''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


The ongoing 2012 changes presents  opportunities  to continue to refine our skills living in the Now.  Perhaps we want  to revisit our favorite  sacred power place, a  nearby river or spring or even our own dedicated home Temple, Holy Ground where the world force static does not intrude. Centered and grounded in the ancient Earth energies we align with the Ascension energy  and leave the sanctuary refreshed once more.   Practicing Presence, beyond egoic mind, raises our vibrations, the ticket through the Stargate...or Starship, for those so inclined. What's your vision?


Here's another timely reminder for us all to use our creative power of intention creating safe harmless Ascension change.  Here's what Edgar Cayce advised:

 Our planet is actively changing. In one reading, Cayce stated that none of the physical devastation he predicted has to happen. The stability of the planet lies in humanity’s collective hands. Cayce also confirmed the biblical axiom that 10 good people can save an entire city. This brings to mind an old story told by the editor of Guideposts magazine. He received letters from two different women in a small town in California. Each told him how they were awakened in the dark hours of predawn and powerfully guided by Spirit to go out into the street of their little town and pray. They both did. Around 5 a.m., a powerful earthquake hit their town, destroying the entire downtown area, but not one person was killed or even injured. These two ladies did not know each other, living on opposite corners of the town. In this case, the prayers of two saved a town.Rather than get anxious over the world situation and sound-bite political leaders, prayer is a powerful service we can perform for our fellow planet dwellers. Our prayers ascend into the Collective Consciousness and subliminally affect the whole of human consciousness and nature’s sensitive vibrations.Prayer time is also a wonderful sanctuary from the world’s weight. In this inner space of contacting God with love and caring for others, we can find a refuge for our often weary hearts and minds.As Cayce advised, “Why worry when you can pray? He [God] is the Whole, you are a part. Coordinate your abilities with the Whole.” (Reading 2528-2)


The Japanese earthquake has most of the world  glued to  TV sets watching the  events unfolding  right before our eyes.  The incredible force of the tsunami shows  our tenuous hold on this beautiful blue water planet we call home and  the ever humbling awesome power of Nature.  As I watched  it felt familiar as old stirrings of the Atlantis timeline came bubbling to the surface of my memory bank.  Remain present  as the Ascension energy rises  attuned to your inner guidance with an eye on the horizon...there's  A New Earth coming.


If you dedicated to raising your vibrations you've connected the dots via your own intuitive knowing along with the responsibility therein. As the old Piscean era dissolves and falls shaking off the shackles of the Creator gods we take  our place  beyond belief systems as responsible Co-Creators in the Universe.  As my wise Ranger Zen son says "There's something out there".  For those out of the box, be alert, be aware as Stargates open...or Starships land.


The other day I was contemplating visiting someplace nearby to physically touch base with Nature Intelligence energies.  As I mentally scanned some favorite locations I was surprised when one I'd never considered just jumped out at me- my Mother's garden down on the farm where I grew up!   Of course!  Where better to feel and feed my spirit than the area that literally fed me? How easy to overlook these humble backyard gardens spaces for the more scenic 'wild and and natural'. With awestruck  reverence I realize that Mother's vigilance and focused attention tending her garden had to be a two-way communication, on some level, that provided endless bounty feeding a family of nine with Plenty left over.  If you're looking for sacred spot to get grounded and soak up some vibrations today don't overlook your own magic garden, Grandma's or Mama's where Gaia radiates  our sustenance, inspiration and empowerment.


The old Piscean foundations crash and fall as we transcend into the Age of Aquarius with it's restoration of the Sacred Feminine.  From the dominant male paradigm of force, we awaken  the archetypal Great Mother  with her nurturing qualities of caring, sharing and equality.  Whether male or female, mother, sister, crone or wildwoman, the divine goddess energy softens and sustains us with it's gifts of sensual fertile creativity as  we design our reality.  Strong, resilient and bountiful yet vulnerable and humble endowing ourselves and our world with harmlessness, faith and trust we honor the Mother with the renaissance of peace,  harmony and abundance.


I took advantage of a warm sunny day recently to  revisit a secluded small  spring where the  resident Deva goddess energy reminded me the value of staying in tune with the sacred earth.  Centered and grounded, away from power lines and people it's easier to know and  feel  the embedded harmony  and wisdom of these ancient Ozarks where I live.  Wherever you are, reconnect with the regenerative powers of your land and enhance the  expansion of potential quickening now.