''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The White Brotherhood and nature intelligences team will in essence be making "house calls" when you call on them to work with you.  They are a wonderful group of beings to support your healing journey and you will likely feel their presence when they assist you. MAP is a personal health program for individuals. It is easy to learn on your own and requires only the book.
The name "White Brotherhood" has been used for centuries by this group. This name was coined by those on Earth who first began to consciously work with this group. It is not a name the group chose for itself, we chose it for them. The words "white brotherhood" maintained the intent and integrity of the group, so it has always been acceptable to them. "White" is used to signify all the rays of the light spectrum. "Brotherhood" is used to signify not only the family of all people but also the family of all life. The White Brotherhood includes males, females and androgynous souls beyond both persuasions. Working with the White Brotherhood includes working with Nature.
The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) is an example of the Brotherhood and nature working together for our benefit within an organized framework that we call MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.
The White Brotherhood consists of a large group of highly evolved souls dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws, and patterns through all planes and levels of form. They hold the major patterning and rhythms now being utilized for the shift we are all going through from the Piscean to the Aquarian era. When we link with them, they support and assist us by assuring that any work we do maintains its forward evolutionary motion and its connection to the new Aquarian dynamics.

They exist beyond time and history.  St. Germain is described as being a master teacher from the White Brotherhood. The Order of the Melchizedek was a part of the Brotherhood, and it is from this group that all of the major religious leaders come who have been a part of our history.
The keystone of MAP is its coning. It is set up to assure perfect balance between the involution dynamic (nature) and the evolution dynamic (the White Brotherhood and you). The evolution dynamic supplies the purpose and definition to any thing or action. The involution dynamic (nature) supplies the matter, means, and action for achieving evolution's purpose and definition. The human soul is the force behind the evolution dynamic. Nature is the force behind involution. In health, the evolution dynamic comes from one's soul. It is from our soul that we receive the impulses that define our direction and purpose. It is the soul that gives the necessary data to nature for all that is physically required for a human to fully operate within a given lifetime. Nature then supplies us our body according to these soul-directed specifications. This also means that nature is the engineer of the human body and, like any good engineer, knows how it is supposed to work and how to fix it if it isn't working correctly. When you connect with your medical team, you will do it within a coning, a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligences, the medical team, and yourself. Within this coning vortex, nature is able to stabilize us on all levels with the Brotherhood.
For you to work with MAP, you will be working with the White Brotherhood plus two specific nature intelligences from two different levels: the devic and the nature spirit levels. These two names, "deva" and "nature spirit," are used to identify two different expressions and functions within the nature consciousness. The specific nature intelligences you will be working with are the Deva of Healing and Pan.
THE DEVA OF HEALING: As part of the devic level, this intelligence functions as an architectural force and creates the physical structures found within all human healing. The order, organization, and life vitality of the human body—that is, the full physical structure and how it functions—fall within the domain of the Deva of Healing. Since MAP is focused on the health and balance of us humans, it is critical that the nature intelligence responsible for the physical process of healing the human body be included in the coning. With its presence, the White Brotherhood is assured that all healing processes within MAP maintain the integrity of natural law to its fullest.
PAN: Pan is the traditional name for the nature spirit who oversees and coordinates the full nature spirit level. I call Pan the CEO of the nature spirit level. The devic level creates all of the blueprints for form. The nature spirit level implements those blueprints—they are the builders. It also coordinates the action and movement of all form and ensures that this activity maintains the integrity of the original devic blueprint. In MAP, Pan aligns all physical elements of any action or process that might occur in a session to the devic healing blueprint.
We work with Pan in MAP because he is the only nature spirit that does not have regional limitations. He is universal in dynamic. This means that everyone, no matter where they are positioned on the planet, can work with Pan. His universality is critical for a program that was intended to be global. Pan is without gender and is simply referred to as him as his energy may feel more masculine.
And finally, it is the nature spirit level, represented by Pan, that keys our physical presence into the medical units of the White Brotherhood and stabilizes that presence during the session.
In MAP, nature also anchors the program and makes it accessible to everyone on our level as well as to the medical teams in the White Brotherhood. Because of nature, we need not have an intermediary third party bridging us into the White Brotherhood. Nature's presence allows the medical teams to work with us directly.
The MAP sessions have built into them schedules and time frames that enable everyone to utilize the program even if they are unable to communicate, sense or hear anything from their team. All people have to do is follow the MAP instructions and the schedule. They don't have to hear from their team when they should meet with them or for how long. This is already spelled out for them. All they have to do is talk—tell the team what is going on with them and what is out of sorts. The team can hear us effortlessly even if we can't hear them. Another solution to the communication problem is kinesiology. Those who want to ask questions and receive answers from their team can do so by using a simple yes/no format. Then, they can "read" the answers from their team by kinesiology testing. This opens the communication door from both sides. 
