blogs, books, jobs, relocating, marriage/divorce, decorating remodeling or change of mind, change of attitude and more.  Raise vibrations, take a chance, challenge/stretch and thrive expressing radiating your essence.  You don't know who it might inspire. . . maybe even yourself. 


How's your faith in your ability?  I'm not referring to religious faith, rather ones faith/belief in their supply. . . which is actually relative to 'spirit' when we think of it as  Divine Supply, that from whence all things come. Our ability to create is only limited by our degree of  belief to realize things yet unseen. Advanced Creators know they can override limitations by professing beliefs, whether true or not, so claim that which you desire until it appears.


Another wish for  2015 is perfect self-expression for all.  Join me to intensify attention doing what you love, radiating your essence, inspiring others to discover their  artistic side, creating art and beauty.