''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


It's time to take down the tree and pack away the holiday decor as my thoughts turn to the mission many of us chose to accept.  Remembering ages old Temple training we begin now to take a more active role  assisting as ancient Sun Temples awaken portals to anchor and stabilize the incoming beneficent frequencies. Wherever you are, whatever your contribution, align with the healing energy for new beginnings raising vibrations and  restoring harmony.


Here's hoping you took advantage of the full moon eclipse energy download greeting the winter solstice.   A couple of networking friends drawn to their local sacred location for their  dedicated private rituals report they sense  increased  beneficent energy they describe as in harmony with nature.   I was inspired to revisit an area of  mounds near a local archaeological dig, site of an ancient Indian village.   I usually choose a water feature power spot such a local creek, spring or river,  so I was surprised until I attuned  and recognized the faint vibrational tones signature still being emitted as  another awakening Sun Temple location activated by the full moon lunar eclipse.   I hope your Solstice was equally awesome.


How do you describe yourself?  Your self-defining labels have creative power so beware of what you say....the Magic Genie hears us speak our word and takes us literally.  Better to claim "I am happy", "I am blessed", "I am well" than the old refrains of illness, depression and lack.  One of the best places to view our reality from is  the basic premise that we are here learning about life.  Whether we consider ourselves happy or miserable we're exploring life in all it's myriad variety.  Choose happiness.


Like most people, my motivation for understanding reality was so I could create the things I wanted.  Love, money, success--peace too...although I thought I had to have the former first.  As my path unfolded and I refined my creative abilities, manifesting things didn't give lasting fulfillment, inspiring me to always set new goals.  Along the way I realized it wasn't things but  realness  I was seeking.  After the ages old human question "Who Am I?" comes "Why Am I Here?".  Perhaps like me, your intuitive response was comprehension you are here to contribute to the 2012 ascension shift.   No longer fixated on self, we give something back. As you practice stillness, the intuitive bridge opens and Higher consciousness reveals our personal mission,  'what life asks of us' and we fulfill our major purpose.


The New Moon marked new beginnings and new projects in an experiential way for me.  Inspired by the freshening energy I had the opportunity for an impromptu getaway weekend trip to one of my fave earth mother sites, Table Rock Lake near Branson/Eureka Springs.  Underneath the commercial static there the land  emits a uplifting  grounding frequency from old temple  sites in the ancient Ozark mountains  accelerated and accentuated by the area's XXX Stargate opening activating new beneficent healing rays much appreciated and needed at this time.  Although I normally orchestrate  every moment of a trip the New Moon energy inspired me to cease control and the reward was a relaxed delightful weekend that I couldn't have planned.  As the area's earth mother/goddess energy grounded and soothed I felt the awesome wisdom of the old adage  let go, be present. Light a candle and welcome the New Moon energy embraced by the goddess gifts above and beyond the egoic mind.