''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The escalating 2012 Ascension energy reminds us to tweak our skills and monitor our Creative Attention.  As a result you may find yourself reviewing some belief systems...or lack thereof.  Sometimes we limit ourselves by rigid concepts about how mature people should believe or behave.  If you don't believe in fairy tales then how about choosing that belief?  Remember, the right brain loves to play, so step out of the box into a magical world  and play with pixie dust  expanding your manifestation abilities to create what you need and want.


Is your reality "off"?  Normally things make sense and then out of the blue something occurs that's not right.  I've found the more present I am the more I notice out of place, out of time, out of sync 'events'. I began noticing  reality taking a strange twist years ago and wondered if I'd somehow stumbled into a parallel reality? Most of my adult life I'd suspected reality might be a dream I was dreaming and along the way at times had the  impression someone else might be pulling the strings - that's a scary thought!  Are these subtle signs, events and experiences messages to wake up as responsible co-creators in this 2012 expansion of consciousness Ascension wave?  If you're thinking you might be dreaming, join me and others waking up and shaking free of the hypnotic egoic mind spell  now.


Last week   a mountain lion was seen again over at the Cane Creek farm.   The guy who saw it this time said he'd seen  big cats once before south of our house here and as an aside,  mentioned that  when he was a boy camping with buddies they saw a MOMO (Missouri Monster-Sasquatch/Bigfoot) down south of here.  He said it was a large  apelike creature covered with long dark hair that ran away when it saw them.  It reminded me of my own terrifying childhood memory  seeing one of those creatures on our farm near the  St. Francis River.  I home alone, upstairs in my bedroom when I heard the dogs barking, looked out the window and  saw the creature coming from  our barn toward the house but because of the dogs  it turned and ran across the field toward the slough.  Then about 20yrs ago  while living  down the road from the  home place I awoke to a big snow and  noticed huge tracks made by something walking upright on the deer-crossing by the lake bed across the road.  As a farm girl and  experienced hunter,  I knew my tracks but never saw any like that!  It scared the bejeezus outa me, validating my childhood sighting! I was snowed in for several days with no camera and by the time I get out  the tracks were obliterated by other animals.  My present home is on a deer-crossing and I see deer in the yard frequently but now I'll be watching for  big cats and MOMO...stay tuned!