''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Relative to  the  green Wise Woman persona,  I  received this reminder from Divinity to "Get off the beaten path and grow food". It's easy to see the wisdom in this practical advice improving health and harmony expanding our vision working with Nature Intelligence raising vibrations.  In the future be aware  that root veggies, especially potatoes, will be your most reliable food source.


With chilling 2012 worst case scenarios  everywhere I look I'm reminded to refocus on Ascension. I discovered indoctrination software running in the background revealing little to no difference between spirituality and religion. So much for the old refrain "spiritual not religious"! Our true Source/Spirit is only found practicing Presence, so if you're ready to raise your vibrations and  release spiritual/religious rules and dogmas then stop thinking and  get present.  As the mists of illusions fade the  pathway/Stargates appear to the Ascension Starship LZ's...watch your step!


Discussing the vibrational energy power of place with a friend we  agreed the Branson, Missouri area has consciousness raising  portals.  Leaving there years ago, as I pulled up to a  four-way stop near Hollister,  I was suddenly  embraced  by the soothing, comforting great goddess energy/frequency,  just what I badly needed at the time and still the most wonderful experience of my life. Sadly, this intersection has been replaced with a  cloverleaf interchange.  My friend had her own  vibrational energy experience driving through the  Kimberling City area where she encountered a strong beneficent power portal and we agreed there's sacred holy ground spots there in spite of rampant commercialism, traffic congestion etc.  It's obvious the earth energies contribute to Branson's phenomenal success story attracting seven million visitors yearly.  Beyond the glitz it's the northern tip of the Eureka Springs Stargate vortex hydro apex...don't miss it!


The Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
According to don Miguel Ruiz, everything we do is based on agreements we have made — agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, and with life. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves. With these agreements we tell ourselves who we are, how to behave, what is possible, what is impossible.


Those choosing to  raise  their vibrations  notice when anything happens that drags them  down.  It can be a news item, email or phone call.  Over time your attention radar mostly keeps you on the ascension channel and those not on your wavelength dropped away. Uh huh...except for one or two, maybe old friend/family member you have nothing in common with that pops up now and then shooting  darts of negativity or direct psychic attack.    Remove yourself, block them, dissociate - "Run like hell"!  Do whatever it takes.  Stop kidding yourself you are helping/uplifting them...that's an egoic mind ploy to keep feeding the pain body.   Control it or it will control you. Stay happy.


I was in my early twenties when I was told about coming earth changes that we are now experiencing as we close in on 2012. Living on the New Madrid earthquake fault I assumed that was the threat, and set about learning some useful skills that whoever survived would need. I read Cayce, bought the Foxfire books and many others, stored food and water, refined camping skills to live offgrid, grew a garden, learned to can etc. But over the years I realized I was in a fear based reactive mode and there was more to it than how to survive. In the meantime life took many detours along the way and I found myself far from home learning about life. On the moves the earth spoke to me and old advanced Temple Training inspired me to listen and remember. You know in the movie Mission Impossible where they say "the mission, if you choose to accept it"? When Nature Intelligence asked I chose to accept The Mission working with Nature to reestablish the lost lines of communication and restore the balance inherent in Nature. What's your mission?


Many of us  subscribe to the belief  reality goes where attention flows and do some form of mind management.   We recognize the creative power of thought that expresses as  reality and  begin to  align with what we prefer to experience.  We notice that reality plays the themes we focus on such as love, abundance, success,  peace - or not! Our focus on what is wrong gives us more of the same, so the wise man begins to clean up his act monitoring his attention.   Either control your thinking or your thinking controls you...wanna play or be played?


According to some people,  there are those who've  already made the shift and are  living the  love based reality.  From the sidelines they hold the frequency  Eckhart Tolle speaks of in his book "A New Earth".   They made the choice raising their vibrations escaping the prison of old historic data driven egoic mind.  Present, alive and feeling instead of thinking, they make their contribution to humanity, moment by moment.  If you're still waiting for the shift, it's already here.


If you're sensitive to the escalating 2012 changes it's important to stay out of your head with it's egoic mind  fear based repertoire - yesterday's news.   As a dedicated Ascension frequency holder you refined the skill of monitoring your attention practicing Presence.  From your heart centered position, take a last look around as the paradigm shifts to A New Earth...on the horizon now.