Another point about communication: When we first enter MAP, we may not be able to hear or sense our team. (But we will sense things happening to us physically from time to time during the sessions.) As we continue the program, we will become used to our team, be better able to process the input from them, and we will have gone through some of the clearing and adjustments necessary for us to hear and sense our team, and not just experience their work.
MAP is for those who feel that their present medical support—whether traditional or alternative—is not enough.  Because the MAP team includes nature, MAP is a physical program (not a spiritual program) that works on your well-being from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective. And because of the unique position of the MAP team, it works on strains, pressures, pain, and conflict being felt on all these levels simultaneously. When it comes to health issues, these four levels interrelate. Normally we go to professionals who are experts in one level or one area of a level. It is up to us to put a team together that addresses the different aspects of the problem. And, when we put these teams together, they rarely consult with one another. So we don't have a sense of a united and coordinated medical approach. The MAP teams work on all levels simultaneously and function as a coordinated unit. Consequently, a MAP session is more comprehensive and its results are deeper than those of other health systems.
A good sign a person needs MAP is when he has a deep sense that he needs more medical support than is presently available to him. Many feel the need for additional help when struggling with especially challenging expansion experiences because, as a rule, traditional and alternative medical systems prevalent today do not accept or understand that the human body plays an essential role during expansion. They don't understand or accept how the body functions at these times or what help we need if we are not functioning well.
We can initiate MAP during times of illness and injury, or it can be initiated during times of relative health when we feel we are capable of a better level of health and balance—and we want it. MAP is a comprehensive health program that you will use throughout your entire life. It is not a one-time program only for emergency situations. We are constantly changing and developing throughout our lives. MAP helps us maintain a high level of balance and function throughout all our changes and shifts. In short, it gives us a chance to experience an exceptional quality of life.
We can begin MAP at any stage in our life and at any age. We do not have to be healthy to begin (some have thought this was necessary!), and we do not have to be sick. We do not need to abandon any medical support we have been using in order to begin MAP. If you are combining other health practices with MAP, this is fine. Just tell your MAP team what other things you are involved in and how. MAP will accommodate them.
It is important that you understand one thing about working with a White Brotherhood MAP team. They will not, under any circumstances, circumvent your timing on any issue. You are in complete control and command of your timing and rate of development. They will not circumvent your timing, because it would be wrong to do so. This would, in effect, remove you from the driver‘s seat in your own life and place you in the position of a child being catered to by the almighty parent. Your team will simply not participate in such activity.
In MAP, you control your timing and development in an interesting way. You will note in the instructions that you are urged to talk to your team. Tell them everything that comes to mind that is bothering you on any of your PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). You aren't going through this exercise because your team is stupid and can't see you are in trouble. The troubles or situations you can articulate to your team tell them what you are ready to work on. And the extent to which you can describe the situation tells them the extent to which you are ready to change what is bothering you. You are your own barometer. They will not work in areas beyond those you recognize and describe. Consequently, your team will never put you in a position of facing and dealing with something for which you are unprepared. In the MAP sessions, you are your own master, and your team assists you in achieving your goals of health and balance in ways that are beyond belief. You are simply demonstrating your wisdom by choosing the best team with which to work.
In the overall picture, the White Brotherhood is presently focused on shifting all that exists on this planet from a Piscean dynamic (parent/child) to an Aquarian dynamic (teamwork). Everything must shift. And all of us are involved in this shift. No one is exempt. We are responsible for catching on to what's happening and doing the work needed to make this shift. The MAP medical teams are not doing something extraordinary for a handful of "chosen" people. This program is for everyone who wants it. By working with us individually, the MAP teams assist us in living life with a better balance and getting on with the changes that are needed. Everything that is involved in the work of a housewife or auto mechanic must go through this shift, as well. The last thing a MAP team wants you to do is throw away everything and go off to "save the world." MAP wants you to do what you are meant to do, do it the best you can, and take responsibility for shifting your piece of the life puzzle from the Piscean picture to the Aquarian picture. It's all important to MAP. No one is insignificant.

You are now invited to enter the program.

  MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
Author: Machaelle Small Wright
Pub Info: Perelandra, Ltd. 1994, 2nd Edition
Book Type: Quality Paperback
ISBN: 0-927978-19-9
# Pages: 318 pages
Cost: $16.00 US To purchase please go to Perelandra or see your local bookstore.
This book and the program it introduces are the results of seven years of research and work at Perelandra with nature and the White Brotherhood. MAP is easy to use for anyone who feels that his or her present medical support—traditional or alternative—is not enough.
  Calibration Process
Subtitle A Co-Creative Process from Nature for Mental and Emotional Balancing
Author: Machaelle Wright
# Pages: 8 pages
Cost: $3.00 US To purchase please go to Perelandra or see your local bookstore.
This is an exceptional process that allows us to work with nature directly for balancing our mental and emotional stresses. It's an easy process, it does not require the use of flower essences (although the essences can be used and can be helpful), and it has to be experienced to be believed! It includes a session explaining how nature works with us in the area of health and why it is important for us to establish and build a co-creative partnership with nature around our health.
NOTE: This paper is included in Workbook II and MAP.

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