''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Reality Broadcast

Because of the portal in the duplex apartment I bought an old Victorian and moved as quick as possible. The vibrations were good and I loved it there. It was while living there I became aware of what I called the Christmas cloud. I noticed around Thanksgiving the perception of what I can only describe as a PINK cloud of Christmas Season rolled into my awareness. It seemed to be a background reality, backdrop kind of thing for the season. The 'cloud' contained the entire repertoire we associate with the stereotypical Christmas holiday. This signaled the beginning of my perception of broadcasts sent from where I don't know. Soon after moving in I slipped as I stepped into the bathtub and as I caught myself I simultaneously perceived it was like another 'cloud' sent out called BREAK A LEG and instantly as I caught the towel bar I shot back "No! I have to make a living!". I managed to catch myself without serious harm. It really made an impression, it was so weird. A few days later Sissy and her friend stopped by to say "Hey" in a borrowed truck on their way to pickup something. An hour or so later I got a phone call that Sissy had fallen off the tailgate of the truck and broken her leg! I intuitively knew instantly it was due to the 'broadcast'...my impression was these were sent from 'somewhere' at random to whomever might pickup on the reality 'package'. A variation of this was a few years later I created the time to finally write and asked for a bestseller a la Robert Lewis Stevenson. He would ask his Brownie helpers for a good and thrilling prosperous book and awake the next day with the book. So on that premise I received the book, I was crossing the threshold from my sun porch into the house and it was like the entire book was shot to me all in one 'package'...which I wrote as fast as I could but had a lot of delays, bought a new house and moved, was traveling a lot etc. and didn't realize there was a Sell By Date. While on a trip I went in a popular bookstore and noticed a kiosk of a top authors new book, with an almost identical title to mine. I grabbed one and was dismayed to read the outline on the jacket that she got my book! Apparently she grabbed it from the ethers and had another bestseller. I doubt if she saw it as being broadcast but I know it was. These are just a few experiences I had back then on that theme. It was another lesson on the Nature of Reality. Who or what is sending these reality bites? Is is a big computer up there generating these default vignettes to the masses? Does location manner? I wonder because of Sissy picking up the 'broken leg' at my house; when I refused it did it just wait for another victim? I know this sounds like an entity and might be an aspect of the experience, maybe they just ride the wave frequency but the focus was on broadcast. Did I agree to this? Is the "Matrix" for real? Are we just 'lab rats?" If we are the receivers then who are the transmitters?


Years ago I lived in an apartment that was a electromagnetic portal, though I didn't know that term then. One day I sat down on the side of the bed to read something and looked up to see a woman standing in the doorway. She had on a long blue dress and was as shocked to see me as I was to see her. She didn't come through clearly, it was staticky like bad TV reception, she was visible a few moments then she disappeared. I knew she came via a frequency, accidentally from the past, another dimension. Another time I awoke being choked by an astral entity, somehow it had crossed over and was able to physically attack me. I learned later an old man had been the previous tenant and had died of a heart attack there, my impression was he wanted my chi, my life force. so he could live. My *friend performed a ritual clearing removing his energy from the apartment and he never bothered me again. But I was aware of him outside in the backyard, angry at being blocked from his old home, or from the new occupant? It was a duplex and the widow next door held frequent seances trying to contact her husband who had been killed in a car accident down at the corner intersection...spooky. Did she activate the portal with her intention? I believe the portal was electrical, that's why the woman was staticky fuzzy. Now I realize they are all technological/electrical - the earth grids, ley lines, sacred ground, temples, even our own bodies are 'electric' energy. These are all variations on the same theme that exhibit qualities of an electric Universe, doorways, portals, Stargates that reveal a lot about the nature of reality.
*friend: As my friend performed the clearing ritual, it activated an ancient memory for her as a goddess/priestess, where she was seated on a throne wearing a mask of Sekhment.  Perhaps inspired also by the thronelike chair in my apartment where she was sitting?


It's been said we live in an electric Universe; scientists theorize about plasma, electromagnetic fields, sun and even the human aura. That's way over my layman's head but from ages old Temple training I understand the concept of the electromagnetic Force popularized in Star Wars that forms reality. This electromagnetic frequency field connects and powers everything. I was thinking about the implications of those people who talk to 'the gods/dess', apparently hardwired somehow like a wireless receiver/transmitter where they don't need devices, as though talking to 'god' WITH a device isn't incredible enough! As I've mentioned before, the Ark of the Covenant, altars, temples and the human brain share an interactive frequency. Similar in a way to how i receive past lives vignettes. Whether triggered accidentally or intentionally they are transmitted and I 'receive' via an electromagnetic frequency. Some come through sharp and clear like a color movie, others come through mentally and some as impressions, without words or as screenshots. Using the recording analogy it occurred to me that it isn't metaphoric - it's literal. Some are movie quality, some are radio and some come condensed in a thought ball all at once, like intuition that comes like a shot vs telepathy that floats in. I think it's fair to say our reality is an electrical recording and everyone and everything is connected via the electromagnetic field vis a vis The Matrix. Makes sense to me that ones with the highest technology control the rest. Nicola Tesla where are you?