Those who dedicated to raising their vibrations  began to recognize the holographic construct of their socalled reality when it stopped making sense.  Rather than living from the subconscious data driven matrix they chose to live consciously  holding the frequency of  Escape Velocity.  If you relate to A New Earth somewhere over the rainbow, stay alert, stay awake and stay present as the  the Ascension shift  begins.


Previously I discussed the art of invisibility, or what I term Ninja mode.   For those so attuned, the benefit in fading into the background was a natural step in your evolvement.  You refined your ability to  sense energy and monitor frequencies  including your own electromagnetic signals.  Most WiseWomen already fly under the radar to  avoid attracting attention  because of their reclusive persuasion. When they do have to venture out, they dress down not up and are nondescript in every way, from their appearance to the car they drive and their home maintaining low level energy output optimizing their invisibility cloaking.  They make their contribution anonymously behind the scenes, leaving center stage to others.


Are you sensitive to the incoming downloads raising vibrations? The Full Moon Autumnal Equinox energy combines creating a unique  higher frequency.  If you're dedicated to contributing to the 2012 planetary Ascension be sure to remain flexible and receptive to  Right For You  Inspiration.  I've noticed some of the static associated with quickening growth  is waning along with the sun rays and it's time to integrate the energy  received during the summer season. There's  a period of adjustment as we raise our vibrations and become accustomed to the new level with it's benefits. Since egoic mind always resists change, this transitional period comes with new challenges so remain present, grounded and stay real...it will pass.


It's a gorgeous weekend for a roadtrip.  Some friends are heading out  to Branson while  one couple left for their cabin at Eureka Springs and others are going to Graceland for  the day. We had something come up here and won't go far so I  plan to  visit my fave sacred spring   in attunement with the Full Moon energy. Celebrate the magic whatever you do and wherever you are remember to look up!


One of the skills we need to refine these days is the art of Intuition,  the  message/gut feeling we Feel in our Solar Plexus chakra.  It smacks us with  emphatic knowing gut feeling,with no doubts or questions, bridging the conscious mind with Higher I.  Intuition is instant unlike telepathy, which unfolds.  Intuition is accompanied by the knowing it's true, while telepathy may seem reasonable...or Not! Attuning to our feelings is a must have to navigate today's 2012 Ascension frequencies.   Think of it as our inner radar and tune in and turn on.  How many times have we said or heard other's say "I had a feeling"- a forewarning, that should have been heeded? Pin prick or swordthrust...you decide.


Sometimes it's easy to veer off your path and not realize it until you notice blocks popping up.  When this happens I've learned to not take it personally, integrate the energy and refocus my attention on my Mission.  How often have we refused to heed the signs and wasted time, energy, and often money? When you work with  soilless garden teams you have partners with larger overview who do communicate with us - if we listen!  When we don't we find ourselves stalled until we re-attune holding the right frequency with our team...and stay the course.


One thing about being a rolling stone,  your moves may be meeting another agenda.  This morning I was thinking about all the interesting places I've lived, all Indian Mound locations.  I've had a lifetime of  vibratory attunement in the  frequency energy for such time as the mound Sun Temples portals prepare to open.  From Columbus, Ohio to Mobile Bay, to Ocala, Florida, Columbus, Georgia, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Alaska and Virginia, Mt. Shasta, Cahokia,, and of course my home area where I was born in the New Madrid Vortex  where I live at present.  Why...for what?  Apparently many of us are here to assist the temple portal opening frequencies pre-programmed from the Atlantean colony days at this point in time. Is this part of A New Earth or in case  we have destroyed our resources and Planet Earth hangs by a thread...or both?   Alaska appears to be the exception, although I read there's mound at Anchorage.


Our reality is governed by some basic laws, such as "What we resist persists".   With that in mind, why don't we embrace our issues and allow them to move on?   As sensible as that appears, the egoic mind thrives on emotion and justifies our position to enable the sticky glue it loves.  Whatever our judgements, they provide the vicarious thrill for the PainBody that Eckhart Tolle and others write about.  The next time you catch yourself in self-righteous condemnation of others or your own conditions, STOP!  Honor the gift it contains then switch the channel to something positive.  Always monitor your attention or it will monitor you!


