''The elf-queene, with hir joly compaignie, Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede.” Geoffrey Chaucer "The Wife of Bath’s Tale"

Learning How To Be Present

Ever since Oprah had Eckhart Tolle on her show, there has been a lot of talk about being present. The idea is to be present in our bodies quietly experiencing. Reading and speaking with others I realized that there is still misunderstanding about just what experiencing is. One person told me they were always present but actually they are rarely present unless their body whacks them with an illness into the present...momentarily. They think experiencing is feeling EMOTION and they are the ultimate drama queen. NOT. The idea of being present and experiencing as a way to stop the mechanical mind is an old one, Tolle's focus is on being present as well as many other authors out there but here's my 2cents worth again. Being present experiencing is when you are fully present right now in your body without thought, judgement, expectation, resistance, ideas, hurt, blame, memories, depression etc. Whatever qualities you might be feeling you continue to experience without judgement. You merely observe. You are here right now. An old friend told me a trick way back in the 1960's. She said notice the outlines. It works. Look at the room where you are and notice the outline of the furniture, the door, the window, your hand etc. This stops the monkey mind immediately. Yes, it starts again but with practice we can retrain ourself to be present in quiet awareness without the intrusive mind. Even when we notice the mind in the background it is non-interfering. OR as Tolle said, and I paraphrase, put your attention on your feet; you can't think if you have your attention on your feet. There are many ways to stop the mind and begin experiencing. If you are one of those "I think therefore I am" people then make it work for you. All the dedication you put into 'thinking' is the same intention you put into being present. Why be present? Practice being present awhile and the benefits will reveal themselves. Presence can not enter when Egoic mind is in control. We won't shift to A NEW EARTH through thinking, the only entree is through experiencing.

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