After writing Creating Sanctuary I realized there was more to altars and consecrated space.  I also wrote about how my altar 'speaks' to me, once  after adding lapis stones it sent me a big swoosh of energy and usually hits me with a energy greeting in the mornings. And then there's how quickly our needs and requests are met when placed on the altar. How does that work? Individual items appear inanimate but when combined and consecrated on our altar the particles charge emit a frequency.  In  reading 5750-1 Edgar Cayce refers to how they were able to Cleanse the body on the altar stones using a tech via ANGELS OF LIGHT. So this morning I was thinking about all this and what it might mean. It reminded me of The Ark of the Covenant that Moses received information from God. Suddenly I realized the standing stones (Stonehenge?), the altars, Moses talking box all have in common is they are communication devices! I had been assuming that my altar interaction was symbolic but I was missing the point. The charged particles tapped a frequency, a kind of two way radio . I have no idea how it works. No wonder mankind has sought the Ark of the Covenant! Maybe something to do with Arkansas crystals on my altar created a similar radio device to connect to the gods? Wikipedia says: "A crystal radio receiver, also called a crystal set, is a very simple radio receiver, popular in the early days of radio. It needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long outdoor wire antenna" -- I don't have an outdoor antenna but there is a satellite dish receiver outside on the roof above my altar -are we are hardwired to tune into the 'god' channel? This expands my comprehension of priests at the 'altar' and 'going' to the altar and praying at the altar and changes my opinion of those people I know that talk to 'God'. I mean they claim to REALLY talk to 'God', in real time interactive two way conversations. They don't wear crystals or have an Ark and don't require to be near an altar. Apparently they have advanced where they raised their vibrations and are tuned into that frequency vis a vis left right brain sync so don't need a 'device'. I am awestruck with quiet amazement.


If you're like me you created your home temple space and have a dedicated altar where you connect to goddess,  what is sacred to you. Lately I have been expanding on that idea, thinking in terms of home sanctuary, the concept of creating a dedicated sacred space area of retreat. For me it's my study, my totally private haven that others seldom intrude. Most of us have a area of our own, nowadays it's our computer desk, niche, office where we spend a lot of our time. Creating a sanctuary there can be our own sacred space even if it's a corner of a room that we share with others or we can ordain the entire home as sacred space, and include the yard and garden. When we designate these areas it activates a higher frequency level that enhances our peace and creativity. You might consider your space as an island of safety and security as well, beyond which the outside world may enter only if invited. How far you want to take the sanctuary is up to you. It can be your time machine, your portal, your Stargate, your alternate Universe, whatever you decide. It can be your magical domain where you cast your wand working wonders in your world. Whatever your retreat represents to you, bless the space, light a candle, attune to your idea of Sanctuary and it will mirror back to you.

2012 and The Earth Mother

I've been wondering if  practicing Presence may also trigger DMT? All higher teachings focus on being present so it's not a stretch to suppose there is a DMT chemical reaction? Is "Presence" the Earth Mother consciousness or the path to it? Having met some of the criteria ie.. abduction, remote viewer, out of the body trainee, I find it interesting DMT contact with the Earth Mother is similar to what I experience spontaneously working with Nature Intelligence. Is it the same frequency? What about those who having refined Presence are living in 'A New Earth" already, ..did DMT allow them to step across the dimensional line? They are so far advanced most of us aren't even aware of them and vice versa. Same 'reality' different levels? Did they access their 'ascension' via DMT? Will the rare celestial 2012 alignment magnetic pole shift activate the Third Eye pineal gland raising our vibrations and trigger cosmic consciousness in some of us?


Researchers have recognized the frequency of UFO sightings on ley lines, pardon the pun...Actually some may understand it is a frequency associated with the ley line as well as it happens 'often'. I read UFO buffs in France recognized this phenomenon first and some say the crafts follow the electronic earth grids that act as maps and also energize the ships. I think the ley lines have stargate portals that allow the craft access points from other dimensions. I believe these stargates remain active from the days of Atlantis. The Mississippi Valley area here is full of Indian Mounds built when this area was an Atlantean colony. In Atlantis they often received visitors from the stars and interacted with them. Since my own childhood abduction was on an Indian Mound I believe they materialized through an old stargate still operable. I wonder if I was randomly selected because they found me playing alone on the mound or if it was because of my old Temple Training? Was the 'abduction' an activation so i would remember my Earthkeeper mission when the time was right? I believe the mounds elongated ridge shape indicated it was a Temple Mound & the stargates were housed on these.  Of course I know all sightings aren't in Indian Mound country so there are different kinds of portals. I believe the visitors cross dimensions rather than space travel or with their technology it's a combination. I believe some may be friendly and wish to assist us; some come for our resources and to mess with us as well, creating hybrids for their own agenda. Since all kinds of people have sightings I think in theory anyone can see them but mass consciousness remains in denial so maybe a certain sensitivity is needed or as one sage said, "Just look up"!