''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"


It's time to take down the tree and pack away the holiday decor as my thoughts turn to the mission many of us chose to accept.  Remembering ages old Temple training we begin now to take a more active role  assisting as ancient Sun Temples awaken portals to anchor and stabilize the incoming beneficent frequencies. Wherever you are, whatever your contribution, align with the healing energy for new beginnings raising vibrations and  restoring harmony.


Here's hoping you took advantage of the full moon eclipse energy download greeting the winter solstice.   A couple of networking friends drawn to their local sacred location for their  dedicated private rituals report they sense  increased  beneficent energy they describe as in harmony with nature.   I was inspired to revisit an area of  mounds near a local archaeological dig, site of an ancient Indian village.   I usually choose a water feature power spot such a local creek, spring or river,  so I was surprised until I attuned  and recognized the faint vibrational tones signature still being emitted as  another awakening Sun Temple location activated by the full moon lunar eclipse.   I hope your Solstice was equally awesome.


How do you describe yourself?  Your self-defining labels have creative power so beware of what you say....the Magic Genie hears us speak our word and takes us literally.  Better to claim "I am happy", "I am blessed", "I am well" than the old refrains of illness, depression and lack.  One of the best places to view our reality from is  the basic premise that we are here learning about life.  Whether we consider ourselves happy or miserable we're exploring life in all it's myriad variety.  Choose happiness.


Like most people, my motivation for understanding reality was so I could create the things I wanted.  Love, money, success--peace too...although I thought I had to have the former first.  As my path unfolded and I refined my creative abilities, manifesting things didn't give lasting fulfillment, inspiring me to always set new goals.  Along the way I realized it wasn't things but  realness  I was seeking.  After the ages old human question "Who Am I?" comes "Why Am I Here?".  Perhaps like me, your intuitive response was comprehension you are here to contribute to the 2012 ascension shift.   No longer fixated on self, we give something back. As you practice stillness, the intuitive bridge opens and Higher consciousness reveals our personal mission,  'what life asks of us' and we fulfill our major purpose.


The New Moon marked new beginnings and new projects in an experiential way for me.  Inspired by the freshening energy I had the opportunity for an impromptu getaway weekend trip to one of my fave earth mother sites, Table Rock Lake near Branson/Eureka Springs.  Underneath the commercial static there the land  emits a uplifting  grounding frequency from old temple  sites in the ancient Ozark mountains  accelerated and accentuated by the area's XXX Stargate opening activating new beneficent healing rays much appreciated and needed at this time.  Although I normally orchestrate  every moment of a trip the New Moon energy inspired me to cease control and the reward was a relaxed delightful weekend that I couldn't have planned.  As the area's earth mother/goddess energy grounded and soothed I felt the awesome wisdom of the old adage  let go, be present. Light a candle and welcome the New Moon energy embraced by the goddess gifts above and beyond the egoic mind.


I'm still receiving feedback on XXX energy effects.  Those dedicated In Service To Others find obstacles disappear  enabling their personal Mission as out of sync  people and situations detach and move on. As junk DNA comes online raising vibrations and enhancing  intuitive abilities others report  knowing guidance for right action and solutions.  Some say they received activation unexpectedly from particular sacred ground location or from other people. If you set your intention for A New Earth  you are experiencing the evolutionary energy  activating our  dormant DNA as Awakening Masters.   Choose to live from your heart practicing compassion and  and experience the gifts of Presence  healing the planet and ourselves.


If you believe in reincarnation then don't you wonder about your past connections with others?  Whether  it's parallel lives or just past life paradigm the recall content can be  amazingly rich with background material.  Spending time with  old gal friends  recently I was surprised with an intuitive flash that a couple of them shared my  Akhenaten court experience, a Far Memories recall inspired when the conversation shifted to health and the merits of Sun therapy and our lifelong penchant as sun worshipers.  It was a brief third eye glimpse of a group of  young priestesses at Tel El Amarna relaxing poolside in a sunny courtyard, dressed in white lightweight gowns, some with flower garlands in their hair, catching the rays.  This vignette was so real I can't wait  to explore it further when time permits.


According to Edgar Cayce, the Mississippi Valley was settled by second generation Atlantean survivors that struggled north from the Yuca-tan.  Most are familiar with the Mound Builders culture that built the Serpent Mound in Ohio and the Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis but the entire SE area of the U.S. is dotted with prehistoric mounds.  My home area  is filled with mounds, some  still emitting  their Sun Temple Atlantean signature frequency.  It's a aggressive male yang energy old hat to those of us native born. So be prepared to confront your issues when you spend time in Atlantean vortex areas, they seem to surface more easily compared to the positive female yin energy of the Lemurian sites...think laid back Southern California and Hawaii? Yin or Yang,  align with the vortex frequency wherever you are and appreciate the vibrational energy designed to assist ascension now.


