''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Ley Line Musings

A couple of years ago I moved to a new house on a east-west ley line here in the Aux Arcs (French Anglicized as Ozarks) foothills that runs a straight track from Cane Creek to Black River. It's interesting exploring the various energies in this historic area. Our road is the path of least resistance through the forested hilly terrain, that connected up with the the old Military Road/Natchitoches Trail from Fredricktown into Arkansas. There's a lot of texture to the frequency here, it's filled with Indian mounds still emitting Atlantean energy signature, Hernando de Soto passed through here on his way to Valley of the Vapors, Hot Springs Arkansas on his 16th century expedition and there were many Civil War skirmishes fought all over our area, a few miles south thousands of Confederate Troops camped and trained at Pittman's Ferry and launched raids in Missouri from that point under the command of General Sterling Price.  The Cherokee infamous Trail of Tears march camped at Keener Springs and it was used as a hospital during the Civil War Battle of Pilot Knob, that was fought all the way down south of Greenville across Black River near the old Military Road ford. A few miles to the east is famous Indian Ford on the St. Francis River, see it from a small plane if you can and of course it's in the New Madrid earthquake fault vortex. My maternal English/Cherokee great great grandparents was among the first settlers here before the Civil War so perhaps my Nature Intelligence mission wasn't so much chosen as I was born into it. I am still discovering the nuances of this ley line, filtering out the buzz of negative energy, using ages old Temple Training skills and abilities that require being grounded and present holding the frequency. With an Angelpod on the pond in my backyard it's fair to say this is a extremely energetically active ley line area. The historic imprint definitely prevails and it's a privilege to be here and participate as this beautiful planet evolves into the age of Aquarius.

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