A few weeks ago I got to spend the day  on the ancient leyline on the  New Madrid fault.  The 100 plus temperature didn't detract the pleasure of  visiting the old Royal Road,  El Camino Real, that runs from New Orleans to St. Louis paralleling the Mississippi River, our countries original grand highway.  I was surprised to sense the vortex energy became milder and gentler as I neared the center and can only suppose the ages old Atlantean Sun Temple's portal have  already opened?  I intend to investigate soon on a roadtrip upriver to visit my old home on the Kingshighway at historic Ste. Genevieve.  I have to question why I ever want to go anywhere else when there's so much to explore right where I live?


Here's a bit of background vis a vis Far Memory lifetime as the Bronte's Tabitha,  cook and housekeeper at Haworth.  It's said Taby brought to the  Bronte children "the folklore of the Yorkshire moors, firing their imagination with stories of fairies that danced by the bed-sides in the moonlight, and of those who had seen them. When the peat glowed red on the kitchen hearth and shadows stretched across the stone floor, Taby made the warm air seem alive with creatures of the fern and heather".  Many thanks to the Taby input inspiring my present fascination with Deva's, fairies, angels, sacred places and earth mysteries, all relative to the Nature Intelligence paradigm... "Ta".


Recently  I received Divine Inspiration  to refocus on my Wise Woman heritage, passed down through the generations.  Growing up running barefoot on the farm, little did I know then that it was training/remembrance for this future time.  In alignment with the New Moon symbolism of new beginnings, freshening energy, I received Inspiration to expand my focus on the Wise Woman within, embracing the sacred in everyday life and dedicated to  Keeping The Earth Green.  Thank you to the family Green/Wise Woman tradition...to  GGG, in the carriage on stormy nights on Kaskaskia Island practicing your healing midwifery skills,  to my Okie Granma  picking grapes in California grounded in sync with the land and especially my parents and to Sissy, natural healers/gardeners, for your simple attunement to the Earth wisdom that nurtured my path...and to my Far Memories ...Tabitha, for your wisdom re the wee folk, the fae energy, the earth song you sang  for the modern "I" today.


What do you want to accomplish in life?  Fame and fortune?  Peace and happiness?  What is the difference between what you're actually experiencing and what you wanted?  Are you living a  Purpose Driven life inspired by the Divine?   Join the shift raising consciousness to A New Earth where  experiencing is the reward.


Has time accelerated again or is it just me?  All of a sudden the years half gone, reminding me  our perception of 'time' is relative.  If we're busy  it  fly's by yet can drag if we're waiting or unhappy...so  best to see it as units of experience.  If you find you're running out of it or don't have enough, then try creating that you always have plenty of time.


The current Full Moon Eclipse packed a punch!   I was able to accomplish a large project in half the time seemingly because of the strong lunar influence.  This reminds me of the Edgar Cayce quote "The stars impel not compel" raising the question of free will...how much do we really have?  Hmmmn...


Assuming that we create our own reality then you have your stories and I have mine.  Even if we share an experience we each  have our own version of it don't we?  Is there any difference between memory and imagination? What about dreams? The concept  time is an illusion puts a different slant on these stories of ours, indicating we are creating them as we go along to justify the present, since we think our present stems from our past.  Draw your own conclusions...but should you realize you are creating on the fly  then how about redesigning the so called past to create  a present reality you wish to experience?  Researchers have found the mind can't tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined one so a way to design the present you prefer is by rewriting the past...Stay playful, stay creative, stay real.


The escalating 2012 Ascension energy reminds us to tweak our skills and monitor our Creative Attention.  As a result you may find yourself reviewing some belief systems...or lack thereof.  Sometimes we limit ourselves by rigid concepts about how mature people should believe or behave.  If you don't believe in fairy tales then how about choosing that belief?  Remember, the right brain loves to play, so step out of the box into a magical world  and play with pixie dust  expanding your manifestation abilities to create what you need and want.


Is your reality "off"?  Normally things make sense and then out of the blue something occurs that's not right.  I've found the more present I am the more I notice out of place, out of time, out of sync 'events'. I began noticing  reality taking a strange twist years ago and wondered if I'd somehow stumbled into a parallel reality? Most of my adult life I'd suspected reality might be a dream I was dreaming and along the way at times had the  impression someone else might be pulling the strings - that's a scary thought!  Are these subtle signs, events and experiences messages to wake up as responsible co-creators in this 2012 expansion of consciousness Ascension wave?  If you're thinking you might be dreaming, join me and others waking up and shaking free of the hypnotic egoic mind spell  now.