The rad 1960's popularized astrology for the masses when every hometown newspaper began running  daily horoscopes and we all wanted to know "What's your sign"?  After the revolutionary planetary aspects this summer I hear "It's the stars" frequently and wonder do we ever really create our own reality with the planetary aspects influence? Now we all have our eye on the 2012 planetary alignment the date the ancient Mayan's ended their calendar...pole shift doomsday or spiritual ascension to A New Earth?


Lately I've noticed an  increased awareness operating like inner radar when egoic mind kicks in.  Whether one practices Presence or another tech, the goal is  to quiet the mind, void the habitual negativity associated with being in the mental mode, letting go of judgement, justifications and live in the moment. Some term  these  Ascension symptoms, aspects of aligning with new higher  energies as the old Piscean emotion based age fades. Experiencing more and thinking less raises our vibrations as we shift to higher levels of consciousness welcoming the Age of Aquarius.


 Please take a few moments today, joining with thousands of others around the world, to focus attention on the opening Stargates.  As we  align  our intention we assist the dormant crystalline grids awakening  ancient portals and anchor beneficial ascension energy.   Many have gathered together magnifying  attention while some Solitaires plan a private  ceremony or ritual at  a nearby sacred site, perhaps a river, spring, mountain, park or even their own garden to welcome and ground the new incoming download  in consciousness.  Wherever you are,  attune to the healing frequency raising your vibrations and  enabling the  planetary shift to wholeness.


When you find your attention scattered and too much going on one way to manage reality is by taking a retreat day.  Back off from your routine and spend a day alone if possible, if not then in silence.  In the past I would drive up to Big Spring, where the vibrational roar of the spring has a wonderful meditative quality,  a favorite location back then for my Airborne Ranger son  home on leave  to do some rappelling, grounding with an edge.  At other times I loved to walk the temple Mound on the farm where I grew up, sacred ground now lost to history when the new owners leveled it to grow rice.   Many people find the journey is the meditation, even just a short drive or walk can have restorative qualities.  If you don't have time to get out of the house then just take a sabbatical at home.  Turn off the TV and phone, make sure you're grounded and open to receive the freshening energy.  Symbolically closeout the world by shutting the door behind you to your home temple sacred space...even a few moments can clear the air, restoring our sense of wholeness.  Tune out the egoic mind and attune to Presence, the creative space for solutions to appear.


The cool  weather is a good reality check, marking the fall season here again.  As summer faded  away a lot of people noticed another  time acceleration, 2012 warp energy reminding us to we are already into the shift.    Being present,  aligned with the uptempo frequencies stages the paradox where  I find I have a lot of socalled time but it certainly is speeding by faster than ever!  Whether one recognizes the 2012 paradigm or not, we're all aware something is happening.  Oil spills, economic instability, relationships fail, nuclear threats, weird hurricane patterns, all symbolize the changes as we shift into the Age of Aquarius.  So how's it going for you?  In the last year I've seen several networking friends make changes in their lives, reflective of the 2012 wave, letting go of the old status quo to do what they love to do.  In spite of outer circumstance they acclimated to the energy choosing to contribute their gifts in  these volatile times.  Some threw up their shingle In Service To Others while others work behind the scenes in their Solitaire orientation.  Rather than resist the energy, they embraced it.  Remember, as Stargates open and planetary ascension nears, the only ticket to A New Earth  is raised vibrations.  Join us.


In these fast paced times we rush here and there attending to business and chasing our dreams,  living our lives totally mindless of the earth beneath our feet.  Most people live in their minds unaware they are disconnected from the powerful energies available to them.  Few ever attune to the lay of the land of the earth grids, vortexes and sacred power spots that may be nearby.  Today's ley lines, dragon lines of old, are still electromagnetic charged frequencies. 
Birds migrate along these invisible  meridians and UFO sightings are sometimes seen as well. It's said that where the Dragon lines cross the energy spirals into a vortex producing massive energies, often expressed via the tectonic plates as earthquake faults, for example the New Madrid Vortex here where I live.
Many people are sensitive to the vibrations emitting embedded messages indicating they may carry timeline encodings, perhaps from the old Atlantean Empire?  If you feel drawn to explore the earth energies Geo-magnetic paradigm then begin by grounding first and attune with the frequency right where you are.  As you quiet your mind the impressions will come....enjoy the quest.


