''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Since Mercury retrograde appears to slow things down, it's a good time to review basic concepts and ideas.  As children, we were indoctrinated, brainwashed and domesticated to be docile, passive numbed/dumbed down servants/victims hiding or burying  our sparkly essence hoping  for love and acceptance - or not!  Some of us fought the fight, retaining our wild spirit, suffering rejection, humiliation/disrespect and even abuse to preserve our  aliveness. If these words touch you, be aware that there are likeminded others who will honor your presence so continue to raise your vibrations, the ticket through the Stargate to A New Earth,  where your group of equals  awaits you.


Are you an optimist, pessimist, skeptic or realist?  The former may reveal reacting to others while the latter indicates self reliance, a deep intuitive knowing/faith in our ability to create/manage reality.  As originator/designer/creator, I use the terms Divinity, Source, goddess, Angels - labels accessing  frequencies of the ONE Creative Force/electromagnetic energy. While appearing  mystical or supernatural, think of  it as operating software,  attuned via the gateway of Imagination. . .OR forget the high technology and join me and others practicing  the user friendly  Toltec Wisdom  way.


The October New Moon is activating new beginnings  in unexpected ways. While perhaps erring on the side of caution, I found the lunar aspects unfolding situations and conditions anyway, the result of aligning  with the Ascension wave that  invoked Auto-Pilot upgrades  that run on their own.  You may notice relationships ending due to  nothing in common anymore, sudden career changes or even moving to new location.  You may relate to yourself with deeper understanding and respect, that reflects in reality with increased  aliveness as Intuition sharpens and Right For You  conditions appear.  Love the life you're living joining others embracing A New Earth.


When things go awry in life, how do you react?  Sometimes there just isn't any rhyme or reason and you can't help but laugh.  If we  see the irony in our dramas and smile, it signals the emotional body 'don't take it personally', releasing egoic mind response.  The next time something 'goes south', have a chuckle and move on.


The temperature is in the middle 40's here this morning, an excuse for a wee fire in the fireplace to take off the chill.  The advent of Autumn along with the New Moon  brings changes - change of routines, change of habits and for some, change of mind.  It's an opportunity  to upgrade consciousness,  renew focus and intensify Intention raising the bar on possibilities.  Accept the challenge and fearlessly activate your highest vision  allowing your radiance  to empower those that follow.  Since your energy signature operates magnetically beyond words, theories and beliefs,  leave preaching and teaching to others.  Remember, the ticket through the Stargate is vibrational, so ramp up ASAP joining  likeminded equals in the reality of A New Earth.


What is your primary archetype?  If you don't already know, it isn't that hard to discover.  Look at your home style/decor, your favorite country/location, your career/hobby etc.  You might even already have ongoing glimpses into the the archetype parallel reality and perceive it's  Planet Two , A New Earth or Machelle Small-Wright's The Cottage.  A closer look may reveal a secondary archetype influence as well.  Exploring this reveals a lot about the nature of reality, such as who's creating who and according to the degree of your comprehension, may inspire  integration  with your primary as  portals open and Stargates appear.