''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


It's the second Full Moon this month, so take advantage of it's  influence beaming your way   once in a Blue Moon.  When we use that phrase we mean rare, special/powerful and unusual event/circumstance/situation.   We won't see another Blue Moon for three years so take a moment to attune to the extra favorable lunar energy, light a candle and  intensify your intentions.
Goodbye Neil. . . . .  August 5, 1930 - August 25, 2012


Are you one of the Ground Crew contributing healing and stability during these times?  Some take center stage while others work behind the scenes.    With your  refined  skills you feel privileged to contribute your part as we transition to the Age of Aquarius.  Whether you work with the Star Beings, people  or both, your inner contentment reflects outward expressing the best of life as you laugh often and love much, anchoring your aliveness in the present.


It's a beautiful  morning here in my patch of the Ozarks.  The cool temps are a reminder that Fall is on the way and revives old memories of other times as WiseWoman, living close to the Earth.  Whether alone in a hut or Lady of the manor with family and servants, she laid in provisions to last until spring. . . this tapped  Far Memories as châtelaine with husband gone to the Crusades.  With pilgrims at the gate to feed and rumors of *the sickness (the plague?), she worries if there will be enough food  and  hearing there are bandits nearby she stations more guards (albeit they're old men and boys) and  Wards the boundaries, with a special emphasis to the Holy Ground of the chapel as refuge for those old, sick and the young if needed.  As for herself, *she will fight next to her son, the young Prince - warrior Mother warrior Son.  With roof-thatch to mend, food to dry, seeds to store, medicinal herbs to gather and firewood to be cut,  she oversees her small tribe of children, staff and villagers she's responsible for, never stopping until bells ring for Vespers.  Behind all that is the constant refrain with every beat of her heart, "Is he safe -is he well - when will he return to us"? 
*the sickness -- I think it was the plague-
* "she will fight next to her son, the young Prince, warrior Mother warrior son" came with a rush of  deep wrenching emotion, part of the vision. He's about 12yrs old, wearing a tunic with a Templar Cross insignia like his Fathers, and he is my son now as well.


Pyramid under altar
Pyramid interior
Yesterday a  reader made my day when they commented on the  post about an ET dream/experience asking if the pyramid was made of quartz (because it happened in the Crystal Vortex area?)  I wish! My homemade pyramid is improvised  from  duct tape and leftover paneling covered with wallpaper scraps but the  pyramidal shape opened an  energy portal in spite of the modest found construction materials.  Thirty some years later,  the  pyramid resides under the  altar in my bedroom, still in its original condition.  I know what you're thinking... *"You might be a redneck if... your New Agey pyramid is made out of paneling and duct tape"!  Hilariously fun and so true!
*Nod and thanks to Jeff Foxworthy's extreme wit


Because reality is  a vibrational Universe  our words are creative and extremely powerful.  Yesterday I shared the  example, "Life spins on a dime" translated to "Life spends on a dime" when what I meant was reality can change fast!  What other metaphors are creating?  What about one I've mentioned, "Life is a dream"?  Better to decide that our life is Real!  Or "Poor me" and others that the subconscious mind relates to money, even ones such as frugal and budget that could be reverse positives.  Don't forget how we describe others using words like crazy, addict, drama queen, wild child, cheater, grifter...and the list goes on.  Too much focus, too many times with too much emotion/conviction and you may find these qualities come home to roost!  Let's use our words to create just as though we were an artist making a creation...which we are.