I've begun the fall season doing a bit of decorating, reviving an old hobby that keeps me grounded, centered and present.  It's  a great way to realign with domestic goddess energy, whether you're male or female.  One of the problems with living in our heads is we lose the connections to these sources of help, strength and assistance.  You can call them Deva's, angels, goddess, archetypes, the Madonna, whatever works, as long as one is open and into this nurturing energy and another way of balancing the left brain practical with the right brain artistic mode.  When  you notice your getting  strung out from life's static, take some time to nurture your inner goddess, domestic or otherwise, and restore your authenticity and harmony.  Honor the goddess and she'll honor you right back!


Another historic  ley line to explore locally runs parallel to beautiful crystal clear Black River.  Bordered on the south by mounds left from the Mound Builder era, the ley - lay of the land allows for only one passage, what was once an Indian trail is now a paved county road.  Keener Springs  near the Old Military Road ford mark a active area within the line's energy.  From the Atlantean colonist times, to Hernando De Soto, the Cherokee's Trail of Tears, Civil War skirmish to present times, it's a hot spot on an ancient grid line worth a day trip for those who love to sense the energy embedded in the line.  Coming from Poplar Bluff there is a long range overlook where it's possible  to perceive the Atlantean signature frequency of  the area, setting  the background for the intuitive.  With our famous Ozark fall foliage on the way, plan a trip for a memorable experience you'll treasure.


While we all love the right brain creative mode we need the left brain practicality for balance and harmony.  Most of us are aware when we get spaced out and use different means to reground.    Like a lot of others, I find myself escaping my issues in right brain artistic mode, momentarily OK but not where we need to stay.  We all have ways for ROOTING we use without being aware sometime of how we ground and reconnect.  I remember back in my son's Army years, he would periodically go outback alone  in the Smoky Mountains to center and reconnect.  Another of my networking friends uses her hobby as a potter to reground and center.  My mother used her garden as her meditative retreat, others make their daily workout that space and I do both but my favorite is my decorating, another moving meditation  learned at the Atlantean Temple of Beauty Edgar Cayce mentioned in readings.  It's a frequency that I attune to, shifting me back into the present.  Use whatever works for you to balance left brain practicality with right brain creativity,  your innate Higher Self intuitive  Wisdom with your feet on the ground Can Do calm intention. Whether we realize it or not, what we are doing is getting real, only found in the present.


Another ancient ley line close by runs near Crowley's Ridge in Missouri south into Arkansas, loosely following the St. Francis River.   When Hernando De Soto followed this route north through present day Arkansas into Missouri in 1541  exploring the St. Francis River Valley, he passed very near our home place, just  west of the river.  At that time he wrote in his journal about encountering a huge population of  Native American tribes living here,  remnants of inhabitation spanning 12,000 years.  Part of the Mississippi  embayment, the delta area   ley lines  emit their old Atlantean signature frequency, still recognizable today near remaining  temple mounds.  Site of the Civil War battle of Chalk Bluff, ley lines, alien abduction, UFO's, Indian Mounds, all in the New Madrid earthquake vortex powerful energy field...by accident or design?   As I've speculated before, are the ley lines portals for the space craft or do the craft energize the lines? Were these grids created when the area was an Atlantean colony or are they  associated with Gaia or Nature Intelligence,  canvassing the natural electromagnetic force of this  sacred land?   Or could all the above  apply?


Almost everyone has some understanding of the body's electrical like meridians due to the popularity of acupuncture, EFT and many other modalities.  In any discussion about electromagnetic frequencies someone will bring up the Slider phenomena, a term coined for those who somehow turn street lamps off when they pass, and over the years I've talked to people who  told me that their energy affects their computer, TV, lighting, autos etc, turning them off and on.  Chatting on the phone with an old friend recently, she told me she has had a lot of spooky experiences of this nature, always in hotels since her career as a platform stylist involved constant travel. Being psychic herself, she has an innate comprehension she causes the phenomena but not why.  We discussed the many conjectures about this, from faulty wiring to ghosts and suddenly my electricity went off!  My entire house went dead for couple of minutes.  What did it mean?  Since I don't believe in coincidence I took it as a example how she affects frequencies unintentionally, even at a distance.  I haven't researched this phenomena but won't be surprised to learn it's another aspect relative to Remote Viewing affecting reality.  Reminds me I read somewhere that the famous Northeast blackout several years ago was caused by some foreign telepathic blackops team?  Makes me wonder...what do you think?


Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010, 11:09 P.M. marks the Autumn Equinox followed by Saturday's full moon  providing the backdrop as we ease into fall, my favorite time of the year.  I'm grateful for the signal the seasons are changing again and time to update my projects.  As usual, I have too many things in the works at once so time to edit and focus on what's most important.  What have I accomplished this summer and what needs completion?  What about those projects on the back burner?  They are still on hold but leak attention better used in the present.  One way to update is to sense what has the most creating energy and go from there. 


Recently I  had a note from a client  who suspected they might be under psychic attack  so thought I'd share a few tips on this all too common problem that I've experienced myself over the years.  Sometimes we are aware where these are coming from and in righteous self defense shoot it right back to the sender! This strategy can work but not always and is a temporary fix at best.  The first thing to understand is that we have become vulnerable and need to tighten our natural immunity.  There are many suggestions for shielding on the Internet, including building a protective white light bubble, warding your space with guardian Angels, invoking the protection of the Christ and more.  Use what works for you,  clear the energy with sage or sacred tobacco and then when you are ready, address the setup that invited this experience.  Perhaps it was a moment of intense sadness, anger, depression, an evening of too many cocktails, guilt, remorse, drugs,  a shock, aspects of karmic relationships or emotions that opened a chakra to  intrusive telepathic negativity from others.  Whatever the cause,   get assistance from your priest, priestess, spiritual guide, use EFT or practice Presence and remember this kind of experience can be used for our benefit, raising our consciousness, so take it as constructive and move on.  There's no such thing as coincidence.


After a hectic couple of weeks I looked forward to  a quiet holiday but at the last minute  I was off to beautiful  Arkansas for the Labor Day weekend.  The Universe is so clever to shift reality  in believable ways...or was it my Atlantis team?  Suddenly I was effortlessly able to attend a  holiday house party invitation providing the opportunity to revisit the  opening Stargate Crystal Portal area.  I sensed much healing had been accomplished in the last year by the still quiet low key vibration indicating the vortex connecting the three energy fields, Hot Springs, Eureka Springs and the Talimena Ridge is well on the way to being anchored and aligned, distributing the healing crystalline energy.   As I explored the nuances of the vortex frequency I smiled to myself, acknowledging  the complex invisible maneuverings  behind the scenes that orchestrated the trip I'd thought I was unable to take. Another example how the embedded energy will carry us where we need to be.   Enjoy the journey.

Virginia Beach

Edgar Cayce reading [1152-11]
 (Q) Is Virginia Beach to be safe?  (A) It is the center - and the only seaport and center - of the White Brotherhood.  
Years ago, while living at Virginia Beach,  everyday  I spent an hour or so in the Cayce ARE meditation room overlooking the ocean, then drive up to 1st Landing State Park and continue 'meditation'  awhile where it's said Edgar Cayce used to  walk and talk with the White Brotherhood there.  I had begun consciously working with the White Brotherhood a few years before they inspired my move to the Beach, when the locator ping  called certain Atlantean frequencyholders back to participate  anchoring the energy.   Later  I was moved on,  reactivating ancient Temple Training relevant to The Mission, but may return to the Beach again soon?  Vis a vis The Troubles, Sissy's channel said that 'the ET's would descend and along with the White Brotherhood, restore order'.


Lavender Sachet www.stoutmountainlavender.com
I've been reviewing some old Arkansas posts that sharply reminded me  the  embedded  magnetic attraction of the location frequency,  still calling those to participate in the Stargates opening there.  I notice the PINGS are much stronger now, summoning those to assist, in person or remotely.  I love Arkansas, could it be in the 'blood'?  My paternal great grandfather moved there after the Civil War so  my roots run deep.  As a child we frequently visited relatives down home in the summertime and usually included a stop to see Miss Lizzy, my dad's mentor, a genteel old lady who lived in an old sprawling Victorian  in that sleepy little southern town.  Dressed in  lavender as well as wearing lavender fragrance, she was always at home for us, and with Cook  serving  tea, would seat us on the verandah for our visit.  I can still remember the contrast of the  icy cold sweet drink and the scorching hot temperature. Always kind and gracious in spite of our dropping in,  the visit was the highlight of our trip followed by driving through Hot Springs on the way. Back then I didn't know anything about the crystal beds beneath us but sure felt the strong vibration! With attention on the past I sense the magnetic attraction began back then, marked in memory by Miss Lizzy.  By the way,  since lavender is my favorite color and fragrance, I wonder if it's by chance or  by design, another way of attuning to the Arkansas Stargate frequency?