Last week   a mountain lion was seen again over at the Cane Creek farm.   The guy who saw it this time said he'd seen  big cats once before south of our house here and as an aside,  mentioned that  when he was a boy camping with buddies they saw a MOMO (Missouri Monster-Sasquatch/Bigfoot) down south of here.  He said it was a large  apelike creature covered with long dark hair that ran away when it saw them.  It reminded me of my own terrifying childhood memory  seeing one of those creatures on our farm near the  St. Francis River.  I home alone, upstairs in my bedroom when I heard the dogs barking, looked out the window and  saw the creature coming from  our barn toward the house but because of the dogs  it turned and ran across the field toward the slough.  Then about 20yrs ago  while living  down the road from the  home place I awoke to a big snow and  noticed huge tracks made by something walking upright on the deer-crossing by the lake bed across the road.  As a farm girl and  experienced hunter,  I knew my tracks but never saw any like that!  It scared the bejeezus outa me, validating my childhood sighting! I was snowed in for several days with no camera and by the time I get out  the tracks were obliterated by other animals.  My present home is on a deer-crossing and I see deer in the yard frequently but now I'll be watching for  big cats and MOMO...stay tuned!


The recent acceleration of Ascension energy provided an access point to a new level per the transformation of consciousness as the old paradigm  collapses under the waves of change. Stripped of our old defensive baggage  our vulnerability reveals a wonderful aspect of authenticity to our lives previously unknown. With nothing to defend we raise our vibrations and join others  to create the change we've been waiting for.


The ongoing 2012 changes presents  opportunities  to continue to refine our skills living in the Now.  Perhaps we want  to revisit our favorite  sacred power place, a  nearby river or spring or even our own dedicated home Temple, Holy Ground where the world force static does not intrude. Centered and grounded in the ancient Earth energies we align with the Ascension energy  and leave the sanctuary refreshed once more.   Practicing Presence, beyond egoic mind, raises our vibrations, the ticket through the Stargate...or Starship, for those so inclined. What's your vision?


Here's another timely reminder for us all to use our creative power of intention creating safe harmless Ascension change.  Here's what Edgar Cayce advised:

 Our planet is actively changing. In one reading, Cayce stated that none of the physical devastation he predicted has to happen. The stability of the planet lies in humanity’s collective hands. Cayce also confirmed the biblical axiom that 10 good people can save an entire city. This brings to mind an old story told by the editor of Guideposts magazine. He received letters from two different women in a small town in California. Each told him how they were awakened in the dark hours of predawn and powerfully guided by Spirit to go out into the street of their little town and pray. They both did. Around 5 a.m., a powerful earthquake hit their town, destroying the entire downtown area, but not one person was killed or even injured. These two ladies did not know each other, living on opposite corners of the town. In this case, the prayers of two saved a town.Rather than get anxious over the world situation and sound-bite political leaders, prayer is a powerful service we can perform for our fellow planet dwellers. Our prayers ascend into the Collective Consciousness and subliminally affect the whole of human consciousness and nature’s sensitive vibrations.Prayer time is also a wonderful sanctuary from the world’s weight. In this inner space of contacting God with love and caring for others, we can find a refuge for our often weary hearts and minds.As Cayce advised, “Why worry when you can pray? He [God] is the Whole, you are a part. Coordinate your abilities with the Whole.” (Reading 2528-2)


The Japanese earthquake has most of the world  glued to  TV sets watching the  events unfolding  right before our eyes.  The incredible force of the tsunami shows  our tenuous hold on this beautiful blue water planet we call home and  the ever humbling awesome power of Nature.  As I watched  it felt familiar as old stirrings of the Atlantis timeline came bubbling to the surface of my memory bank.  Remain present  as the Ascension energy rises  attuned to your inner guidance with an eye on the horizon...there's  A New Earth coming.


If you dedicated to raising your vibrations you've connected the dots via your own intuitive knowing along with the responsibility therein. As the old Piscean era dissolves and falls shaking off the shackles of the Creator gods we take  our place  beyond belief systems as responsible Co-Creators in the Universe.  As my wise Ranger Zen son says "There's something out there".  For those out of the box, be alert, be aware as Stargates open...or Starships land.


