''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

New Madrid Earthquake Fault

The headline on the front page of our local paper yesterday said "N.M. Fault Rumbling Again".  The New Madrid fault has graced us with four small quakes the last few days, the largest was 3.1 and felt in parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Usually we only have an earthquake large enough to be felt about once a month but 2.0 and smaller happen daily.  The experts say "it's  the most active in the United States, a strange little hot spot."  This is certainly an opportunity to balance, hold and maintain frequencies; dispersing the energy harmlessly while acquiescing to the Earth God's as they move the tectonic plates. It's a wake up call to awaken the lightbody and raise our vibrations.  The outer changes merely symbolize the inner change as we morph into the Age of Aquarius.  Living here in the New Madrid vortex with it's yang energy is a work in progress to keep intention for gentle change as we move through these times.

California Dreaming

One of the benefits of being single and unattached is you are free to make changes so when I had an opportunity to move to California I jumped at it, thrilled the destination was near Mt. Shasta. I would finally have the opportunity to experience the famous vortex. Once in California I rented an apartment and imagine my surprise when I opened the blinds and saw Mt. Shasta out my living room window! I knew I was in the right place and soon I met the right people to expand my repertoire. Through them I finally got around to exploring my Native American heritage and that was just one aspect of living in the Shasta vortex. I tried to be open and receive all the information I could and began to comprehend the implications and nuances of the 2012 shift I'd overlooked even though I had been on a spiritual quest my entire adult life. Relative to the mission the vortex revealed many secrets to me and I'm grateful. Should you have an opportunity to spend time at Mt. Shasta or anywhere on the Eagle ley line, Sedona to Fairbanks, hold on to your hat and go for it, it may not be easy but it's worth it.

Lake Vortex

After writing about 'broadcasts' I was reminded of others I experienced. Years ago we bought a house in the woods on a spring fed lake that had a vortex with it's own frequency signature. The small lake fit the bowl dish receiver shape I mentioned recently and since we were too far out in the woods for Cable, we had installed a big satellite dish receiver popular back in those days. Maybe those two things enhanced the 'broadcasts'? For many years I had wondered where would be a good location re coming earth changes to relocate and one day out of the blue heard the message, "Move to the Smokies". My instant impression was that this message came from Gaia the Earth Goddess/Mother calling those to participate in the spiritual reawakening of the great Smoky Mountains, part of coming earth changes. Later when I began to hear about the Asheville area becoming a New Age mecca I assumed a lot of other people received the same message I did and acted on it. Another time in the breakfast room, for no particular reason since I didn't have it on my mind, I heard the message to "Go to Sedona for awhile", which I knew meant just a visit, important to my 'mission'. Again, this was around the time info  on the Sedona vortexes came out but before everyone moved to Sedona, so know others probably received the same message and acted on it. The lake vortex was very powerful and spooky in a way, although I loved it there I was always aware of the edge to the energy. I was gone almost 15 years and when I returned one of the first things I noticed was the vortex had mellowed...or had I? I was moved from Florida to Alaska, coast to coast as part of my mission working with Nature Intelligence reactivating ages old Temple training and had many occasions to wish I had heeded the messages.   I did visit both message locations as life happened and perhaps will return in the future?


Thinking how plants like Mozart reminded me of all I've learned from plants, for many years I couldn't grow them no manner what I did. Mother and Sissy both had 'green thumbs' but I couldn't grow anything. Even my young son a had a plant in his room that seemed to thrive but I just didn't have the knack. After returning home once to find a new hanging basket on the floor as though the poor plant jumped I used to say it wasn't just that my houseplants just died, they committed suicide! So one day I asked Sissy what the secret was to growing plants. She thought a few moments and then answered "It's........." and held up her hand rubbing fingers and her thumb together, meaning 'something something' - but I got it! Somehow I knew it was the same frequency shift ability.. and after that my plants thrived, like, the Majesty Palm that is about 20 years old and still beautiful. When I bought it I put in the solarium where I already had several tall ficus plants that liked to listen to Mozart a couple of hours a day. Later while passing by the solarium the palm shouted the telepathic message to me "GET ME OUT OF HERE WITH THESE FICUS TREES!" I stopped in my tracks, stunned by the emphatic message! I immediately found a corner in the dining room for it and it lived there happily all those years. It's the only floor plant I moved to The Cottage where it's the star of the greatroom, just the way it likes it. Years ago when I got a divorce I couldn't move the plants with me but I did take a few moments and explain to them that I was very sorry they couldn't go and that they would be taken care of. I was gone for many years and when i returned I sensed the palm was not about to give me the time of day. The ficus weren't that much into me anyway so they were indifferent but the palm was of a higher intelligence obviously by its ability to communicate and wasn't about to let me forget I had my nerve. It's been over four years now and the palm has been somewhat pacified since it got to move to The Cottage but has never warmed back up to me. Of course, I know now what the real game is. It's true that we can communicate with plants and vice versa but the bigger picture is Nature Intelligence, the  intelligence behind the scenes. That is the main skill, to open and maintain the communication frequency with Nature Intelligence, the palm, the plants are interactive bridges or links, vital to our survival as earth changes loom  on the horizon. How's your plant speak lately?