One of the highlights this summer was the week my grandson spent with me.  I had planned a itinerary to keep a sixteen year old busy, not an easy task, and the week flew by before I knew it, the lament of Grandmothers everywhere.  His intuitive ability made our trips remarkable to say the least, special memories I'll always treasure.  From our visit to nearby Chalk Bluff Battlefield Park on St. Francis River  to the cemetery at the Old Military Road ford on Black River where he picked up a spook!  Even though he lives in the middle of famous Civil War battlefields in Virginia, I think the visit made a lasting impression, not your typical boring duty visit to Granma.  I can't wait until next summer!


I lived in Florida for years and may return for awhile if I heed the recent telepathic summons to a  specific area per mission.  It came with sufficient energy for me to pay attention, explore and evaluate it, even though the idea isn't on my BUCKET LIST.  Focusing  allowed the message to reveal more details, such as the area was a former Atlantean Temple complex confirming Edgar Cayce's comment that the east coast of America was part of Atlantis.  The message was set to activate at this time, summoning only those  who are to participate at that location. This doesn't  mean we will all pick up and go there but some will respond and  continue holding the frequency in person working with Nature.   Coincidentally  I wanted to join the other snowbirds in Florida awhile this winter anyway. Over the years I have picked up similar messages per other Stargate opening locations that I chose not to respond to, or so I told myself...free will or predestination? What do you think?


I lived in Florida for years and may return for awhile if I heed the recent telepathic summons to a  specific area per mission.  It came with sufficient energy for me to pay attention, explore and evaluate it, even though the idea isn't on my BUCKET LIST.  Focusing  allowed the message to reveal more details, such as the area was a former Atlantean Temple complex confirming Edgar Cayce's comment that the east coast of America was part of Atlantis.  The message was set to activate at this time, summoning only those  who are to participate at that location. This doesn't  mean we will all pick up and go there but some will respond and  continue holding the frequency in person working with Nature.   Coincidentally  I wanted to join the other snowbirds in Florida awhile this winter anyway. Over the years I have picked up similar messages per other Stargate opening locations that I chose not to respond to, or so I told myself...free will or predestination? What do you think?


Regarding Arkansas ley lines and vortexes:  Some have already relocated to one of the stargate areas and  others will still join their mission group soon while many assist remotely from wherever they are. If you are among the   returning Atlantean advanced frequency holders then your  ages old Temple training  kicked in activating your  wisdom, understanding and comprehension to participate in the mission.  If you were like me I thought I chose to participate but as time has gone by I realize THE MISSION chose me - that this is my major purpose I'm here for.


I was  researching on the Internet the other day and the process reminded me of creating reality.  If I select the subject "Ascension 2012" then that is what appears.  If I select "Doomsday 2012" then I get that...the point is that our reality reflects what we focus our attention on.  "Reality goes where attention flows".  So then why do we allow ourselves to dwell on negativity?  The simple answer is that egoic mind feeds off this frequency - so is good idea to monitor our thoughts on an ongoing basis.  The creative Force is completely neutral and merely gives us what we focus on.  I've noticed many  agree with this premise in theory but don't practice it, because like me, they fail to keep their eye on the ball and  manifest what they desire for lack of attention.  When we catch ourselves 'just being realistic' lets get present, return to Source and direct The Force responsibly.


Like many others I noticed sometimes the surreal setup quality of events as life happened but it was many years before I was willing to accept that someone  or something else might be generating our reality. I believed I created my own reality so were these ALL default creations?  I noticed if I was resistant the 'game' continued and I wondered were we trapped in some virtual reality program where others somewhere experience vicariously through us?  Are we dreaming?   Or is it the egoic mind on a runaway creating it all to sustain itself?  Not just you or I, but our civilization and our world? Are the controllers, the real powers who run this universe from behind the scenes, enslaving us with a negative frequency for their own hidden agenda?  If so what can we do? If you love life then we can intend to wake up  by choosing to be present, alert, responsible and  raise our vibrations uplifting us out of the vibrational maze.  I spent years trying to think myself out of the prison planet scenario and I can tell you it doesn't work, it's another ego trick that keeps us entrapped. Take advantage of the 2012 energies, get present and align with Presence, it's our ticket through the Ascension Stargate.


