''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


Regarding Arkansas ley lines and vortexes:  Some have already relocated to one of the stargate areas and  others will still join their mission group soon while many assist remotely from wherever they are. If you are among the   returning Atlantean advanced frequency holders then your  ages old Temple training  kicked in activating your  wisdom, understanding and comprehension to participate in the mission.  If you were like me I thought I chose to participate but as time has gone by I realize THE MISSION chose me - that this is my major purpose I'm here for.


I was  researching on the Internet the other day and the process reminded me of creating reality.  If I select the subject "Ascension 2012" then that is what appears.  If I select "Doomsday 2012" then I get that...the point is that our reality reflects what we focus our attention on.  "Reality goes where attention flows".  So then why do we allow ourselves to dwell on negativity?  The simple answer is that egoic mind feeds off this frequency - so is good idea to monitor our thoughts on an ongoing basis.  The creative Force is completely neutral and merely gives us what we focus on.  I've noticed many  agree with this premise in theory but don't practice it, because like me, they fail to keep their eye on the ball and  manifest what they desire for lack of attention.  When we catch ourselves 'just being realistic' lets get present, return to Source and direct The Force responsibly.


Like many others I noticed sometimes the surreal setup quality of events as life happened but it was many years before I was willing to accept that someone  or something else might be generating our reality. I believed I created my own reality so were these ALL default creations?  I noticed if I was resistant the 'game' continued and I wondered were we trapped in some virtual reality program where others somewhere experience vicariously through us?  Are we dreaming?   Or is it the egoic mind on a runaway creating it all to sustain itself?  Not just you or I, but our civilization and our world? Are the controllers, the real powers who run this universe from behind the scenes, enslaving us with a negative frequency for their own hidden agenda?  If so what can we do? If you love life then we can intend to wake up  by choosing to be present, alert, responsible and  raise our vibrations uplifting us out of the vibrational maze.  I spent years trying to think myself out of the prison planet scenario and I can tell you it doesn't work, it's another ego trick that keeps us entrapped. Take advantage of the 2012 energies, get present and align with Presence, it's our ticket through the Ascension Stargate.