''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Some of us understand about Creative Imagination.  It's the mental faculty of  things, conditions, scenarios, ideas and concepts, sometimes visual images,  that may or may not   dense into reality, depending on the amount of emotional juice we give it.  This creative ability we know as imagination, streams constantly it seems, especially for some, in the background our minds.  Those right brain creative artistic among us  know how to tap this font at will, while others just 'can't imagine'.  To read  Neville's definitive work, click Awakened Imagination. Some perceive this stream as a broadcast sent as *software downloads to us from a big computer somewhere by helpful Angels or aliens  or even as a control mechanism from Earth controllers.  Whatever the origin, it can operate as a Magic Genie, so use responsibly and create something beautiful, making healing positive choices of wealth, health and happiness for all.
*software downloads to us from a big computer":  computer simulated reality


It's been a busy week with the Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse shaking reality up for many of us.  I always hate it when astrology  proves true prompting refocus on using Ho'oponopono or others tools.  It reminds me of the Edgar Cayce quote, "The stars impel not compel" so it's back to the drawing board, reigning in Creative Imagination, making corrections, regaining authority as a responsible Co-Creator and return to Source, so grateful we've been given another opportunity to align with Divinity once again in this game of life.


Those who work with energy find their own consciousness expanding, sometime unexpected.  There are far too many methods to work with energy to address here but basically it covers adjustment or changing of the energy.  We all do it whether we use prayer, Ho'oponopono, meds, medical treatment, holistic or natural etc.  Even the common phrase "I wish" affects energy so you don't have to be witchy to recognize that.  That said, the  one I like is from Chris Griscom's color visualizations  where you ask what color is needed and send it.  It's a good one because how can we know what's needed?  When you pose the question you will sense the color to send.  Strange unknown colors may appear and recently this happened that  caught me by surprise when  I intuitively recognized it as Elven Frankish. Who knew?  I had past experience with the Elf kingdom but never associated it with any country or time frame.  Elven Frankish?  I want to explore that more in the future.


Most of us have a lot of smart people in our circles who follow some guru, dead entity/spirit or New Age teaching, vis a vis "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery",  they're stuck in the mental space where their IQ's how many facts they've stolen/memorized/copied. In the New Earth dawning, intuition is the criteria by which intelligence is rated so  develop your own  bridge to real intelligence. Intuition is the live connection to Higher I/Source for new, fresh solutions and original creations vital as the energy escalates.   Drop the copycat monkey-mind old school charade and refine your intuitive skills raising your vibrations, the only ticket through the Ascension Stargate.


A couple of weeks ago I got to take a trip to Little Rock and soak up some of the mellow Arkansas unique energy.  Favorably situated on the Arkansas River, Little Rock attracts lots of visitors on their way to the  crystal beds, diamond mines and Toltec Mounds inspiring many to relocate in the area.  The crystals, diamonds and Mounds still emit their  embedded Atlantean vibrational signature that can energize/activate Lightworker's Mission/paths, my experience years ago. With wonderful city shopping, restaurants, health care, southern charm, sunny mild climate and bustling economy, Little Rock rocks! Don't miss it.


If you're a regular reader chances are you're a  frequency holder  working behind the scenes or perhaps  a healer, channeler, tarot reader, filling  some  facet as a Lightworker who answered The Call. Or  are you  working directly with Star Beings and/or Nature Intelligence  vis a vis  earth changes and the restoration of Earth to follow? Whatever hat you wear, your radiance  raises or lowers vibrations outward like a pebble in a pond affecting reality,  so carefully monitor your thoughts whereby your good  intentions aren't cancelled out by egoic mind.  Whether you chose or were chosen, basic or advanced, please be aware, be brave and remain conscious as The Troubles escalate.


If you're in tune and in sync with the natural cycles,  you may find your life in transition during this change of season and  sense literal changes ahead.  Those of you on The Mission know that they will be placed where their gifts serve best, in harmony with the earth energy in that specific location.  For some, this may manifest in an expansion of their work and for others they may experience new levels of creative expression.  Stay present and hold the space, embracing activation/integration on your path ahead.



In days of old  we wore our proud vestige,
Proclaiming the one true God,
While from our heart the Christ speaks,
"Lay down the swords and join me",
Creating Equality and Liberty for all.
                                              Author poem


When  I lived in Florida and California I thrived on the sunny days  but still missed the distinct four seasons back here.  That said, I welcome Spring's return with open arms, aligned with the rhythmic cycles of Nature stirring memories of times living close to the land. In this time of rebirth  please join me in celebrating the sun/Son's return. . . the Resurrection and Ascension of the risen Christ.