The current events such as the oil spill in the Gulf, the war in the Middle East,  terrorism, global warming etc. reminds me I have become entranced again...egoic mind has insinuated its 3D negativity into my reality.   Recognizing this reminds me once again the ages old question, am I living a computer simulation or a figment of someone's imagination or even my own?  Could I be living an outline preordained by distant Higher Self for experience?  Whatever the Matrix like program might be, the way out is to wake up.  The egoic mind magnetically attracts  the negative vibration of hate and fear, gloom doom, greed and lack.  We fall for it because of the excitement we sense but it's a pseudo sensation of  egoic mind, a mental space that is an unreal astral tinged nightmare/dream of illusion  that leaves us zombie like. What we are truly seeking is the trinity of united body, mind and Spirit... aliveness only found in the present. Let's get real and live.


Lately I've been reminded what a creature of habit I've become.  I had decided to make some room for new conditions in my reality by deliberately breaking my routine to shake things up and impress the subconscious mind with opportunity for change. What surprised me is I've begun to notice an air of vulnerability unusual for someone whose been out on a limb most of their life.  The aura of security I've created the last few years formed a habitual feeling  I've become comfortable with and although I know where it's coming from, I'm still surprised by my resistance to experiencing feeling vulnerable.  How fast we become complacent lulled into a certain comfort zone.  It's a wake up call to be flexible and nonresistant like the bamboo, remain detached, comfortable on the edge, a refined skill useful in these times.  We must leave the familiar behind if we wish to raise our vibrations.  If like me, you find yourself with that old butterflies in the stomach sensation, embrace it...it's a somatic recognition  of the  Ascension frequency.


I've really been busy lately doing some late spring housecleaning, clearing out and simplifying my stuff.  As the 2012 energy accelerates I'm reminded less is more all over again.  Streamlining  aligns with recent  lifestyle changes reflecting more of who I am today, less identity - more Presence.  I recall reading once that if you want to move and can't, then move the furniture, which will signal the Universe your intention, in other words take physical actions symbolic of your goals.  Practicing Presence has brought many changes in relationships, health, comprehension and self expression in my personal life reflecting the  outer earth changes.  If you chose ascension to A New Earth  then just  remember you will walk through the Stargate (or enter the Starship) without your material possessions.  Your ticket is your vibration...so loose and let go of the old egoic mindset, relax in the spacious Now and return to Source.


 I've been reminded recently that I am  the source of my creative power, or to put that another way, "I Am Source".  As the winds of change sweep our planet we need to remember we are Co-Creators and be responsible.  We must shake free of the egoic mind and begin to live from the Spirit within in the "peace that surpasses all things".  As the 2012 shift accelerates we need to standfast, and allow the space for Presence.  Remember it's not about the blame game, it's about experiencing.  If you dedicated to Ascension it's not a goal to be achieved in some future time, it's available now by practicing Presence.  Be aware, be alert, be present.


My own experience  with Arkansas dragon lines began when I lived on the old Indian track, scenic Hwy 7, near Hot Springs.  Apparently this is the major ley line that runs from New Orleans to Fayetteville/Eureka Springs, Arkansas that attracted so many 60's flower children from New Orleans to relocate or have second homes in that area? Another more powerful crystal ley line is Hwy 270 Hot Springs to Mena, and don't forget the Toltec Mound area where I sense several lines  still actively radiate energies from the Atlantean  mound builder era.  Of course, Arkansas is full of ley lines, these are just some I have experienced.  The high frequencies associated with ley lines can be a blessing or accentuate your issues so when you're drawn to exploring these be aware. Using fixed attention similar to a remote viewing technique I  tapped into the locational frequency that was a experiential  reminder. Old  Temple training tech started to shift in, to match the vibrations, a good thing to do if you don't wish your issues turned on by the vortex energy. I began to wonder about the Atlantean Seed Crystal I left for myself to find in these times,  but  sensed  this is more about the  step up in the vibrational frequency from the crystal beds of the awakening Stargate.    If  you are being called to participate physically in the Arkansas Stargates 2012 openings  remember,  "Many are called...but few are chosen".


I've seen a lot of signs lately of the heightened vibrations as 2012 closes in.  As the earthchanges accelerate I notice a correlation in people.  They're making changes, moving, letting go of old security blankets from the effect of the increasing wave.  Although many appear reactive rather than deliberate they are signaling the Universe their willingness to change to have better.  Even those on a spiritual path may drop their old studies & take up something new or nothing at all.  People are paring down on materialism, lightening their loads, streamlining and downsizing.  A wise guide warned me 30 years ago to not encumber myself with possessions but I foolishly ignored the advice and paid in time, money and energy over and over again until I realized I didn't own  things, they owned me.  Now I limit myself to what will go in my Jeep and really only need my laptop and small carry-on...and doubt those will make it through the Stargate?   Once one consciously comprehends and dedicates to Ascension  they realize how little they need.  The paradox is that the Universe may suddenly surround you with great abundance, which you appreciate but remain unattached to. Just another sign of the emerging paradigm as we shift to the Age of Aquarius.


