''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


For years  self-help books advocated the benefits of working with the Inner Child but I  didn't get it.  I'd given it a whirl  twenty some years ago but  forgot about it until teacher/therapist Dr. Hew Len motivated me to try it again  because he considers it integral to applying Ho'Oponopono. releasing old data.  Imagine my surprise when my  Inner Child invited me to dance!  Establishing a connection there's always dance, even if  I just observe as my Inner Child does the Hokey Pokey with others but she always looks to see if I'm watching!  If you don't work with your Inner Child please try it and maybe yours will clean clean clean restore and revive the innocence, joy  and fun like mine.   She loves to laugh, she loves to play, she loves to dance  . . . she loves.


When you become aware that reality consists of egoic mind illusion games you'll be motivated to change it.  You'll discover a  lot of tech out there sharing various ways, some more successful than others.  The easiest, fastest method I've found is Eckhart Tolle's Practicing Presence.  He recommends you monitor your mind and learn to recognize the Ego. . . which stops it instantly.  In his bestseller "A New Earth"  www.amazon.com, you'll find all the details you need.  Escape egoic mind and return to Source, the "Open Sesame" pathway to a new Earth.


Are you one of those people that sometimes ignore  gut feelings - small insight-like pinpricks that unheeded become sword thrusts?  Yesterday was one of those days reminding me to always follow my intuitive messages.  If this  happens, while interesting to explore, just recognize it's the Painbody-egoic mind and detach from the issue, situation/person.  Return to Source, recover attention and stay the path. 


I remember reading  that Edgar Cayce said that if you weren't doing good where you are - then move.  I think many agree it's a good idea but  ignore the signs even though aware it's unfriendly and  inhospitable.  Clinging to the familiar we get stuck in an endless loop going nowhere and  mistake our struggle for progress.  If this sounds like you, at least entertain the idea of change, even if it could be just a change of attitude.   Sometimes it's  our mindset that's off so be sure your goal is aligned with your life purpose and wake up - if what you're doing doesn't work out then stop it.   But if you're dedicated to  Right For You Mission,  then be open to moving. . . your group awaits you.


A lot of us are experiencing changes during  the planetary shift to the Age of Aquarius.  In my world,  I've just finished  a 7 year period of seclusion completing activation of  old Temple training. Embracing life as Solitaire, I'm suited to the reclusive lifestyle, reflecting inherited WiseWoman creative, gardener healer tradition. If this resonates with you,  stay grounded for the next step per The Mission, as the transitional Ascension energy  escalates. 


Lately I've noticed some misunderstanding about  Practicing Presence, which is being present, feeling not thinking.  Many still mistake experience to be  intense resistance to dramas, stuck in the mechanical mind endless loop replay of either  seething  resentment or yearning for a  past experience  deemed positive.  Eckhart Tolle coined the phrase "Practicing Presence" because it's a continuous practice, a refinement of an art, you don't just do it once & that's the end of egoic mind.  It's the continuous monitoring of mental space and switching that off to feel and experience without judgement.  In the beginning we may do this thousands of times a day but with practice we live more in feeling and less in thinking.  So why bother?  Only by sensing/feeling  are we ALIVE,  connected to Divine Source awareness.


Chilly mornings and crisp autumn days always stirs memories of other times preparing  for  the winter with  the security of stored food in the cellar, herbs drying on the rafters and dry wood ranked outside the door.  One of my favorite things is being snugged in on a snowy winter days with a cuppa and the smell of a  simmering pot of something savory on the fire.  While technology has greatly improved our lives it came with the price of  spending most of our waking time working, often  in a cubicle under artificial lights, to earn the money to pay for our mod con's.  Today, more people are forsaking the new car, new house and cruises for a simpler life, relying  on their  intuition  in tune with the natural world outside their door. . . what about you?