''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Reality Broadcast

Because of the portal in the duplex apartment I bought an old Victorian and moved as quick as possible. The vibrations were good and I loved it there. It was while living there I became aware of what I called the Christmas cloud. I noticed around Thanksgiving the perception of what I can only describe as a PINK cloud of Christmas Season rolled into my awareness. It seemed to be a background reality, backdrop kind of thing for the season. The 'cloud' contained the entire repertoire we associate with the stereotypical Christmas holiday. This signaled the beginning of my perception of broadcasts sent from where I don't know. Soon after moving in I slipped as I stepped into the bathtub and as I caught myself I simultaneously perceived it was like another 'cloud' sent out called BREAK A LEG and instantly as I caught the towel bar I shot back "No! I have to make a living!". I managed to catch myself without serious harm. It really made an impression, it was so weird. A few days later Sissy and her friend stopped by to say "Hey" in a borrowed truck on their way to pickup something. An hour or so later I got a phone call that Sissy had fallen off the tailgate of the truck and broken her leg! I intuitively knew instantly it was due to the 'broadcast'...my impression was these were sent from 'somewhere' at random to whomever might pickup on the reality 'package'. A variation of this was a few years later I created the time to finally write and asked for a bestseller a la Robert Lewis Stevenson. He would ask his Brownie helpers for a good and thrilling prosperous book and awake the next day with the book. So on that premise I received the book, I was crossing the threshold from my sun porch into the house and it was like the entire book was shot to me all in one 'package'...which I wrote as fast as I could but had a lot of delays, bought a new house and moved, was traveling a lot etc. and didn't realize there was a Sell By Date. While on a trip I went in a popular bookstore and noticed a kiosk of a top authors new book, with an almost identical title to mine. I grabbed one and was dismayed to read the outline on the jacket that she got my book! Apparently she grabbed it from the ethers and had another bestseller. I doubt if she saw it as being broadcast but I know it was. These are just a few experiences I had back then on that theme. It was another lesson on the Nature of Reality. Who or what is sending these reality bites? Is is a big computer up there generating these default vignettes to the masses? Does location manner? I wonder because of Sissy picking up the 'broken leg' at my house; when I refused it did it just wait for another victim? I know this sounds like an entity and might be an aspect of the experience, maybe they just ride the wave frequency but the focus was on broadcast. Did I agree to this? Is the "Matrix" for real? Are we just 'lab rats?" If we are the receivers then who are the transmitters?

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