''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Those choosing to  raise  their vibrations  notice when anything happens that drags them  down.  It can be a news item, email or phone call.  Over time your attention radar mostly keeps you on the ascension channel and those not on your wavelength dropped away. Uh huh...except for one or two, maybe old friend/family member you have nothing in common with that pops up now and then shooting  darts of negativity or direct psychic attack.    Remove yourself, block them, dissociate - "Run like hell"!  Do whatever it takes.  Stop kidding yourself you are helping/uplifting them...that's an egoic mind ploy to keep feeding the pain body.   Control it or it will control you. Stay happy.


I was in my early twenties when I was told about coming earth changes that we are now experiencing as we close in on 2012. Living on the New Madrid earthquake fault I assumed that was the threat, and set about learning some useful skills that whoever survived would need. I read Cayce, bought the Foxfire books and many others, stored food and water, refined camping skills to live offgrid, grew a garden, learned to can etc. But over the years I realized I was in a fear based reactive mode and there was more to it than how to survive. In the meantime life took many detours along the way and I found myself far from home learning about life. On the moves the earth spoke to me and old advanced Temple Training inspired me to listen and remember. You know in the movie Mission Impossible where they say "the mission, if you choose to accept it"? When Nature Intelligence asked I chose to accept The Mission working with Nature to reestablish the lost lines of communication and restore the balance inherent in Nature. What's your mission?


Many of us  subscribe to the belief  reality goes where attention flows and do some form of mind management.   We recognize the creative power of thought that expresses as  reality and  begin to  align with what we prefer to experience.  We notice that reality plays the themes we focus on such as love, abundance, success,  peace - or not! Our focus on what is wrong gives us more of the same, so the wise man begins to clean up his act monitoring his attention.   Either control your thinking or your thinking controls you...wanna play or be played?


According to some people,  there are those who've  already made the shift and are  living the  love based reality.  From the sidelines they hold the frequency  Eckhart Tolle speaks of in his book "A New Earth".   They made the choice raising their vibrations escaping the prison of old historic data driven egoic mind.  Present, alive and feeling instead of thinking, they make their contribution to humanity, moment by moment.  If you're still waiting for the shift, it's already here.


If you're sensitive to the escalating 2012 changes it's important to stay out of your head with it's egoic mind  fear based repertoire - yesterday's news.   As a dedicated Ascension frequency holder you refined the skill of monitoring your attention practicing Presence.  From your heart centered position, take a last look around as the paradigm shifts to A New Earth...on the horizon now.


Those who dedicated to raising their vibrations  began to recognize the holographic construct of their socalled reality when it stopped making sense.  Rather than living from the subconscious data driven matrix they chose to live consciously  holding the frequency of  Escape Velocity.  If you relate to A New Earth somewhere over the rainbow, stay alert, stay awake and stay present as the  the Ascension shift  begins.