''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The Solstice shift upgrade that  many like minds experienced celebrates the return of the  Divine Feminine inspiring the goddess'  healing, nurturing qualities.  Endowed as equals, with  artistic Creative Imagination,  we're empowered to meet the challenges  in the Ascension dimension of A New Earth.  Dream on. . .


A friend called to share her own Ascension dimensional shift  during the Winter Solstice, uniquely personal and pertinent to  her present and future.  I know many others were consciously aware of their moment of vibrational uplift, which can continue to unfold,  detailing your path ahead. If you'd like to share your experience,  you're invited to Comment.


Many out there in mass consciousness awaken this morning with a sigh of relief  they dodged the 2012 Doomsday bullet while some perceive  a different reality. The Winter Solstice marked the  change of season and for the sensitive, perhaps you're one of these, marked a  moment of Source Ascension attunement,  revealing personal changes ahead on your journey in A New Earth. . . grounding now.  


A lot of us have goals, desires, dreams and wishes, from visions of A New Earth, spiritual enlightenment, world peace  or  maybe just a job, new house, health or  something special under the tree. Whether it's Ascension or a perfect mate, what would that feel like?  How would you feel?  If you would feel happy if you had your desire then feel happy until your desire appears - or you're looking at it not there. Imagination is the gateway to the frequency of the inspired vision magnetically attracting you.


Today ends the Mayan calendar and the countdown begins to December 21,2012 with scenarios in mass consciousness from the Rapture, end times doomsday,TEOWAKI to Ascension or somewhere inbetween, a combination of these and more.  Others believe the Annunaki return and/or the events signal a DNA upgrade for humanity via the Age of Aquarius entering now.   Like many of you, my moneys on the latter with a touch of the former thrown in.   Based on the Pacific Rim activity, war in the Middle East, depletion of the Earth's resources and the breakdown of society etc we're in the middle of change but even as the old paradigm collapses some sense A New Earth on the horizon.  Reground and remain present aligned with Divine Source. . . standfast.


Here's more on the pineal gland/third eye and benefit of sunlight.  Years ago while exploring the Tel El Amarna court timeline I realized that historians didn't get it about Akhenaten?  The little art left isn't as much about them worshiping the sun as it is them absorbing the sunlight activating the pineal gland/third eye.   Akhenaten's vision experience at Tel El Amarna of the Solar Disc between two mountains symbolized unity of the left & right brain, a Stargate, that  stimulated the DMT, melatonin/serotonin and DNA raising their vibrations, the ticket  to the Ascension frequency via The Solar Disc Aten Starship.  These memories awakened around age ten when I dedicated to sunbathing and began to rise early greeting  the sunrise, raising my arms in a ages old ritual from Amarna court days.  Later a big intuitive download inspired by  Dr John Ott's book  on light in the late 70's confirming the New Agers catch phrase Let there be light was intended as real not a metaphor.


There's little over a week until the Mayan calendar end date 12/12/12 and whether we await TEOWAKI  or a energy transformation in consciousness most recognize we're in the midst of  change.  Some plan a trip to  power spots such as the Mayan temples, Arkansas Crystal Mines area, Sedona etc while preppers go to ground at their bug-out retreats.  Then there's those in place alert  for portals opening to Stargates or  the Mothership?  Then there's the  'weird phenomena of  data being downloaded' that sounded like  a computer checking  vibrational level data for tickets thru the Stargate--the  "Pass" to  A New Earth.  This was really interesting since I'd thought of it as a broad general level rather than  actual data points  counted. . . gives new meaning to the term "raised vibrations".