''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


According to Edgar Cayce, the Mississippi Valley was settled by second generation Atlantean survivors that struggled north from the Yuca-tan.  Most are familiar with the Mound Builders culture that built the Serpent Mound in Ohio and the Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis but the entire SE area of the U.S. is dotted with prehistoric mounds.  My home area  is filled with mounds, some  still emitting  their Sun Temple Atlantean signature frequency.  It's a aggressive male yang energy old hat to those of us native born. So be prepared to confront your issues when you spend time in Atlantean vortex areas, they seem to surface more easily compared to the positive female yin energy of the Lemurian sites...think laid back Southern California and Hawaii? Yin or Yang,  align with the vortex frequency wherever you are and appreciate the vibrational energy designed to assist ascension now.


The rad 1960's popularized astrology for the masses when every hometown newspaper began running  daily horoscopes and we all wanted to know "What's your sign"?  After the revolutionary planetary aspects this summer I hear "It's the stars" frequently and wonder do we ever really create our own reality with the planetary aspects influence? Now we all have our eye on the 2012 planetary alignment the date the ancient Mayan's ended their calendar...pole shift doomsday or spiritual ascension to A New Earth?


Lately I've noticed an  increased awareness operating like inner radar when egoic mind kicks in.  Whether one practices Presence or another tech, the goal is  to quiet the mind, void the habitual negativity associated with being in the mental mode, letting go of judgement, justifications and live in the moment. Some term  these  Ascension symptoms, aspects of aligning with new higher  energies as the old Piscean emotion based age fades. Experiencing more and thinking less raises our vibrations as we shift to higher levels of consciousness welcoming the Age of Aquarius.


 Please take a few moments today, joining with thousands of others around the world, to focus attention on the opening Stargates.  As we  align  our intention we assist the dormant crystalline grids awakening  ancient portals and anchor beneficial ascension energy.   Many have gathered together magnifying  attention while some Solitaires plan a private  ceremony or ritual at  a nearby sacred site, perhaps a river, spring, mountain, park or even their own garden to welcome and ground the new incoming download  in consciousness.  Wherever you are,  attune to the healing frequency raising your vibrations and  enabling the  planetary shift to wholeness.


When you find your attention scattered and too much going on one way to manage reality is by taking a retreat day.  Back off from your routine and spend a day alone if possible, if not then in silence.  In the past I would drive up to Big Spring, where the vibrational roar of the spring has a wonderful meditative quality,  a favorite location back then for my Airborne Ranger son  home on leave  to do some rappelling, grounding with an edge.  At other times I loved to walk the temple Mound on the farm where I grew up, sacred ground now lost to history when the new owners leveled it to grow rice.   Many people find the journey is the meditation, even just a short drive or walk can have restorative qualities.  If you don't have time to get out of the house then just take a sabbatical at home.  Turn off the TV and phone, make sure you're grounded and open to receive the freshening energy.  Symbolically closeout the world by shutting the door behind you to your home temple sacred space...even a few moments can clear the air, restoring our sense of wholeness.  Tune out the egoic mind and attune to Presence, the creative space for solutions to appear.


The cool  weather is a good reality check, marking the fall season here again.  As summer faded  away a lot of people noticed another  time acceleration, 2012 warp energy reminding us to we are already into the shift.    Being present,  aligned with the uptempo frequencies stages the paradox where  I find I have a lot of socalled time but it certainly is speeding by faster than ever!  Whether one recognizes the 2012 paradigm or not, we're all aware something is happening.  Oil spills, economic instability, relationships fail, nuclear threats, weird hurricane patterns, all symbolize the changes as we shift into the Age of Aquarius.  So how's it going for you?  In the last year I've seen several networking friends make changes in their lives, reflective of the 2012 wave, letting go of the old status quo to do what they love to do.  In spite of outer circumstance they acclimated to the energy choosing to contribute their gifts in  these volatile times.  Some threw up their shingle In Service To Others while others work behind the scenes in their Solitaire orientation.  Rather than resist the energy, they embraced it.  Remember, as Stargates open and planetary ascension nears, the only ticket to A New Earth  is raised vibrations.  Join us.


In these fast paced times we rush here and there attending to business and chasing our dreams,  living our lives totally mindless of the earth beneath our feet.  Most people live in their minds unaware they are disconnected from the powerful energies available to them.  Few ever attune to the lay of the land of the earth grids, vortexes and sacred power spots that may be nearby.  Today's ley lines, dragon lines of old, are still electromagnetic charged frequencies. 
Birds migrate along these invisible  meridians and UFO sightings are sometimes seen as well. It's said that where the Dragon lines cross the energy spirals into a vortex producing massive energies, often expressed via the tectonic plates as earthquake faults, for example the New Madrid Vortex here where I live.
Many people are sensitive to the vibrations emitting embedded messages indicating they may carry timeline encodings, perhaps from the old Atlantean Empire?  If you feel drawn to explore the earth energies Geo-magnetic paradigm then begin by grounding first and attune with the frequency right where you are.  As you quiet your mind the impressions will come....enjoy the quest.