''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


I took a short road trip this week and was sharply aware how it was a unit of experience that began when I left my home and ended when I returned.  I didn't perceive it as 3 days of time but as one self contained unit.  A friend just returning from vacation noted the same perception of her cross country trip. I have been aware of this for almost 20 years but this was a good reminder -  as soon as I got home the 'trip' seemed to slip into archival mode, along with past trips or even dreams.  Did I really go or did I imagine the trip?  Apparently it's a "time" management tool whether learned or natural, that offers us useful benefits.  Don't have enough time?  Well, how about just units of experience?


Seed Crystals
Several years ago my guide Justine said that in the last days of Atlantis using advanced  technology I had left information for myself recorded in a seed crystal  to find in these times.  He indicated that  I had put it where I would discover it again when it was ready to be accessed.  At the time I wasn't into the Atlantean timeline much and had never heard of Seed crystals.  Over the years the  timeline resurfaced and although I knew it wasn't needed yet  I have always been looking for the crystal and  sensed it lay sleeping in Arkansas  waiting for me.  I have patiently awaited the call I hear now and recognize from ages old Temple training.... right place, right time, when my Atlantean Seed Crystal has awakened activating the locator frequency ping.   It may be a gift or I may find it on eBay, a Gem Show or a  store in Hot Springs, Sedona or Mt. Shasta etc where it rests infusing an overlay of the vortex energy there that will open the timelock of the stone.


I've mentioned before some characteristic's of the solar plexus, the the warrior aspect seat of our Will and dedication  known as the Fire element.   It's  another intuitive  gateway we often refer to as our gut feeling.  We all relate to the knowing we  experience and may even heed the messages we FEEL....no words are needed when this happens.  Sometimes we don't listen but wish we had.  Otherwise, we also can receive intuition in a flash, kind of a mental knowing often in words.  This is valid as well but as 2012 approaches I sense we need to refine our ability via the solar plexus where we feel the knowingness in truth and clarity without interpretation.  How many times have we said, or heard others say,  "I had a gut feeling but I didn't listen?"  I believe we must refine our 'gut feeling' to ascertain the integrity required, revive our sense of commitment, awaken the Will, and feel the fire of empowerment that opens a physical Stargate essential to our Ascension  figuratively up the Chakra "ladder" ...perhaps  to the Starship?


I think most of us that understand the premise of "A New Earth" may wonder what kind of world  it will be.  If you're like me you caught the spirit of it and aren't too concerned about details.  My sense of it is a peaceful reality of abundance for all where we live the experience expressing  our highest potential in harmony with Nature.  So now that we have chosen (or been chosen, depending on your perception) how will we get there?  Will we morph into A New Earth or will a Starship pick us up or whatever your version might be (some may experience both Stargate and Starship).  My favorite is from an Eckhart Tolle comment that A New Earth is here now and some people are already living in  it but that's invisible to those who haven't raised their vibrations.  My perception is that as we raise our vibrations our reality SHIFTS to  A New Earth, via our personal Stargate, reflecting that vibrational state.  I think this vibration awakens the Light Body one must have to exist in that frequency and the key is Practicing Presence, turning off Ego and living in the moment,  in harmlessness and quiet awareness.