''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


One thing about being a rolling stone,  your moves may be meeting another agenda.  This morning I was thinking about all the interesting places I've lived, all Indian Mound locations.  I've had a lifetime of  vibratory attunement in the  frequency energy for such time as the mound Sun Temples portals prepare to open.  From Columbus, Ohio to Mobile Bay, to Ocala, Florida, Columbus, Georgia, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Alaska and Virginia, Mt. Shasta, Cahokia,, and of course my home area where I was born in the New Madrid Vortex  where I live at present.  Why...for what?  Apparently many of us are here to assist the temple portal opening frequencies pre-programmed from the Atlantean colony days at this point in time. Is this part of A New Earth or in case  we have destroyed our resources and Planet Earth hangs by a thread...or both?   Alaska appears to be the exception, although I read there's mound at Anchorage.


Our reality is governed by some basic laws, such as "What we resist persists".   With that in mind, why don't we embrace our issues and allow them to move on?   As sensible as that appears, the egoic mind thrives on emotion and justifies our position to enable the sticky glue it loves.  Whatever our judgements, they provide the vicarious thrill for the PainBody that Eckhart Tolle and others write about.  The next time you catch yourself in self-righteous condemnation of others or your own conditions, STOP!  Honor the gift it contains then switch the channel to something positive.  Always monitor your attention or it will monitor you!


A few weeks ago I got to spend the day  on the ancient leyline on the  New Madrid fault.  The 100 plus temperature didn't detract the pleasure of  visiting the old Royal Road,  El Camino Real, that runs from New Orleans to St. Louis paralleling the Mississippi River, our countries original grand highway.  I was surprised to sense the vortex energy became milder and gentler as I neared the center and can only suppose the ages old Atlantean Sun Temple's portal have  already opened?  I intend to investigate soon on a roadtrip upriver to visit my old home on the Kingshighway at historic Ste. Genevieve.  I have to question why I ever want to go anywhere else when there's so much to explore right where I live?


Here's a bit of background vis a vis Far Memory lifetime as the Bronte's Tabitha,  cook and housekeeper at Haworth.  It's said Taby brought to the  Bronte children "the folklore of the Yorkshire moors, firing their imagination with stories of fairies that danced by the bed-sides in the moonlight, and of those who had seen them. When the peat glowed red on the kitchen hearth and shadows stretched across the stone floor, Taby made the warm air seem alive with creatures of the fern and heather".  Many thanks to the Taby input inspiring my present fascination with Deva's, fairies, angels, sacred places and earth mysteries, all relative to the Nature Intelligence paradigm... "Ta".


Recently  I received Divine Inspiration  to refocus on my Wise Woman heritage, passed down through the generations.  Growing up running barefoot on the farm, little did I know then that it was training/remembrance for this future time.  In alignment with the New Moon symbolism of new beginnings, freshening energy, I received Inspiration to expand my focus on the Wise Woman within, embracing the sacred in everyday life and dedicated to  Keeping The Earth Green.  Thank you to the family Green/Wise Woman tradition...to  GGG, in the carriage on stormy nights on Kaskaskia Island practicing your healing midwifery skills,  to my Okie Granma  picking grapes in California grounded in sync with the land and especially my parents and to Sissy, natural healers/gardeners, for your simple attunement to the Earth wisdom that nurtured my path...and to my Far Memories ...Tabitha, for your wisdom re the wee folk, the fae energy, the earth song you sang  for the modern "I" today.


What do you want to accomplish in life?  Fame and fortune?  Peace and happiness?  What is the difference between what you're actually experiencing and what you wanted?  Are you living a  Purpose Driven life inspired by the Divine?   Join the shift raising consciousness to A New Earth where  experiencing is the reward.