''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


I've begun the fall season doing a bit of decorating, reviving an old hobby that keeps me grounded, centered and present.  It's  a great way to realign with domestic goddess energy, whether you're male or female.  One of the problems with living in our heads is we lose the connections to these sources of help, strength and assistance.  You can call them Deva's, angels, goddess, archetypes, the Madonna, whatever works, as long as one is open and into this nurturing energy and another way of balancing the left brain practical with the right brain artistic mode.  When  you notice your getting  strung out from life's static, take some time to nurture your inner goddess, domestic or otherwise, and restore your authenticity and harmony.  Honor the goddess and she'll honor you right back!


Another historic  ley line to explore locally runs parallel to beautiful crystal clear Black River.  Bordered on the south by mounds left from the Mound Builder era, the ley - lay of the land allows for only one passage, what was once an Indian trail is now a paved county road.  Keener Springs  near the Old Military Road ford mark a active area within the line's energy.  From the Atlantean colonist times, to Hernando De Soto, the Cherokee's Trail of Tears, Civil War skirmish to present times, it's a hot spot on an ancient grid line worth a day trip for those who love to sense the energy embedded in the line.  Coming from Poplar Bluff there is a long range overlook where it's possible  to perceive the Atlantean signature frequency of  the area, setting  the background for the intuitive.  With our famous Ozark fall foliage on the way, plan a trip for a memorable experience you'll treasure.


While we all love the right brain creative mode we need the left brain practicality for balance and harmony.  Most of us are aware when we get spaced out and use different means to reground.    Like a lot of others, I find myself escaping my issues in right brain artistic mode, momentarily OK but not where we need to stay.  We all have ways for ROOTING we use without being aware sometime of how we ground and reconnect.  I remember back in my son's Army years, he would periodically go outback alone  in the Smoky Mountains to center and reconnect.  Another of my networking friends uses her hobby as a potter to reground and center.  My mother used her garden as her meditative retreat, others make their daily workout that space and I do both but my favorite is my decorating, another moving meditation  learned at the Atlantean Temple of Beauty Edgar Cayce mentioned in readings.  It's a frequency that I attune to, shifting me back into the present.  Use whatever works for you to balance left brain practicality with right brain creativity,  your innate Higher Self intuitive  Wisdom with your feet on the ground Can Do calm intention. Whether we realize it or not, what we are doing is getting real, only found in the present.


Another ancient ley line close by runs near Crowley's Ridge in Missouri south into Arkansas, loosely following the St. Francis River.   When Hernando De Soto followed this route north through present day Arkansas into Missouri in 1541  exploring the St. Francis River Valley, he passed very near our home place, just  west of the river.  At that time he wrote in his journal about encountering a huge population of  Native American tribes living here,  remnants of inhabitation spanning 12,000 years.  Part of the Mississippi  embayment, the delta area   ley lines  emit their old Atlantean signature frequency, still recognizable today near remaining  temple mounds.  Site of the Civil War battle of Chalk Bluff, ley lines, alien abduction, UFO's, Indian Mounds, all in the New Madrid earthquake vortex powerful energy field...by accident or design?   As I've speculated before, are the ley lines portals for the space craft or do the craft energize the lines? Were these grids created when the area was an Atlantean colony or are they  associated with Gaia or Nature Intelligence,  canvassing the natural electromagnetic force of this  sacred land?   Or could all the above  apply?


Almost everyone has some understanding of the body's electrical like meridians due to the popularity of acupuncture, EFT and many other modalities.  In any discussion about electromagnetic frequencies someone will bring up the Slider phenomena, a term coined for those who somehow turn street lamps off when they pass, and over the years I've talked to people who  told me that their energy affects their computer, TV, lighting, autos etc, turning them off and on.  Chatting on the phone with an old friend recently, she told me she has had a lot of spooky experiences of this nature, always in hotels since her career as a platform stylist involved constant travel. Being psychic herself, she has an innate comprehension she causes the phenomena but not why.  We discussed the many conjectures about this, from faulty wiring to ghosts and suddenly my electricity went off!  My entire house went dead for couple of minutes.  What did it mean?  Since I don't believe in coincidence I took it as a example how she affects frequencies unintentionally, even at a distance.  I haven't researched this phenomena but won't be surprised to learn it's another aspect relative to Remote Viewing affecting reality.  Reminds me I read somewhere that the famous Northeast blackout several years ago was caused by some foreign telepathic blackops team?  Makes me wonder...what do you think?


Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010, 11:09 P.M. marks the Autumn Equinox followed by Saturday's full moon  providing the backdrop as we ease into fall, my favorite time of the year.  I'm grateful for the signal the seasons are changing again and time to update my projects.  As usual, I have too many things in the works at once so time to edit and focus on what's most important.  What have I accomplished this summer and what needs completion?  What about those projects on the back burner?  They are still on hold but leak attention better used in the present.  One way to update is to sense what has the most creating energy and go from there. 


Recently I  had a note from a client  who suspected they might be under psychic attack  so thought I'd share a few tips on this all too common problem that I've experienced myself over the years.  Sometimes we are aware where these are coming from and in righteous self defense shoot it right back to the sender! This strategy can work but not always and is a temporary fix at best.  The first thing to understand is that we have become vulnerable and need to tighten our natural immunity.  There are many suggestions for shielding on the Internet, including building a protective white light bubble, warding your space with guardian Angels, invoking the protection of the Christ and more.  Use what works for you,  clear the energy with sage or sacred tobacco and then when you are ready, address the setup that invited this experience.  Perhaps it was a moment of intense sadness, anger, depression, an evening of too many cocktails, guilt, remorse, drugs,  a shock, aspects of karmic relationships or emotions that opened a chakra to  intrusive telepathic negativity from others.  Whatever the cause,   get assistance from your priest, priestess, spiritual guide, use EFT or practice Presence and remember this kind of experience can be used for our benefit, raising our consciousness, so take it as constructive and move on.  There's no such thing as coincidence.


After a hectic couple of weeks I looked forward to  a quiet holiday but at the last minute  I was off to beautiful  Arkansas for the Labor Day weekend.  The Universe is so clever to shift reality  in believable ways...or was it my Atlantis team?  Suddenly I was effortlessly able to attend a  holiday house party invitation providing the opportunity to revisit the  opening Stargate Crystal Portal area.  I sensed much healing had been accomplished in the last year by the still quiet low key vibration indicating the vortex connecting the three energy fields, Hot Springs, Eureka Springs and the Talimena Ridge is well on the way to being anchored and aligned, distributing the healing crystalline energy.   As I explored the nuances of the vortex frequency I smiled to myself, acknowledging  the complex invisible maneuverings  behind the scenes that orchestrated the trip I'd thought I was unable to take. Another example how the embedded energy will carry us where we need to be.   Enjoy the journey.

Virginia Beach

Edgar Cayce reading [1152-11]
 (Q) Is Virginia Beach to be safe?  (A) It is the center - and the only seaport and center - of the White Brotherhood.  
Years ago, while living at Virginia Beach,  everyday  I spent an hour or so in the Cayce ARE meditation room overlooking the ocean, then drive up to 1st Landing State Park and continue 'meditation'  awhile where it's said Edgar Cayce used to  walk and talk with the White Brotherhood there.  I had begun consciously working with the White Brotherhood a few years before they inspired my move to the Beach, when the locator ping  called certain Atlantean frequencyholders back to participate  anchoring the energy.   Later  I was moved on,  reactivating ancient Temple Training relevant to The Mission, but may return to the Beach again soon?  Vis a vis The Troubles, Sissy's channel said that 'the ET's would descend and along with the White Brotherhood, restore order'.