The other day I was contemplating visiting someplace nearby to physically touch base with Nature Intelligence energies.  As I mentally scanned some favorite locations I was surprised when one I'd never considered just jumped out at me- my Mother's garden down on the farm where I grew up!   Of course!  Where better to feel and feed my spirit than the area that literally fed me? How easy to overlook these humble backyard gardens spaces for the more scenic 'wild and and natural'. With awestruck  reverence I realize that Mother's vigilance and focused attention tending her garden had to be a two-way communication, on some level, that provided endless bounty feeding a family of nine with Plenty left over.  If you're looking for sacred spot to get grounded and soak up some vibrations today don't overlook your own magic garden, Grandma's or Mama's where Gaia radiates  our sustenance, inspiration and empowerment.


The old Piscean foundations crash and fall as we transcend into the Age of Aquarius with it's restoration of the Sacred Feminine.  From the dominant male paradigm of force, we awaken  the archetypal Great Mother  with her nurturing qualities of caring, sharing and equality.  Whether male or female, mother, sister, crone or wildwoman, the divine goddess energy softens and sustains us with it's gifts of sensual fertile creativity as  we design our reality.  Strong, resilient and bountiful yet vulnerable and humble endowing ourselves and our world with harmlessness, faith and trust we honor the Mother with the renaissance of peace,  harmony and abundance.


I took advantage of a warm sunny day recently to  revisit a secluded small  spring where the  resident Deva goddess energy reminded me the value of staying in tune with the sacred earth.  Centered and grounded, away from power lines and people it's easier to know and  feel  the embedded harmony  and wisdom of these ancient Ozarks where I live.  Wherever you are, reconnect with the regenerative powers of your land and enhance the  expansion of potential quickening now.


20ll rolled in with a bang! Volcano's erupt, earthquakes rumble and governments totter and fall reminding us that the Ascension frequency is rising.  As the old paradigms crumble we're all affected, globally and locally, remotely or personally.  Perhaps you're in transition or see this mirrored in your friends and family as the 2012 energy moves us, literally or figuratively.  Let's all take the opportunity to welcome the upgraded energy for peaceful change.  In our time we must remain grounded and direct our vision of a New Earth happening now, for ourselves and this small blue planet we treasure and call home.  Victim or creator?  You decide.


Anytime we wish to create something always remember the Universe responds to how sharply, finely, we detail our requests.   If one desires money then surely you have your wish fulfilled as most of us have some manner of money.  But if you desire an income of ten thousand a month you've given the 'magic genie' something definite!  Do you desire the experience of winning the lottery or is your real goal financial abundance and freedom?  In the past I've worked with clients who focused on trying to create workout routines and diet regimens when what they wanted was good health.  Vague generalized goals manifest in vague generalized ways. "God is in the details" so let's get clear, define our goals and enliven, energize, name and claim what we really want.


Sometimes it's fun to  explore new things and expand our repertoire but  does it add to our quality of life or is it just useless information? Over the years I've learned to 'test the water' by sensing the embedded energy first and save myself wasted effort and time.  Let's  avoid distractions and free up our creative power by  feeling, only found in the present.  Get back to basics...stop thinking and start living.


What do you think about?  Most people would answer that they only have good thoughts but what are they experiencing?   Does your reality reflect  lack or abundance, peace or discord?  Escape old indoctrination/programming by getting grounded and present.  As awakened WILL we empower ourselves choosing what we prefer to experience. Discover wonderful things...the gift of Presence.


The impact of the new incoming healing energy affects us all during this time of transition.  Be prepared for change as a fresh wind blows through revealing  hidden constructs we no longer need.  We must release these emotional crutches of the past awakening our WILL.   As  we discover  our own sacred divinity  our co-creative power returns.  Be the change you wish to experience.  Are you ready?


One of the best ways to live free and be happy is minding our own business.  Egoic mind loves to over inflate our sense of importance regarding helping or saving others so do the right thing but always heed your gut feeling before interfering in others dramas.  Please respect their right to explore their stories their way. When others try to suck you into their dramas, consider choosing no response, remain present and detached  and don't take it personally.


I took advantage of the weekend to take a drive on my old home ley line and revisit some nearby mound locations.  This area still emits it's low frequency hum as normal so no changes overall in spite of reckless farming and building. The temple Mound on family farm where I grew up was leveled to grow rice by the new owners so it now emits only the faintest signal although I sense it may be unchanged on the etheric plane?   Another strong signal near the old Military Road, one positive and one negative needing clearing reminding me the old Indian Ford on the St. Francis river needs attention as well since both these locations were embedded with the  sadness and despair of the Cherokee trail of tears and the Civil war Mars energy.  Whether remotely or in person, join me and others as we focus attention healing our land, our planet.