''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


I've really been busy lately doing some late spring housecleaning, clearing out and simplifying my stuff.  As the 2012 energy accelerates I'm reminded less is more all over again.  Streamlining  aligns with recent  lifestyle changes reflecting more of who I am today, less identity - more Presence.  I recall reading once that if you want to move and can't, then move the furniture, which will signal the Universe your intention, in other words take physical actions symbolic of your goals.  Practicing Presence has brought many changes in relationships, health, comprehension and self expression in my personal life reflecting the  outer earth changes.  If you chose ascension to A New Earth  then just  remember you will walk through the Stargate (or enter the Starship) without your material possessions.  Your ticket is your vibration...so loose and let go of the old egoic mindset, relax in the spacious Now and return to Source.


 I've been reminded recently that I am  the source of my creative power, or to put that another way, "I Am Source".  As the winds of change sweep our planet we need to remember we are Co-Creators and be responsible.  We must shake free of the egoic mind and begin to live from the Spirit within in the "peace that surpasses all things".  As the 2012 shift accelerates we need to standfast, and allow the space for Presence.  Remember it's not about the blame game, it's about experiencing.  If you dedicated to Ascension it's not a goal to be achieved in some future time, it's available now by practicing Presence.  Be aware, be alert, be present.


My own experience  with Arkansas dragon lines began when I lived on the old Indian track, scenic Hwy 7, near Hot Springs.  Apparently this is the major ley line that runs from New Orleans to Fayetteville/Eureka Springs, Arkansas that attracted so many 60's flower children from New Orleans to relocate or have second homes in that area? Another more powerful crystal ley line is Hwy 270 Hot Springs to Mena, and don't forget the Toltec Mound area where I sense several lines  still actively radiate energies from the Atlantean  mound builder era.  Of course, Arkansas is full of ley lines, these are just some I have experienced.  The high frequencies associated with ley lines can be a blessing or accentuate your issues so when you're drawn to exploring these be aware. Using fixed attention similar to a remote viewing technique I  tapped into the locational frequency that was a experiential  reminder. Old  Temple training tech started to shift in, to match the vibrations, a good thing to do if you don't wish your issues turned on by the vortex energy. I began to wonder about the Atlantean Seed Crystal I left for myself to find in these times,  but  sensed  this is more about the  step up in the vibrational frequency from the crystal beds of the awakening Stargate.    If  you are being called to participate physically in the Arkansas Stargates 2012 openings  remember,  "Many are called...but few are chosen".