''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


20ll rolled in with a bang! Volcano's erupt, earthquakes rumble and governments totter and fall reminding us that the Ascension frequency is rising.  As the old paradigms crumble we're all affected, globally and locally, remotely or personally.  Perhaps you're in transition or see this mirrored in your friends and family as the 2012 energy moves us, literally or figuratively.  Let's all take the opportunity to welcome the upgraded energy for peaceful change.  In our time we must remain grounded and direct our vision of a New Earth happening now, for ourselves and this small blue planet we treasure and call home.  Victim or creator?  You decide.


Anytime we wish to create something always remember the Universe responds to how sharply, finely, we detail our requests.   If one desires money then surely you have your wish fulfilled as most of us have some manner of money.  But if you desire an income of ten thousand a month you've given the 'magic genie' something definite!  Do you desire the experience of winning the lottery or is your real goal financial abundance and freedom?  In the past I've worked with clients who focused on trying to create workout routines and diet regimens when what they wanted was good health.  Vague generalized goals manifest in vague generalized ways. "God is in the details" so let's get clear, define our goals and enliven, energize, name and claim what we really want.


Sometimes it's fun to  explore new things and expand our repertoire but  does it add to our quality of life or is it just useless information? Over the years I've learned to 'test the water' by sensing the embedded energy first and save myself wasted effort and time.  Let's  avoid distractions and free up our creative power by  feeling, only found in the present.  Get back to basics...stop thinking and start living.


What do you think about?  Most people would answer that they only have good thoughts but what are they experiencing?   Does your reality reflect  lack or abundance, peace or discord?  Escape old indoctrination/programming by getting grounded and present.  As awakened WILL we empower ourselves choosing what we prefer to experience. Discover wonderful things...the gift of Presence.