I took a short road trip this week and was sharply aware how it was a unit of experience that began when I left my home and ended when I returned.  I didn't perceive it as 3 days of time but as one self contained unit.  A friend just returning from vacation noted the same perception of her cross country trip. I have been aware of this for almost 20 years but this was a good reminder -  as soon as I got home the 'trip' seemed to slip into archival mode, along with past trips or even dreams.  Did I really go or did I imagine the trip?  Apparently it's a "time" management tool whether learned or natural, that offers us useful benefits.  Don't have enough time?  Well, how about just units of experience?


Seed Crystals
Several years ago my guide Justine said that in the last days of Atlantis using advanced  technology I had left information for myself recorded in a seed crystal  to find in these times.  He indicated that  I had put it where I would discover it again when it was ready to be accessed.  At the time I wasn't into the Atlantean timeline much and had never heard of Seed crystals.  Over the years the  timeline resurfaced and although I knew it wasn't needed yet  I have always been looking for the crystal and  sensed it lay sleeping in Arkansas  waiting for me.  I have patiently awaited the call I hear now and recognize from ages old Temple training.... right place, right time, when my Atlantean Seed Crystal has awakened activating the locator frequency ping.   It may be a gift or I may find it on eBay, a Gem Show or a  store in Hot Springs, Sedona or Mt. Shasta etc where it rests infusing an overlay of the vortex energy there that will open the timelock of the stone.


I've mentioned before some characteristic's of the solar plexus, the the warrior aspect seat of our Will and dedication  known as the Fire element.   It's  another intuitive  gateway we often refer to as our gut feeling.  We all relate to the knowing we  experience and may even heed the messages we FEEL....no words are needed when this happens.  Sometimes we don't listen but wish we had.  Otherwise, we also can receive intuition in a flash, kind of a mental knowing often in words.  This is valid as well but as 2012 approaches I sense we need to refine our ability via the solar plexus where we feel the knowingness in truth and clarity without interpretation.  How many times have we said, or heard others say,  "I had a gut feeling but I didn't listen?"  I believe we must refine our 'gut feeling' to ascertain the integrity required, revive our sense of commitment, awaken the Will, and feel the fire of empowerment that opens a physical Stargate essential to our Ascension  figuratively up the Chakra "ladder" ...perhaps  to the Starship?


I think most of us that understand the premise of "A New Earth" may wonder what kind of world  it will be.  If you're like me you caught the spirit of it and aren't too concerned about details.  My sense of it is a peaceful reality of abundance for all where we live the experience expressing  our highest potential in harmony with Nature.  So now that we have chosen (or been chosen, depending on your perception) how will we get there?  Will we morph into A New Earth or will a Starship pick us up or whatever your version might be (some may experience both Stargate and Starship).  My favorite is from an Eckhart Tolle comment that A New Earth is here now and some people are already living in  it but that's invisible to those who haven't raised their vibrations.  My perception is that as we raise our vibrations our reality SHIFTS to  A New Earth, via our personal Stargate, reflecting that vibrational state.  I think this vibration awakens the Light Body one must have to exist in that frequency and the key is Practicing Presence, turning off Ego and living in the moment,  in harmlessness and quiet awareness.

2012 Ascension Frequencies

As our timeline moves towards 2012 maybe you are like me.  Over the past twenty years or so my outer awareness has merged with my inner comprehension,  from a survivalist position to one of spiritual ascension.  Or are they the same?  As  a wise sage said re 2012: we won't come out of our bunkers and lairs to this world, but to a new earth.  But he advised get off the beaten path and get comfortable as these changes happen.  For those dedicated to spiritual growth we realize it's already underway and as above so below.  We must align with Spirit and utilize the Higher Self interface to  know where to be or what to do per 'survival', if anything.  That involves the intuitive solar plexus pure frequency knowings, without words, attuned vibrational gut feelings.  Practicing Presence aligns us with Spirit, our own personal GPS to navigate to A New Earth.  "Spirit" meaning aliveness...only found in the present are we alive, experiencing  as Source.  The Ascension frequencies are found in Practicing Presence.

