''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


There's a Full Moon on the way accentuating the Solstice shift acceleration. Problems are followed by solutions and  harmony prevails.  Aligned with the faster pace, we meet  the challenges  of everyday life  with  Creative Imagination restoring our playful innocence once more.  "VIVE BENE SPESSO L'AMORE DI RISATA MOLTO".


Chances are you're experiencing a transitional phase as the Aquarian shift settles in raising vibrations necessary for your 'promotion' to your next  level expressing your  potential.  Those that had a conscious personal experience  may  notice lingering egoic-mind illusions, while others may be experiencing somatic symptoms as the Ascension energy raises the body's Light quotient for Full Awakening.  Remain present as the faster spin of A New Earth dimensional upgrade continues the expansion of consciousness  healing  and purifying mental and physical conditions. 


The hallmark of the incoming  Aquarian shift is awakening  from ego driven reality into what's Real.  As the  dimensional energetic spin escalates, veils of illusion are exposed and we remember it's time  to wake up from the dream.  Some find the paradox amusing that this comes after they are comfortable in life rather than when they were struggling, another example of the result of raising vibrations to  the Ascension frequency.  Accentuate your intention to WAKE UP by intensifying Attention accompanied by speaking your word.  Break the bonds of illusion and go free.


Another way to raise your vibrations is visiting a favorite Power Spot.  Recently I took a road trip in Arkansas to soak up some of the Ascension shift freshened energy.  It was a pleasure to feel the familiar vibrations  of the Arkansas crystal frequency reviving my spirit.  If you remember ancient Temple training and thrive on Atlantean energy, consider joining like minded others assisting the radiating crystalline vibrational energy anchoring  A New Earth. 


One of the secrets to success is our ability to change our mind. . . about others, about life, about ourselves.  We can change our stories and change our reality.  Our today flowed forth from the  positional past so imagine one that produces what you prefer to experience. This is an inside job so begin by choosing to think about yourself in a way that reflects the best and watch as it becomes trueRewrite your history, change your mind  and change your life. 


I hope you took a time-out during the holiday celebrations to visit your  sacred spot. Since it was hunting season my favorite sacred spring was unavailable   so  I accessed a favored Feng Shui spot in my home Temple and with dedicated ceremony, lit a candle in honor of the  Goddess and the return of the Divine Feminine.   Remember that the science of ritual activates electromagnetic neuron pathways energizing reality.