''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Previously I discussed the art of invisibility, or what I term Ninja mode.   For those so attuned, the benefit in fading into the background was a natural step in your evolvement.  You refined your ability to  sense energy and monitor frequencies  including your own electromagnetic signals.  Most WiseWomen already fly under the radar to  avoid attracting attention  because of their reclusive persuasion. When they do have to venture out, they dress down not up and are nondescript in every way, from their appearance to the car they drive and their home maintaining low level energy output optimizing their invisibility cloaking.  They make their contribution anonymously behind the scenes, leaving center stage to others.


Are you sensitive to the incoming downloads raising vibrations? The Full Moon Autumnal Equinox energy combines creating a unique  higher frequency.  If you're dedicated to contributing to the 2012 planetary Ascension be sure to remain flexible and receptive to  Right For You  Inspiration.  I've noticed some of the static associated with quickening growth  is waning along with the sun rays and it's time to integrate the energy  received during the summer season. There's  a period of adjustment as we raise our vibrations and become accustomed to the new level with it's benefits. Since egoic mind always resists change, this transitional period comes with new challenges so remain present, grounded and stay real...it will pass.


It's a gorgeous weekend for a roadtrip.  Some friends are heading out  to Branson while  one couple left for their cabin at Eureka Springs and others are going to Graceland for  the day. We had something come up here and won't go far so I  plan to  visit my fave sacred spring   in attunement with the Full Moon energy. Celebrate the magic whatever you do and wherever you are remember to look up!


One of the skills we need to refine these days is the art of Intuition,  the  message/gut feeling we Feel in our Solar Plexus chakra.  It smacks us with  emphatic knowing gut feeling,with no doubts or questions, bridging the conscious mind with Higher I.  Intuition is instant unlike telepathy, which unfolds.  Intuition is accompanied by the knowing it's true, while telepathy may seem reasonable...or Not! Attuning to our feelings is a must have to navigate today's 2012 Ascension frequencies.   Think of it as our inner radar and tune in and turn on.  How many times have we said or heard other's say "I had a feeling"- a forewarning, that should have been heeded? Pin prick or swordthrust...you decide.


Sometimes it's easy to veer off your path and not realize it until you notice blocks popping up.  When this happens I've learned to not take it personally, integrate the energy and refocus my attention on my Mission.  How often have we refused to heed the signs and wasted time, energy, and often money? When you work with  soilless garden teams you have partners with larger overview who do communicate with us - if we listen!  When we don't we find ourselves stalled until we re-attune holding the right frequency with our team...and stay the course.