Heaven On Earth

The other day I read some good advice per earth changes.  I don't recall who said it but they advised with 2012 on the horizon, if you understand what's coming, then maybe it's time to relax, kick back, play with the kids, spend time with your loved ones, travel and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.  Many of us have done all the inner work we can and made a habit of practicing Presence. We realize that out there is reflecting mass consciousness and even though we can't track the connection between us and  war in Iraq or earthquake in Haiti, we can appreciate the artistic nature of the creation, taking responsibility while realizing it's an old cracked mirror ego image no longer valid, that just hasn't caught up with our heart yet.  We've answered the Call and dedicated to The Mission contributing in Service To Others to the best of our ability. Some are growing gardens while raising their vibrations according to their comprehension of ascension vis a vis a dimensional shift. However you perceive the changes coming, stop if you can and enjoy some of your old favorites, remember it's Always Now and honoring the past is entree to a future of like kind.

Good Vibrations

Everything is vibration.  Science has proven that all reality is in motion.  Therefore, what we think is reality is really the effects of the vibrations, not the vibrations themselves.  In reading 900-422 Edgar Cayce said All force is vibration, as all comes from one central vibration and its activity into, out from, and its own creative forces, as given, with that of the divine as manifested in man, is same vibration, taking different form.    Then in reading 281-4 As is understood, Life-God-in its essence is Vibration.  So when we speak of  intending to 'raise our vibrations' we  mean attune with the Creative Force - the alive living Spirit of the One Vibration.   If we wish to change our reality we really are aligning with the vibration of that we wish to experience.  Healing, according to Cayce, whether from food, exercise, medicine or surgery, is the assistance to return to the proper vibration.  He recognized that locations hold certain vibrations and in essence one can change their health or their 'luck' by moving to a favorable location and  likewise that the frequencies of a  location attracts those of likeminds. Having lived many places and traveled a great deal I completely agree.  Cayce also said that our names are vibrational as well and going by aka or nickname might also attract better and also gemstones, especially lapis, numbers, fragrances, art etc.  Some of the great New Thought teachers recommended softly speaking or even thinking a word frequently would attract that vibration to us, such as success, abundance, wealth, health, harmony, joy etc.  Exactly what Cayce meant with the constant refrain "Thoughts are things". Re Philippians 4:8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.


If you're on a dedicated path of Ascension you are very aware of the ego entity that continues to sabotage your progress.  You have learned to recognize the sneaky ego in spite of its justification and rationalization that its just natural and an acceptable part of the human experience.  If you have practiced Presence at all then you know what a welcome relief it offers to escape the painbody, one of the ego's favorite routes of attack, but then here it comes again.  The egoic mind will go to any length to validate itself, at our expense of course,  and the more you resist the more it persists.  So what's the answer?  The tech's and tricks work, for awhile anyway, but next time  how about giving it acceptance?  Instead of trying to kill it with a sledgehammer maybe just quietly observe like a wise mother allows the tired child it's tantrum.  Be the space for it...give it permission to talk/think all it wants to and watch it immediately stop.  When it begins again, and it will,  then just say 'go ahead, talk all you want to'.  The instant cessation is pretty amazing.  Try it for yourself.

Those Along The Path

I always loved to travel and meet interesting people, some were for a season and some enduring on the path with me.  Whether at a class or at work as the new girl I was always grateful when someone spoke up about Edgar Cayce, tarot or UFO's etc and I knew we had something in common. At a new company in Florida how fun  to discover that a  mild mannered family man was a shaman after hours and  soon we had a group coming in early to study Don Miguel Ruiz "The Four Agreements" committing ourselves to the practice of Toltec teachings;  another gal there was  an abductee and on a dedicated spiritual path, part of her First Nation tradition, and of course, the hysterically witty designer/artist who reads the Italian Strega tarot, a dear friend today.  At a class in Orlando years ago  I met a former dancer  now music producer, on a spiritual path, a  networking partner dedicated to Ascension now.  In California I met  a Sioux medicine woman shaman,  inspiring  me to integrate my own Cherokee heritage, a frequency needed on my 'mission'.   Even the laid back UC Berkeley grad at work was an  intuitive so helpful to me who always radiated his gift of presence...and so many beautiful people catching the wave, from Florida to California and Hot Shot's in Alaska, I salute you!


Higher I prompted me today's topic is angels, which  reminded me of something I heard recently relative to my 'seeing' angels.  They said words to the effect that they couldn't do that/didn't have that ability.  Well, I just looked and discovered an entire angel 'pod' that lives on the banks of the ponds behind the cottage.  I'm sure there are people who just see angels accidentally  but I never had so  I  put my attention on it 'with intention'.  Although I had been working with angels for years, based on faith using intuition and intention, it was a cool experience, but it's not necessary to see them to work with them.  I am constantly reminded that I don't use them enough and make that a priority for the new year.  They cannot help unless asked and await our instructions.