''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The Toltec Warrior Remembers
by Allan Hardman

To be Responsible is to know that our beliefs create our reality

  • The Spiritual Warrior's goal is Personal Freedom.
  • Personal Freedom is the freedom from suffering. It is Happiness.
  • The Warrior is at war for control of his/her attention... battling to un-hook his attention from the fear and suffering of the "Parasite" and hook it in the Love of the Spiritual Warrior.
  • We suffer because we believe what we know.
  • To suffer is to be a victim, to feel hurt or angry about how we are treated by the world. It is the feeling that the world goes against us. We feel betrayed by the world. And we have no control over what the world does to us.
  • What we know is our beliefs, our justifications, our need to be right. It is all of our knowledge. Our knowledge is the description of our personal dream, nothing more. This is the expression of what we call our "Parasite"-- the energy system of beliefs, agreements and fears, and the judge and victim that live inside of us.
  • To believe what we know is to believe our Parasite. It is to believe that what we know to be true for us, or true through our perceptions, should be true for others and should be their perceptions. It is to believe that our suffering is caused by others. We suffer when we believe that we see and know the Truth, and when we believe and expect that others should know and act as we believe, do, see, or know.
  • Personal Importance is the enemy of Personal Freedom because Personal Importance says, "I know."
  • To release suffering, we must release Knowing and embrace Responsibility.
  • To be Responsible is to know that our beliefs create our reality, and we are in control of our choices about our beliefs. We are in control of only our choices and beliefs, and we accept Responsibility for our perceptions. We no longer believe what we "know." We accept that each of us is separate and autonomous, each of us is alone. We know that we are dreaming our personal dream, and we accept responsibility for the emotional reactions and the distorted perceptions of our dream. We no longer blame others for our suffering.
    • To be Responsible is to respect our own sovereign dream, and to respect every other person's dream as well.

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